WREIN Reviews

Let me introduce you to Tresa Todd and her Women’s Real Estate Investor Network (or WREIN in short).

The real estate industry has made a strong effort to promote gender diversity and inclusivity. Women in real estate are receiving support and empowerment from organizations and initiatives that offer mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help them succeed in their careers.

If you or someone you know is considering a career in real estate, it’s worth exploring these opportunities and support networks. The industry is evolving, and women are playing a crucial role in shaping its future.

Curiosity peaks up? In this review, I’ll be discussing WREIN’s mission and the program they offer in the hopes of helping you decide whether she’s your coach for life or just another one to pass up. 

But before I start …

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WREIN Overview


In recent years, women in the real estate industry have advanced significantly. Though historically dominated by men, the business is seeing an increase in the number of women who are flourishing in various roles. 

The viewpoints and abilities that women often bring to real estate deals are unique. They frequently demonstrate exceptional communication, relationship-building, and attention to detail skills which are all aspects that are essential in the intricate world of real estate. In real estate businesses and organizations, there is also a growing trend of women in leadership positions.

Women Real Estate Investor Network (WREIN) was established by Tresa Todd in 2018. It was once called an Association back then that was later on changed to Network. And as the name suggests, WREIN is a group of women-only real estate investors who provide other women the chance to act and transform their life through real estate investing.

Their mission is to educate fellow women interested in dwelling in the world of real estate investing the strategies needed in order to succeed. These are customized financial plans that perfectly suit each and every person’s present circumstances. And these plans will carve your path to success if done systematically, completed from start to finish without skipping a step.

Tresa Todd

Tresa Todd

Tresa Todd was a motivational speaker for more than a decade. She started off as an inspirational Christian speaker, an empowering teacher and a transformational life coach. Her mission back then doesn’t differ from what it is now, which is encouraging women in all facets of their lives by reawakening their hope and faith.

She also added in her repertoire being a host of marriage workshops and retreats, together with her husband, Brett. They’re sharing their experiences to soon-to-be married couples, making them realize that they not only need to survive, but also to thrive together. 

Tresa was new to everything related to real estate investing before she started it. All she knew is that her 3 sons found success in investing after a couple of years of analyzing and strategising how the industry works.

She was also already planning for retirement back then. When Tresa consulted about the retirement plan that she made with one her son, Kelton, he straightforwardly dropped the bomb and told her mom that what she has put up isn’t nearly enough to support the lifestyle that she always wanted. 

Tresa’s first ever real estate experience was selling her house in Texas when she moved in with his son, Tyler in Dallas where she eventually built her first community, the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Association which was later on became WREIN.

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5 Habits of a Successful Real Estate Investor

According to Tresa Todd, these are the 5 habits that most successful real estate investors possess and have nurtured while dwelling in the real estate industry. 

  • Thorough Market Research

This skill is essential for success in real estate investing. Understanding the local state of the economy and analyzing supply and demands, researching property values and examining neighborhood trends, and doing competitive analysis are just some of the key points that need to be done.  

The real estate market is dynamic, and continuous monitoring and adaptation to changing conditions are crucial for successful investing.

  • Financial Discipline

For each real estate investment, it’s crucial to create a thorough budget. Take into account all costs, such as the purchase price, closing costs, improvements, and ongoing expenses.

Planning ahead carefully, managing risks, and maintaining constant observation are all components of financial discipline. You can handle the difficulties of real estate investing while increasing your chances of financial success by following these guidelines.

  • Diversification

Since each type of property has a unique risk-return profile, diversifying your portfolio by investing in a variety of real estate, such as residential, commercial, industrial, or retail properties, might give your real estate journey some stability. 

  • Networking and Relationships

The act of networking is reciprocal. It’s important to consider both what you can give and what you can receive from others. Over time, investing in authentic relationships and expanding your network will pay off.

  • Continuous Learning

Being successful doesn’t mean you need to stop. In most cases, these are the times where most successful people still hunger for more experiences. They know that stopping is not a viable option and will go to greater lengths just to know more about what’s in store for them. 

These habits are inline with one another. They are the cogs that keep the machine fully operational. If ever one of them is missing, it’s either you’ll have a lot of pauses along the way to fix it which distract your momentum, or it will completely stop operating.

Without Fear of Her Future


Without Fear of Her Future

All habits/skills that are mentioned earlier will be taught and can be mastered in her real estate investing program called Without Fear of Her Future. 

It is a 7-day, 100% live virtual training that brings together thousands of women from all over the country to learn how to invest in real estate in today’s economy. 

Inclusions of the Masterclass are:

  • How Tresa Todd built her real estate empire
  • Help you identify you freedom number
  • How to break free from limiting beliefs
  • How to invest in the current economy
  • What’s the ultimate income strategy
  • How to crush your inner critic
  • How to use real estate to live a great life
  • Live Q&A with real estate experts

The masterclass only costs $17 and if you’re already not satisfied with what you’ve got yourself into during the FIRST 2 DAYS, you can email them and get a full refund without questions asked.

I will not go into further detail with this one because there is clearly an upsell with one or two of these sections or at the end of the said “live” virtual training. Most, if not all courses/programs that only require you 10-20 bucks always have an upsell of their high-ticket courses/programs, one way or the other. 

You’ll just end up with a cliffhanger unless you’re ready to pay for their high-ticket courses/programs.


Without Fear of Her Future Podcast

The podcast is Tresa’s way of empowering women to reach their desired goal and achieve financial freedom. It’s just her being the motivational speaker that she was back then. Trees can’t live without their roots after all. 

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For Whom is Without Fear of Her Future For

Without Fear of Her Future program offered by WREIN is for you if:

  • You are struggling in starting your own real estate investment business
  • You’re in search of a lucrative and flexible career where you can work anytime and anywhere.
  • You are being overwhelmed by your responsibilities involving money, e.g bills, loans, debts, or just day-to-day expenses.
  • You are willing to carve your own success while building strong connections and partnerships.
  • You’re capable of learning the ins and outs of the business and building the right mindset to do so.
  • Most especially, you wanted to achieve financial freedom for yourself and your family. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


For a cheap price, you can get introductory information about real estate investing and a hint of what Tresa Todd has done to achieve the success that she has today. Tresa, together with her sons, have impart knowledge about real estate investing to countless women. And they also have an active community who supports each and everyone on their path to success.


With a limited amount of time in just 7 days, most if not people who will join the masterclass will experience information overload. If not information overload, during those 7 days, you’ll be hearing sales pitch for their high-ticket courses most of the time.

Bits of information about the mentorship program is that it costs more or less 10 grand, and their customer support is lacking.  

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If you can process all the information that will be given during the 7-day Without Fear of her Future masterclass offered by Tresa, it’s already a win-win situation because you can learn about everything, introductory level, in the world of real estate investing, especially if you’re relatively new to the industry. 

Real estate is a challenging industry. It’s not for someone who’s looking for a fast-cash generator type of business. Finding property is one, renovating it and finding clients to sell to is another. 

Before You Leave …

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