Yuri Elkaim Review

Some people will just take it as it is, stop trying to find solutions to the problems on-hand and just go on with life, when diagnosed with an illness that they need to live with for the rest of their lives. But not with Yuri Elkaim. 

From being bothered, it suddenly turned into curiosity. And with his curiosity for his medical condition, he had multiple experiences and knowledge gathered which built him to a man he is now. And he’s willing to share his knowledge with you all.

So, who is Yuri Elkaim, and his significance to the health and wellness industry? Let’s learn more about him in my review below.

This One’s Much Better

Yuri Elkaim was born on March 3, 1976, in Toronto, Canada. Asthma, eczema, and chronic exhaustion were all part of his early health problems. He was a star athlete, but after soccer practice he was always worn out. The tiredness was nearly intolerable one night, just a few days before his sixteenth birthday.

He stepped in the shower, shampooed his hair, and with great shock, he found out that he is literally losing a lot of hair. After looking at the mirror, there are bald patches on his head, a size of a quarter. He started wondering what’s happening to him with panic and confusion. 

The next morning when he woke up, his pillow was filled with hair. And it goes on for weeks, including his eyelashes and eyebrows. He was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss called Alopecia Universalis. Even doctors don’t know what causes him the disorder that’s why he was left with a blank stare.

Going to school, he’s faced with bewildered and disgusted stares from his classmates, even from his teammates in the soccer team, thinking that it might be contagious. “For years, I have been considered a hot athlete, and now I looked and felt like an alien. It was a sobering reality check, for sure”, Yuri shares.

He vowed to himself, “If neither the medical system nor any doctor within it was going to help be back to better health, I would figure it out on my own”. He went on with life, enrolled in a university in Toronto and got his bachelor’s degree in health education majoring in Kinesiology, the study of body movement and how it can promote body health.

His major dream when he was a child is to go professional on the field of soccer and play for an international team. So despite his conditions, he still played as an amateur on the Toronto Lynx professional soccer team while doing sidelines as a personal trainer, and later on got snagged by the reserved team of a professional soccer club in France.

Living his dream wasn’t as glamorous as he had anticipated it to be. He’s living on an $80 stipend a week, problematic how to live with it just to survive ends meet. He went back to Toronto, and just began to work as a personal trainer again where he earned $20/hour working long days at the gym while volunteering as a soccer coach in his alma mater.

This One’s Much Better

Upon working at the gym, he stumbled upon an advertisement for an open house in a holistic nutrition school in the city. He went, and with just ten minutes, something in him clicked. “Maybe my hair loss was due to my diet imbalance”, he wondered. He enrolled and eagerly applied what he’s been learning and noticed that his hairs are growing back again.

With what he learned at the nutrition school and his prowess as an athletic and fitness coach, he created an approach to healthy eating, exercise and life that would make him one of the best health and fitness experts in the world that has helped 500,000 individuals in the process.

At present, Yuri Elkaim has made programs and authored several books on health, fitness and nutrition. His approach focuses on holistic approaches to health, emphasizing the importance of whole foods, nutritional contents, and physical remedies. Some of his notable books include The All-Day Energy Diet, The All-Day Fat Burning Cookbook and Eating for Energy.

In line with this, he has a significant internet presence and has shared information about healthy living on his website and through social media.

This One’s Much Better