Vomos Academy Review

Vomos was founded on the principle of creating the safest, most practical, and most affordable means for passengers to fly, ride, float, stay, do, and enjoy luxury experiences all in one marketplace—right from the palm of their hands by utilizing our ever-evolving technology.

But it doesn’t stop there. They now created an opportunity for individuals who wanted to be part of their success, as private jet brokers. While there is no education requirement, becoming one requires the combination of a lot of things. From aviation knowledge, to networking skills, marketing skills and many more.

Piqued your interest in becoming one? Read along to know more on how Vomos Academy will shape you to be the best version of yourself as a private jet broker.

This One’s Much Better

Vomos itself was founded by Mark McNeil, and it has been around for more than 19 years and has served more than 25,000 people. It is now one of the top private jet broker firms in the U.S. But it’s not just aviation, they also dwell on exotic cars, yachts, and private houses for rent. 

With the continuous rise of his business, Mark realized that it’s time to educate other entrepreneurs on the ins and outs of being a private jet broker. It doesn’t change much to what real estate agents do, but instead of houses, you must be familiar with private jets (well, duh). That’s why he created Vomos Academy last 2016.

As private jet traveling can be easily associated only with celebrities, athletes or wealthy businessmen or women, some might have a hard time finding ideal customers. Most people can be easily intimidated when we’re talking about how much it will cost to rent or buy a private jet. 

In Vomos Academy, they already have a proven system that can show you how to find a consistent source of clients who are ready to rent/buy one. But you also need to do due diligence on researching different kinds of aircraft so that you can offer each for a competitive price where you can maximize your commission.

To start things off, they share the five essential elements to becoming a successful private jet broker that will provide you with a hands-off, profitable and predictable revenue stream, who takes advantage of an unexplored market with high ROI and little competition and gives you, your family and friends a chance to fly private for free. 

As a broker, there are special dedicated aviation sourcing platforms you can use to book travel for your clients. So step one is to know which of these sourcing platforms will work best for you and sign up to one of their memberships to begin obtaining quotations from your clients.

The next step is how to acquire your ideal clients. The program has a lot of strategies in doing so. You can develop corporate and personal relationships, or you can attend VIP, sporting and entertainment events where you can meet most of your prospective VIP clients, or just look for places where there’s an ideal client, like exclusive clubs, maybe golf courses where executives meet, etc.

Third step is understanding the ins and outs so that you can maximize profitability. One way is to exceed your present clients’ expectations so that you can be booked for a repeat. Another way is to ask for a referral from them in exchange for a reward, maybe a discount on their next booking. Last is asking at least two or three quotes from operators and picking the best price to maximize your commission.

This One’s Much Better

The fourth step is all about compliance. You need to make sure that the operators you’re working with have valid credentials. You should also disclose everything, including any special relationship with your operator to your clients (might be a family business, friend’s business or whatnot) because honesty, integrity and safety should be at the heart of your private jet broker business.

Last step is about sales and growth. How to’s in closing deals and building a team. You need to consider building a group of motivated individuals around you who can support your business and help you grow your brand.

It is a 60-day mentorship program that costs $2,997 that teaches more in-depth explanation about these 5 essential elements. It also includes 16 modules which are supported by multiple downloadable resources, and a lot of bonuses at the end. If you’re not satisfied with any of it, they offer you a money back guarantee that is only available for the first five days upon signing up.

Due to more and more people wanting to experience a “celebrity” lifestyle as promoted in our popular culture, and also, flying private provides a safer way to fly than getting in a domestic flight, being a private jet broker provides consistent industry growth, or so they say. 

And with the confusing process of even knowing how to start booking private jets, it became a norm for customers to want to work with trusted advisors (that can be you) who can get them good deals and provide seamless experience, most especially for first time bookers. They want it to be perfect.

This One’s Much Better