Without Fear of Her Future Review

Traditionally, men have held more senior leadership and executive positions in the real estate industry in many parts of the world. With more women entering the field and assuming diverse positions, such as real estate agents, brokers, property managers, developers, and others, this has been changing over time.

The industry has taken efforts to support gender equality and diversity. For women interested in pursuing careers in real estate, a number of organizations and groups have been striving to offer assistance, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs.

Just take Tresa Todd-Lugten and her Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass as an example. Let’s look into what her proposition has to offer. 

This One’s Much Better

The world of real estate investing is an alien to Tresa Todd-Lugten at first. She only knew about it when his three sons began investing together. In just two years as new investors, they have done over 100 real estate deals and have been mentored by some of the most real estate investors in the nation.

While planning for retirement, one of her sons just gave him a reality check. Her savings from working in the medical industry for over 25 years isn’t enough to support the lifestyle that she has planned. That’s why her son encouraged her to join them in their real estate investing business.

Of course, everyone will be skeptical at first, knowing that it is a new, unknown territory that she will deal with. Tresa has her worries that she won’t be able to cope with her sons. But still, she began to consider it as an option and gave herself a one-week trial together with her sons in Dallas. By the way, she’s living in Texas at that time.

I visited them and observed their work to gain a better understanding of everything that went into real estate investing. A few days into my trip, I knew in my heart that it was for me.”, Tresa got the enlightenment that she prayed for. 

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and leave behind my stable and familiar job in the medical industry. I put my home up for sale and said some tough goodbyes to my friends, coworkers and my ministry.” And she started packing and getting ready to live a new life in Dallas with her three sons.

First tries we’re never meant to be easy, that’s for sure. After more than 40 days, she finally secured her first real estate investment deal. A lot of rejections and challenges have hit her along the way but despite that, she was more determined than ever to succeed in this newly found industry. And the rest is history.

To date, Teresa is now one of the women’s most prominent figures in the real estate investing industry. She is the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investing Network, which claims to be the largest learning and networking community for women real estate investors in the nation. 

The real estate investing industry is a completely different story. It’s heavily male-dominated”, which has also been recognized by Tresa when she had an interview once. That’s why she’s making a movement.

This One’s Much Better

They are beginning to notice a change in the industry as a result of organizations like Women’s Real Estate Investors Network. Women are getting more and more involved, and they are seeing an increasing number of them assume leadership roles and begin to learn how to use real estate investing to create a legacy without worrying about the future.

Tresa made Without Fear of Her Future as part of Women’s Real Estate Investing Network. At first, it is a podcast for women passionately pursuing financial freedom using multiple streams of income & real estate to accomplish their goals. Then she made it into a book. 

Now, she has also made it to a Masterclass, which is a seven-day online training with Tresa herself. She will impart her expert knowledge on how to become a profitable real estate investor. Some of these are finding deals, how to wholesale, flip houses, and more advanced strategies.

When Tresa held her first women-only event to teach basics in real estate investing, she’s worried that no one would show up. To her surprise, at least 40 women attended the same event. And now, her masterclass has been attended by more than 300k in the past few years. And you can be one of them too.

This One’s Much Better