zBuyer Reviews

Generating leads can be frustrating for real estate professionals. I see why one might get intrigued when a program announces that they’d bring home buyers and sellers right at their (virtual) doorstep.

That’s what zBuyer claim they do on their website. Forget the intricacy of generating leads ‘cause zBuyer can simplify it for ya.

Learn more about zBuyer by continue reading this review. In the succeeding sections, we’ll discuss how does zBuyer works, its cost, and its pros and cons.

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zBuyer: A Quick Summary

zBuyer Lead Generation

zBuyer presents themselves as a turn-key marketing platform that generates both buyers and sellers real estate leads. Based in Missouri, zBuyer is a family-owned business started by Steven and Lucas Edwards in 2003.

As a lead generation program, zBuyer is big on volume. On seller leads alone, they’re able to generate over 50k in a single month (or so they claim).

They’re also big on being the first to talk with potential home sellers/buyers. They do it by acting fast, ready to pounce the moment the potential clients thought of making a deal, and before they already made their decision to buy and sell.

Issa tight window to navigate, but they’re trying their hardest to hustle through. After all, they’re the ones who claim that it’s their responsibility, so it’s up to them to own up to it.

Their objective is to establish long-term partnerships with real estate professionals. They’re looking to be a key player in their client’s business without the need of restricting contracts.

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Features Of zBuyer

As mentioned above, zBuyer doesn’t require contracts that’ll lock you out. You may come and go with no frills, although zBuyer aims to provide plenty of reasons to make you stay.

With zBuyer, you’ll also get leads in real time, guaranteed fresh, and are sent straight to your CRM of choice. Integrations includes Follow Up Boss, Sierra Interactive, Verse, and the likes. Lead notifications are sent to your email and zBuyer mobile app as well.

The rest of the features are summarized below:

  • Instant access to prospecting list (for older, non-vetted leads)
  • Transparent process (they won’t share data unless given consent)
  • Custom lead packages
  • Lead replacement (e.g., replacement for leads with fake digits, already listed properties, etc.)
  • Access to a Mastermind Group and a learning hub that contains scripts and coaching videos

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The Rule Of Quarters

The rule of quarters is a concept used by zBuyers to explain why they simply cannot send leads that are all ideal. They want to be clear that it doesn’t mean they’re giving you garbo either.

It’s a numbers game, they say. As if they’re on the defensive (they really are due to complaints we’ll discuss later), zBuyer argues that just like fine wine, you have to give it time to realize the value in their process.

Now, onto the concept, which is, BTW, not as simple as getting your desired outcome on one lead out of four. Let’s say you purchase thirty-two leads as an example.

Out of thirty-two, expect to establish contact right away with eight. The rest is put on drip campaigns, and basically on the back burner until you’re able to contact them.

But wait, that’s simply one out of four, right? Yes, but simply establishing contact (contact rate) is NOT the desired outcome. It’s of getting someone interested and ready to make a transaction now or in the very near future (conversion rate).

That said, the number of interested leads is the quarter of the “able to contact” leads. The latter, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is already a quarter of the total leads sent by zBuyer.

In our example, we’d end up with two interested leads out of eight “able to contact” ones if we follow the principle. Two out of thirty-two leads in total if we’re looking at the bigger picture.

It should really be the rule of 6.25%, but the optics would’ve tanked, understandably so. While agents understand that not every lead generated is perfect, it doesn’t mean they’ll be fine with mediocrity.

Truth be told, 6.25% isn’t too shabby, given the average lead conversion rate hovers around 0.4% to 1.2%. But zBuyer could’ve been straightforward about it, and not be sneaky with ‘em talk about quarters when it’s really the quarter of a quarter. Y’all feel me?

After all, it’s just an arbitrary probability set by them. It could be worse when you consider other factors, such as leads not being exclusive.

How Does zBuyer Work?

Targeting Potential Sellers/Buyers

To locate potential sellers/buyers, zBuyer uses early indicators and strategic targeting. They didn’t disclose what are these indicators exactly, but the strategic targeting pertains to reaching out via targeted ads.

The process of getting info begins once the potential sellers/buyers respond to the ads. They will be redirected to either zBuyer’s Pulse website or HousingNow.

