World System Builder Review

World System Builder is a MLM or multi-level marketing type of business and it likely involves selling products to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same. This type of business practice is sometimes, if not often, seen as synonymous with ‘pyramid scams’ as you’ll most probably spend most of your time recruiting others and take less time dealing with products.

People tend to be frustrated or disappointed once they realize what the program is all about and frustrations will then equal to bad reviews from annoyed individuals that will in turn create a negative connotation around the company or in the business strategy in general.

It is important to at least know enough about the business model before deciding whether this program is for you or not. I know how easily you can waste time just trying to navigate through the web and with this review article I will try to give you the narrowed-down important pieces of information you need so you can just access them in one scroll.

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What is World System Builder?

World System Builder is a program that aims to teach people about money and how to handle it. They cover various topics, like managing home insurance and car expenses. However, there’s a catch: after paying an upfront fee, people find out that the program focuses not only on financial education but also on recruiting others, making it a multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

Here are some things associated with World System Builder:

  1. Financial Education: WSB provides educational materials, workshops, and training programs to help people understand money matters better. They cover topics like budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning, and managing debt.
  2. Online Platform: WSB has a website where members can access videos, articles, and tools to improve their financial knowledge and skills.
  3. Community Building: WSB encourages members to support each other. They create a network of like-minded individuals who share experiences and knowledge about financial success and planning.
  4. Motivational Content: WSB includes motivational content to inspire members to take control of their financial futures and set goals.
  5. Financial Services: World System may offer financial products or services, such as insurance or investment opportunities, to its members.
  6. Personal Development: In addition to financial education, WSB emphasizes personal development and self-improvement to help individuals build the mindset and habits needed for financial success.

How to join?

Following their site’s 4 easy steps to join ‘the financial education revolution’: Join, Learn, Share and Grow.


Access to different workshops that you can get started: Increase Cash Flow, Debt Management, Building A Strong Financial Foundation, Proper Protection, Building Wealth, Asset Accumulation, Retirement Planning, Wealthy Preservation

Does it really help?

Though most of the workshops are free, you will not really get the right information in managing your finances because this program is a marketing scheme that mainly aims to introduce to another MLM concept (aka World Financial Group) that is not quite what you expect from them. Instead, you will find yourself marketing and selling products of World Financial Group.

Who are the top people of World System Builder?

In a recent post on World System Builder’s Facebook page, you will find that they had a webinar with the top people of the World Financial Group meaning they are associated (but not affiliated, as they deny in the site under their copyrights statement) with the popular MLM business. However, when talking about the founder of WSB itself there isn’t widely available information.

A quick search will give you the name of Xuan Nguyen, a person who barely has an internet presence and that can only mean a few things. One of them is that they are someone who has something to hide about or an old, outdated person who does not see the potential in the social media anymore.

One of the comments I read under a review article said that our guy, Nguyen, is already an 80-something-year-old man, and that probably explains, dare I say, the outdated strategy of the business.

How does the business model actually work?

Imagine it like a pyramid. The leaders at the very top make the most money, while the ones lower down earn less in commission. Not many people, though, usually make much money from their hard work.

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How much does it cost to join?

The organization typically offers free introductory sessions and then encourages individuals to sign up for more advanced, paid training.

The membership fee is $100 and conventions that you will have to pay up to $1,000 not to mention the insurance and emissions cost can range between $30 and $125 monthly on top of another additional $200 each month as an insurance policy.

Is it worth it?

Their workshops will teach you no more than the basics of economic topics and then will proceed to brag about how much money they make as their attempt to entice you to do the same and recruit your own network of people. To add to that, every time you sold a product you will have to share the profit to the people on top of you in the network pyramid.

It does not sound like a worthy investment you’re trying to manage your finances when, to me, what they are trying to do is rope you to their pyramid of network hierarchy where it is designed that the top person gets the most, of course.

Is it a Scam?

World System Builder has faced various allegations and criticisms in the past, and some people have expressed concerns about its business practices. Here are some factors to consider:

Financial Education: The quality and effectiveness of this education have been questioned by some individuals who claim that it may not meet their expectations or that it does not align with established financial principles.

Recruitment and Marketing Practices: Some people have criticized WSB’s recruitment and marketing tactics, suggesting that they may employ high-pressure sales strategies, overemphasize the potential for financial success, or use misleading language in their promotions.

Lawsuits and Controversies: There have been legal disputes and controversies associated with WSB and its practices in the past, though it’s important to note that not all legal disputes necessarily indicate a scam.

Pyramid Scheme scam?

In a legit MLM program like World System Builder, the big difference from a pyramid scheme is they sell real products. Unlike pyramid schemes that only care about recruiting, World System Builder, linked with World Financial Group, has actual products.

It’s not technically a scam, but it can be tricky as their main way to make money is by recruiting others. Keep in mind, that your success through their business model often depends on how many people you bring in. So, while it’s not a scam, it’s super important to be cautious, especially because the focus is on bringing in more people for financial gains.

World System Builder Reviews

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Who is it for?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) plans rely on earning commissions, so those involved don’t get regular salaries. This makes MLM businesses a good fit for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. It works well for people who can make their own goals, manage their time, are good at selling, and can connect with others to not just sell stuff but also bring in new marketers.


Before you dive into a money education program like World System Builder, do yourself a favor and look over the rules, costs, and conditions tied to being a member.

Make sure what you’re putting in matches your money goals and doesn’t mess up your budget. World System Builder, like a bunch of other money education programs, has had its fair share of doubts and questions.

Concerns have been raised about pushy sales tactics, and there’s talk about whether the “money education” thing really does the job. There’s also their high-pressure sales strategies that might be a bit too much.

Our review aims to help you decide if World System Builder suits you. We’ve laid out the details, but the final decision is entirely yours. Choose what’s best for you with confidence.

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