YT Automatic Reviews

In an Instagram post, Chris Zissis emphasized that no matter how messed up your situation is, don’t ever lose hope. This is coming from a guy who’s been there, done that.

He experienced tough times, but he didn’t give up. He created a plan and worked hella hard until he achieved it.

His advice? Always believe in yourself and your vision, naysayers can eat sh*t.

He argued that if he can do it, so can you. This begs the question: Can you also replicate his success in generating substantial income through YouTube automation?

Is a five, six-figure monthly income from a business you don’t have to lift a finger yourself really possible? We’ll tackle that and more on our YT Automatic review down below.

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Brief Introduction To YT Automatic

In collaboration with Chris Zissis, RankOne Ecommerce introduced YT Automatic as their newest program. The promise is creating their clients faceless, automated YouTube channels that could generate up to six figures of passive income.

As a firm, RankOne Ecommerce initially launched with only traditional e-commerce stuff such as Amazon FBA and dropshipping. Couldn’t be more obvious, the e-commerce label is in their name, duh!

Since then, they have expanded their offers to include programs on options trading, crypto mining, hiring remote VAs, and now YouTube automation. Not a lot in common among these business models, but that’s besides the point… or is it, really?

Well, at least they have Mister YouTube Growth and Viral Expert to help them with their new endeavor. Just like how LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, Chris will take his experience from YouTube Auto here in YT Automatic.

Do y’all still remember THE decision I used as reference above? Probably not. Regardless, set aside the nostalgia and let’s talk about what’s relevant now— Chris, YouTube Auto, and YT Automatic.

About YouTube Auto

To put it simply, the latest offer in YT Automatic is just YouTube Auto with notable addition and subtraction. Add RankOne Ecommerce to the mix minus the “iron-clad ROI guarantee” and that’s YT Automatic.

The guarantee is about how generating five, six-figure income annually is GUARANTEED. As in, the word guarantee/guaranteed is listed multiple times on YouTube Auto’s sales pitch, in bold and uppercase letters.

If they (Chris without RankOne Ecommerce yet) fail to deliver results and your channel doesn’t earn a $5,000 to $10,000 a month within the first twelve months, they’ll buy back your channel for the exact amount it took you to get started.

YT Automatic Results

That’s a bold claim, the type that gets FTC knocking on your door. No wonder it’s removed in YT Automatic and replaced with a more realistic yet vague statement on how YouTube is a long-term game, and to see the bigger picture, clients need to look over a twelve-month horizon.

Oh, and also, the number of contractors grew from one hundred and fifty to over four hundred now. Although, the number of full-time employees remains the same at fifteen.

Those are figures from the sales pitch only, but I heard even bigger numbers on Chris’ other videos. We don’t want to lose sleep over tracking every changes, just keep in mind that the content creation team he’s handling is massive.

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About Chris Zissis

Again, this is the bloke from Melbourne, Australia in-charge of ensuring that the YouTube automation process go as planned. Besides managing the team who’ll produce content for your channel, he and his techniques will determine the way your channel operates.

While his financial struggles before becoming a content creator were already noted before, we haven’t mentioned any specifics. He failed at selling all sorts of odds and ends, including a Keto program, and then what?

YT Automatic Chris Zissus (Keto)

Well, he was so broke, he couldn’t pay back his car loan, credit card, nor personal loan. His car got repossessed, but was lucky to have a GF and a mom to bail him out.

He got his car back and started driving for Uber while also working at a factory. It’s one hell of a grind— 7 AM to 3 PM factory work, then 6 PM to 2 AM Uber’s (7 PM to 7 AM on weekends).

Thanks to YouTube, he didn’t have to juggle between multiple jobs any more just to make ends meet. He went from broke and overworked, to digital marketer and owner of automated YouTube channels that are cash cows.

How Does YT Automatic Generate Income With YouTube?

YT Automatic follows the three-step YouTube Income Formula to create faceless, automated YouTube channels that is expected to generate five, six figures in passive income eventually.

The three steps— namely, The YouTube Amplifier Method, The Income Fragmentor System, and The Empire Builder Sequence— are listed with important deets down below.