Getting Information

zBuyer Pulse

For homeseller leads, zBuyer asks potential sellers to complete a comprehensive questionnaire on zBuyer’s Pulse website. They will be asked about the following:

  • The timeframe on when they would consider selling (e.g., ASAP, within three/six/twelve months, not sure)
  • Whether the property is currently listed
  • The reason for selling (e.g., relocating, upgrading, downsizing, inherited a home, too many repairs, others)
  • Special features of their property (e.g., attached garage, presence of natural lighting, large pantry, etc.)
  • Whether they consider including a discount on the asking price to sell quickly
  • Whether they plan to buy another home after selling
  • Whether they need financing

Of course, they’re also expected to provide their name, mobile phone, and email. No info will be shared as leads unless they agree to be contacted.

On the other hand, they generate homebuyer leads via their sister site, HousingNow. Here, buyers provide their contact deets (same as the ones asked from potential sellers) if they need to get more info about a listing posted on the site.

From Leads To Listing (Seller Leads)

zBuyer Seller Leads

Initially, potential sellers are inquisitive about how much cash offer will they receive for their home. To have a ballpark figure, they’re encouraged to know the market value of their home, and that means talking to a real estate agent.

The recommendation of zBuyer for agents is to talk straight, and be truly helpful. Make sure to assess their property accurately, and let them know how cash offers are typically made below market value.

It’s up to sellers whether to accept a quick cash offer or list at market value. As an agent, it’s your duty to help them realize the worth of their property in the real estate market, and how much money is at stake.

Contact Rate and Conversion Rate

As described in the rule of quarters section, the contact rate and conversion rate is expected to be 25% and 6.25%, respectively. To explain, for every four lead zBuyer sent, you’ll get one you’ll be able to contact right away, and THEN for every four lead you’re able to contact, you’ll get one that’s interested in making a transaction.

Take note that the said rate can be adversely affected by the fact that the leads you’ll get from zBuyer are not exclusive. Specifically, your leads will be shared with at most six agents within your service area.

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Is zBuyer Worth It?

Cost Of zBuyer

zBuyer Cost

The cost of zBuyer starts at $12 to $15 per lead, depending on the area and type of lead (seller or buyer). Each month, you’re able to set a budget on each type of lead separately, although you’re required to spend at least $400 combined.

From time to time, zBuyer offers promos to get significant discounts on leads. No mention of referral fees upon closing (likely none since they don’t provide ISA service).

Pros Of zBuyer

Here’s the list of pros of zBuyer as a lead generation program:

  • Sets realistic expectations right away and is brave enough to admit that it takes time for their process to work
  • Includes drip campaigns for nurturing “lukewarm” leads despite having no ISAs
  • Truly doesn’t require a contract that locks you out (easy to cancel)
  • Replacing leads with problems (bogus info, already listed) is a good policy

Cons Of zBuyer

Meanwhile, the following are the cons of zBuyer:

  • A bit more expensive compared to other lead providers
  • Leads are not exclusive and typically at the lower end of the price range
  • Presence of reviews calling them frauds and waste of money

Reviews From Previous Clients

zBuyer Reviews

In fairness to zBuyer, most of the reviews that are completely negative and calling for their heads are posted ages ago. We’re talking about eight, eleven years ago, the good ‘ol times when we convinced ourselves that the 21st of December 2012 is the end of the world.

Many have complained about the quality of leads, and how they’re not willing to wait to get a good one while paying a monthly subscription. Some even goes as far as to accuse zBuyer of using compromised info.

The criticisms have since mellowed down in the recent times. While some reviews still acknowledge the infused trash leads here and there, they’re more open about the idea that it’s a numbers game just like zBuyer claims— you have to stay for a while, be consistent, and be quick in getting to the leads before other agents can.

Several feedbacks made this year and last year are promising since they share getting favorable results— like getting three listings and sales— while noting that the leads can be duds and old (not ideal). zBuyer is honest about how it’s not 100% hot and ready leads, anyways.

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zBuyer is a legit program that generates both sellers and buyers leads. We respect that they set realistic expectation on the quality of their leads, albeit the way they say it may confuse some due to using some cryptic rule of quarters thingy.

Do note that the leads are not exclusive and zBuyer are within their rights to share it to companies and other agents that are also subscribed in their program.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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