Verified Real Estate Leads Reviews

It’s been a while since internet has been utilized in generating real estate leads. Thanks to it, agents don’t have to knock door-to-door, use direct mail, and put bandit signs everywhere just to get in touch with someone who might be interested in their service.

We’re not saying that traditional methods don’t have a place in the industry anymore. Many still swear by it, especially when there are doubts on the legitimacy of leads generated online. There are concerns that it invites too many tire kickers and looky-loos, and that can be a pain to sift through.

With Verified Real Estate Leads, they designed their lead generation process to weed out at least eighty percent of the bad leads, giving agents only those who are surely ready to speak about their needs. That’s their assertion, and we’ll see if it holds true in this review.

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Introduction To Verified Real Estate Leads

The Program At A Glance

Verified Real Estate Leads Lead Generation

Verified Real Estate Leads is a lead generation program that highlights the promise of only sending leads that you can contact (aka the verified leads) or you get another one back. To get these good leads, they make use of their proprietary Trifecta system, so say bye-bye to fake and uninterested ones.

To add, they emphasized how there are no monthly subscription payment nor referral fees charged here. Instead, you only pay per lead.

The program is launched in 2016 as Request Results LLC’s “best of breed” lead generation platform, and is based in Chico, California.

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Info About The Program’s Parent Company

Request Results LLC is the parent company of Verified Real Estate Leads, with many lead generation services that aren’t limited to real estate. They have something for all kinds of contractors, insurance agents, house cleaners, and more.

By running online campaigns across the country, they’re able to match thousands of professionals to those who need their service. Despite the overwhelming number of requests they’re handling daily, they swear that they can do the pairing fast and secure.

The company is founded in 2007 by Dylan Trent and Gregory Defouw.

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Info About The Program’s Founder

Verified Real Estate Leads Dylan Trent

Dylan Trent is the founder and CEO of Verified Real Estate Leads. Before he launched the program, he has experience in both real estate and marketing.

For real estate, his experience consists of being a Remax agent for one year, then an E-Realty & Investments broker for three years. For marketing, he served as the director of College Works Painting, an online marketing firm, for five years.

It wasn’t easy finding his presence online. The most revealing piece about him is a serendipitous story about how he founded Mojo Motosport, and that’s it.

Despite the many sites and services his LLC is handling, he didn’t attach his name on any of those, even on Verified Real Estate Leads. It’s as if he’s hiding his involvement on his own programs…

Something fishy going on? We’ll answer that later. But first, let’s take a closer look at Verified Real Estate Leads.

How Does Verified Real Estate Leads Work?

Trifecta Verification System

Verified Real Estate Leads Trifecta Process

This is what Verified Real Estate Leads use to ensure that the lead they send to agents will pick up the phone, and confirm their intent to be contacted via phone call, SMS, or email.

In the program’s website, it’s described as unique multiple times, although we feel like it’s just a typical ISA process, just without the exhaustive vetting process… Uhhh, um-kay, not-so-typical and crappy, then.

The first part of the process is the program contacting the leads by calling their phones. If the lead returns the call and agrees to be contacted further, the program will let you know and notify you via text and SMS. They’ll also suggest contacting the lead by calling their phone first.

If they didn’t return the call, the program will try to reach out via SMS instead. If the lead responds positively, they’ll send notifications using the same means, and propose once again to contact the lead the way they’re able to contact them. This time, it’s texting them first.

Otherwise, they’ll send an email. You know the drill now, right? Lead answers back and agrees to be contacted again, they’ll send you notifications, and then suggest sending an email first.

Did they really call this process unique? Uniquely dumbed-down is what they mean, perhaps? Like, seriously, sending assumptions about the lead’s preferred communication method isn’t something we would count as a verification process.

How about the lead’s time frame, budget, credit score, target area, financing options, and the likes to make sure they’re really qualified to do business? How about that? Nothing? Nothing.

They’re also insulting the intellect of agents, and we don’t like it a bit. Unfortunately, some agents might let it slide due to promising guarantees and the pay-per-lead aspect of the program.