The YouTube Amplifier Method

Unless you acquire a pre-built YouTube channel from them, they will create and launch a new YouTube channel on your behalf. The main criteria for choosing your channel’s niche are as follows:

  • It must be mainstream, and people are already interested in the category in general.
  • There should be interesting figures in the niche (e.g., Conor McGregor for UFC) and if possible, there should be events about it that happen all year round to keep audience engaged.
  • There should be people on YouTube making videos about it already.
  • Niches that hand out copyright claims left and right (e.g., soccer, football) should not be considered.

Regardless of your niche, what they’ll encourage for you to upload are “top ten” style of videos.

Once a niche has been selected, they will handle the content creation process to get a video uploaded on your channel. They got ChatGPT to help with generating content ideas; writers to write a script; voice actors to read the said script; and video editors to edit the video and thumbnails.

YT Automatic ChatGPT

However, they suggest that the person who’ll proofread, “prooflisten”, and “proofwatch” the output should initially be you, the client. Have the “feel” on what you’d like to see first on your videos, and add your own “fun” and “spin” to it, before outsourcing the job to someone else.

This step is primarily made for generating traffic needed to get consistent income from Google AdSense.

The Income Fragmentor System

Once the channel is optimized for Google AdSense revenue, the YT Automatic team will try to secure others ways to get the channel monetized, which includes promoting hot affiliate offers and negotiating brand deals.

The Empire Builder Sequence

If you give them a go-ahead signal, they will reinvest the income from the initial channel into a new one and repeat the same process as above. The promise is to quickly double the passive income you earn each month.

The principle is as simple as the more channel you have, the merrier.

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Is YT Automatic Worth It?

Cost Of YT Automatic

The initial investment to pay upfront varies, and so is the sharing of profits. We listed them down below:

  • Price of $60,000 for 70/30 split, 70% for clients.
  • Price of $65,000 for 80/20 split, 80% for clients.
  • Price of $70,000 for 90/10 split, 90% for clients.
YT Automatic Cost

In addition, the cost to acquire an already monetized channel from them is around $60,000 to $70,000. The said cost is not necessary if you decide to start from scratch, unlike the $2,000 monthly fee for the content creation team that begins after one year of working with YT Automatic.

Our Thoughts On YT Automatic

Seeing the huge capital requirement, Chris saying that this business opportunity carries little to no risk for clients is simply BS. It only applies to him and the team that gets paid even if the YouTube channel they made turns out to be a huge flop.

The choice of niche isn’t doing them favors, either. We have concerns on how a new channel can stand out on a viral yet very, very saturated niches.

Their channels like The Showest and Techjoint did manage to gain traction, but they were established as early as 2015. Then, some seemed to have lost their former glory too, as shown by the sharp decline in viewership.

Simply put, the situation is not good for both rookies (new channels) and those who are waaaay past their prime (old channels that didn’t innovate). At least ballers have Guangdong Tigers callin’ if they’re out of the league, whaddya got if you fail on YouTube? Think.

Again, they’re willing to experiment with your money, but not with theirs (income from channels they supposedly 100% owned). Are you really down with that? THINK.

Other People’s Thoughts On YT Automatic

In general, the program is very lacking in terms of testimonials outside their site. We did find one, positive review on Trustpilot.

YT Automatic Reviews

But then, there are negative ones on Reddit that mentioned the following:

  • How pushy and rude were YT Automatic sales team. (valid concern)
  • How Chris himself couldn’t be trusted based from his attitude back in school. (no comment as people can change)
  • How one of the guys featured in the testimonial is just a friend helping one of his friends sell their opportunity and is really clueless about it. (another valid concern)

There are also comments on how the NFT the firm launched was a success, and then how the e-commerce program they offer was a trainwreck. Our team believes that it’s quite obvious which factors should carry more weight in your decision-making process. For the third time, THINK.

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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s important to do your research before making a huge investment. It’s not you having no skin in the game, it’s just being smart and savvy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We hope that our review is sufficient to assist you in making an informed decision about whether YT Automatic is a good fit for you. We have the details, but the final say will always be up to you.

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