Wartime CEO Review

Wholesaling is already a very common practice everyone should be aware about nowadays. But somewhere between the lines, most people in this niche struggle to get or have a hard time utilizing the full potential it has to offer.

So what does it mean to be a sales coach? “I don’t like to call it manager because it has some negativity associated with it. I don’t want to “manage” anyone, going back to the language that we’re implanting inside our businesses. I wanted to be their coach,” says Rhen.

If you’re owning a wholesaling company or business, Rhen Bartlett, together with his newly founded Wartime CEO program will teach you how to become more successful in your selected niche. 

This One’s Much Better

Rhen started going into wholesaling five years ago with his first business. They are doing under ten deals per month, all the while handling most of the work positions. He handles the marketing, appointment setting, packaging of disposition emails, building of buyers list and everything in between. 

It’s physically and mentally draining, but he carried it out through sheer grit and determination. Now they’ve surpassed $20 million a year in revenue, hired more than 250 salespeople, exited the first business and now starting a new one which is already doing at least four hundred grand a month.

I failed dozens of times and made every single mistake you could probably have imagined. From leadership, to marketing, to advertising, to systems and operations, to hiring the wrong people,” says Rhen as he grieves. But what more can you make use of all of these failures for? 

Of course build a system that skips all of these failures, make it as perfect as possible so that the masses can jump right into the improvement of their wholesaling process without worries and hassles along the way. But take note that you still need to work hard in order to achieve success.

There’s nothing better than having a plan in place and just knowing the next actions that you’re taking after each and every step of the way. “If you’re committed to doubling your wholesale experience business and scaling it to a place that you’ve never seen possible, then you’re on the right place,” says Rhen as he pitches his Wartime CEO course.

Rhen Bartlett is an eight-figure wholesaling coach that specializes in growing wholesaling companies and helping owners scale, creating and facilitating the opportunity to relieve blind spots and give a proven process to profitability. 

Having a firm grasp on the fundamentals, being able to design their own strategy and Rhen will move out of the way to let them play the game is what he focuses on teaching his mentees. Self improvement if one might say, but he will still be by your side guiding and giving you accountability to everything that you’ll do.

He also trains your employees how to be present and become a better version of themselves all while sharing the core values of your company. One of his mentees recorded a short video for a testimonial posted on his website.

This One’s Much Better

One massive change is the way it feels, how the culture has shifted. He has transformed our sales culture. It is not unusual for me to be the first one in and to be the last one out. But after giving Rhen a try, something unusual happened. 

Some of my sales guys were the ones beating me being the first to come to work, and staying way longer than I am. They’re trying as hard, if not harder as I am and that really helps the status of our company nowadays,” the mentee says.

I think he knows what he’s doing and what he’s saying is coming from the heart of a true coach. Talking from all the experiences that he’s gone through and making sure that his mentees will experience these failures as little as possible. Because there is no perfect system, in my opinion. 

If there is something bothering me, it is the fact that his course is comparably new. And I don’t want you to be part of their “testing” phase whether they can go a long mile or just for a short time. Also considering that they don’t have any mention about the cost, I don’t want you to suddenly get surprised after signing up and then put the blame on me afterwards.

This One’s Much Better