Despite their Trifecta system being like that, they swear that it’s able to weed out eighty percent of the tire kickers. If you still end up with one, they’ll give you an account credit upon request that grants a replacement lead for free.

They mentioned selling a lead to one agent only. But then, they also added that if a lead somehow ended up with several agents, they’ll rotate the agents in a round-robin queue.

If the leads are indeed exclusive, the latter situation shouldn’t happen at all, or at least, there shouldn’t be a need for a disclaimer. Just our two cents here.

No objections to their guarantee on not needing to pay a monthly subscription nor referral fee upon closing, it’s really pay-per-lead. Although, it doesn’t mean it’s not problematic, ’cause it is.

Supposedly, agents have an option to control the incoming leads. Various reviews say otherwise, as they detailed how they’re charged for leads they didn’t accept.

Promo Campaign

Verified Real Estate Leads Promo Campaign

To entice agents to sign up, Verified Real Estate Leads runs a promotion. Your info in exchange for three buyer leads, who says no?

We do. You can’t get account credit if it happens to be shit. Consider the freebies as mere throwaways. I mean, even the paid ones are bad, anyway.

Quite frankly, it’s just a ploy to get your CC card on file, so they can proceed to what they do best— ripping people off with fraudulent charges.

Mind you, this ain’t some random accusations. It’s based on many reviews online, including the ones for other sites handled by Request Result LLC. It’s why the founder is operating in stealth mode, y’know.

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Is Verified Real Estate Leads Worth It?

Cost Of Verified Real Estate Leads

The cost of Verified Real Estate Leads’ depends on whether it’s a buyer or seller lead. If it’s a buyer, the price is $22 per lead. Otherwise, it’s $35.

No money-back guarantee since the only form of “refund” is getting an account credit. If you want out for good, those credits mean nothing, worth nothing.


In theory, the pay-per-lead arrangement with credit system suits many people that don’t want subscription nor referral fees. Supposedly, it’s good for those who don’t want to be tied to a long term contract.

It looks good on paper, but the execution is flawed. Worse than flawed actually since they’re lying. All they care about is getting your cards on file and drain its funds.


Besides the reports of fraudulent credit charges on Verified Real Estate Leads and other programs of Request Results LLC (e.g., Zip-foreclosure dot com utilizing some bait-and-switch link redirection, SMS spam that automatically charges your carrier if you attempt to cancel it), many have also mentioned that the leads they provide are no way verified at all.

As in, it isn’t sure they’re qualified to make a real estate transaction. Hell, some have no idea why you’re even calling them in the first place. So, yeah, if it’s not qualified, it’s bogus.

Mind you, most leads are victim themselves. Most of them doesn’t want to be bothered, but it isn’t an option anymore once Verified Real Estate Leads acquired the info.

They’ll share the digits on their clients paying for leads, and they’ll share to all of them— real estate agents, contractors, insurance agents, etc. They really don’t care about matching a professional to an interested consumer properly.

Verified Real Estate Leads Reviews

The few positive reviews are vague, and more on simply highlighting the credit system and absolving the program of any blame. Just follow up? How about you shut the f*ck up? Like, it’s giving undercover employees pretending to be happy clients of the program.

While not as grave as the other cons, it’s also a red flag that it’s quite difficult to find info about the founder. As someone who works in the marketing niche, he should know that there are ways to maintain a social presence as an online entrepreneur without sacrificing privacy about his personal life.

Like, c’mon, it isn’t hard to put some info about himself and his team on the program’s about page. He did it before on Mojo Motosport, why can’t he do it again?

Oh, right… While the Mojo thingy seems legit, his other programs aren’t. And you know what, he’s sketchy for not even taking ownership of his own programs.

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From what we’ve uncovered, it’s quite obvious how we won’t recommend Verified Real Estate Leads. Anything that gives off fraudulent charges scare while getting dragged for poor service should be avoided at all cost.

No. Just No. They’re not weeding out tire kickers, bet it’s all bad. Remember, just because you can reach out to a lead doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

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