Winning the Game of Money Review

There are a lot of people asking John Assaraf, “Is it possible to train your brain to help you make more money?” and he answered with a big YES. 

The first thing you need to do is to set clear goals for the lifestyle you want to lead, and once you’ve done that, you can start training your brain to work in your favor to be able to earn more money.

He started with sharing his own story when he’s still starting up. “My mentor Walter Schneider was a very successful businessman. In order to achieve your goals, first you have to have the clarity of what they are”

This One’s Much Better

So let’s say you have a financial goal of making a hundred thousand dollars a year. We estimate it as $8,500 a month, or $2,150 a week that you want to earn and you’re not earning that kind of money at present”.

Get very clear on the precise amount you want to make, whether it’s for a week, a month, or a year, as it is one of the things you can do to train your brain to help you create that amount of money”.

The next thing to do is to compose a straightforward affirmation, such as validating your accomplishments. It could be an expression of joy or gratitude for having accomplished the objective you set for yourself”. 

It’s like directing your own path toward the goal, developing a realistic vision of the person you want to become in the future. Make it a habit to say that affirmation every day, before bed, and every time you wake up. 

Visualize — mentally rehearse that amount of money in the form of a check or cash or in your bank account. Imagine what will happen if it is already in your hands, that $10,000 a month, the freedom, the success, the happiness, all of it. The impact of receiving that amount of money to your life, family, friends, the community that you live in and the charities you want to support”. 

What these steps do is it primes your brain to see and feel as if it is real at the moment. And it activates the different parts of your brain, specifically the genius/CEO/Einstein-part of your brain that can actually help you figure out how to achieve that goal and dream”.

This One’s Much Better

These are some of the techniques included in the Winning the Game of Money, one of the programs offered in NeuroGym, a self-help company created by John Assaraf. There are still more into this since it is a 12-week course to retrain and rewire your brain so you excel financially (hence winning the game of money).

The program is produced by using brain research, cutting-edge technology and evidence-based methodologies to help you acquire beliefs, habits, perceptions and attitudes by working on the neuro patterns of the brain.

Each week has different Brain Retraining Audio, which they call the Innercise. And there are levels to it in that matter. From his story earlier “Prime your Brain to Success” up to “Becoming an ultimate Millionaire”, where you will discover the turnkey formula which over 100,000 followers have used to get life-changing results and long term wealth. 

It really is a miracle if you became a millionaire in just a span of 3 months. Even if it is possible, what are the odds, right? So it doesn’t end there. There are still part two and part three where you will be forking out a lot of cash.

All in all, it is not some get rich fast program where you just need to take the course and after a while, you will be a millionaire like John Assaraf, no. Just like him, you need to take one step at a time, flourish all the skills needed in order for one to be successful. 

Some say that they are satisfied with what they’ve purchased and it really helped them with their well-being and be on the right track (since these kinds of programs are self-help programs – changing the mindset of people).

You can try it also since they offer a 100% money back guarantee within the 30 days of purchase after you assess that the program is not for you. That is if you have the patience to wait for your refund, because as far as I know, most if not all of these companies took longer than expected refunding people of their money.

This One’s Much Better