Wifi Wealth Review

A lot of business-minded people are aware of the trends going on in their surroundings, especially when it comes to money making. One of the trends going on lately is The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

It is a service that allows Amazon sellers to outsource shipping to Amazon. Just like the name suggests, you will be able to utilize Amazon’s vast logistics and fulfillment infrastructure. 

They handle the selling process as well as the customer support. That’s why business owners can focus on other important things like preparation in expanding their own store, or opening a new line of products to sell. Given that your first line of products do sell well.

Wifi Wealth claims that they can help you realize your dream of becoming a successful business owner through amazon automation and social media strategies.

This One’s Much Better

Brycen and Jerrika Cox are the people behind Wifi Wealth. There’s not much going on about Brycen other than that he was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. On the other hand, Jerrika Cox is a hot topic in different online magazines.

A foster child turned successful entrepreneur, that’s Jerrika Cox. She’s also from Seattle. She broke the cycle of being transferred from one foster home to another by seizing a private full-ride scholarship to a private university in Seattle. From this you’ll know that she really isn’t just someone. 

Even if she had a rough start working as an accountant in a law firm after she graduated, it doesn’t stop her from dreaming of having financial independence. Using her earnings from her 9-5 job, she started establishing business after business. 

From an Internet Marketing Firm, to a Social Media Marketing Firm, there’s also a Restoration Contracting Company and other eCommerce businesses, it serves as a learning process for Jerrika to grow and become as successful as she is now.

Now, together with Brycen, they have established Wifi Wealth, a company that provides passive income streams to clients in a “done for you” manner. Their vision is to provide access to financial freedom through Amazon FBA and social media marketing.

Jerrika said “the biggest challenge to starting a business as an entrepreneur is to be willing to encounter risks. Risk is extremely uncomfortable, so is the getting of processes and procedures in place. It’s always a challenge.”

“At Wifi Wealth our clients are our partners. We only make money if our clients are making money. One of the biggest differences in what we do is that we developed proprietary software which selects high-performing products.”

“Then we build a brand out from scratch. Which prevents others from stealing our products and listings when they realize how well they are performing. None of our competition is doing that.”, she continued.

It follows Brycen’s commerce strategy for building a list of products to sell at Amazon called “RTA Framework”. It involves finding products with profit margins higher than 35% that lasts for years without competition.

This One’s Much Better

Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income consists of a training on Brycen’s RTA framework, access to suppliers, training on why automation is key to success, use of Wifi Wealth’s private invite-only software, Amazon seller account set up, and information on ad buying (social marketing side) so that you can advertise your products effectively on Amazon.

They will also give you access to connections with worldwide FBA accounts, a list of the most profitable niches (when you try to expand your business) and a copy of the 7-Figure Online Elite Formula Blueprint, a book about Brycen’s journey into Amazon FBA. All for the cost of only $47.

But wait, that’s all just for training. Once you’ve picked up your niche, you’ll need a starting capital of about $15-20k to set up your store with Amazon. So don’t think that it’s cheap and a walk in the park type of business. 

It’s also not that easy to get the Amazon FBA badge for yourself. You need to establish your store first and gain an A+ product selling rating before you can set up with Amazon’s FBA service. 

Time, dedication and more capital is needed to become successful in this type of industry. Developing your product and brand, building a following and advertising and creating traffic already takes a lot of time.

If you’re in need of some fast cash, Amazon automation is not for you. I’m telling you this to help you save a lot of time and most importantly, money.

This One’s Much Better