Digital Landlord Review

The digital marketing industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Personalized marketing continues to be a significant trend. Marketers are leveraging data to create tailored experiences for individual users, which helps in improving customer engagement and loyalty.

We have content marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing which in general is a form of social media marketing where you can see people upload videos and contents on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube and in time, will let them earn from doing it.

The term “digital landlord” differs in every aspect. But in general, it is someone who owns and manages digital properties such as websites, online platforms, or digital services to monetize them.

Abdul and Chance uses the advertisement marketing concept of digital landlords to teach you how to help other businesses be popularized in other parts of the world. Let’s look further into it.

This One’s Much Better

Abdul Samad and Chance Welton co-founded The Modern Millionaires. Abdul is a #1 international best selling author, speaker and owns a portfolio of several seven-figure digital businesses. To tell you the truth, I don’t know which books are his since his name is such a common name. Countless Abdul Samad’s out there.

Chance Welton on the other hand is a self-made entrepreneur. He got his work ethic from his dad, who is a potato farmer. He learned from an early age that whatever he was going to have in life was going to come from real hard work. Now he is also the CEO of a seven-figure online marketing platform.

When they collaborate together, with the combination of mindset, marketing tactics, sales and business systems, ability to build everything from nothing, and determination, they become the secret ingredients behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs.

Both Chance & I have created seven-figure remote agencies AKA our “Freedom Machines”. Last year, we started sharing our exact systems, and started changing people’s lives. It felt great. Making money, and helping entrepreneurs such as ourselves. So we kept on doing it. 

Today we’ve coached hundreds of students. Some of them generate over twenty grand, when they used to flip burgers. How? By bringing value for local business owners. That’s what we call a triple win”, Abdul explains on how they are different from others.

They prefer this model over an MLM or affiliate marketing model because what they teach are skills. Actual skills that pay the bill. These are the things that you can bring with you wherever there is a need for such skills since digital marketing is vast and is much needed in today’s generation.

So let’s compare regular landlords to us digital landlords”, Abdul says as he opens up the topic. “Regular landlords’ daily tasks include chasing tenants for rent and evicting elderly “cat ladies.” and they’re always grumpy.

As for us, digital landlords, the properties we rent out are hundred percent digital. No need for large upfront costs or bricks and mortar. Even better, you receive payments of a couple thousand bucks from your tenants (small business owners) every month.

This One’s Much Better

So our motto is “In order to get wealthy, you must generate wealth for others first.” These small business owners need more business. With our skills and expertise, we will teach you how you can help these businesses get more business. At the end of the day, automatic cash flow follows.

But how does it actually work? “You get onto your laptop, press a specific set of keys, and assist these businesses in gaining access to high-value space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

You then proceed to develop adverts for them in that space. With the help of those adverts, their phones will get flooded with notifications of new clients and customers. What’s even better? You only need to set it up once and your clients will happily send you money month after month.”, says Abdul.

Their courses are available for both newbies and experienced students and they will put them through their step-by-step system to build a five to six-figure online business. I think it ranges from an eye-watering five to eight grand. 

You can have the free training that they offer if the cost is too much for you. And it can also save you because they don’t offer any refunds since what they have are digital assets. And they can no longer get back what they have taught you if ever you get a refund.

This One’s Much Better