Valerie Elhurr Review

Starting an online coaching business can be a highly successful method to earn money, but in order to stand out and make your platform work for you, you must be meticulous and creative. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs and online coaches fail because they can’t generate enough leads or potential customers.

I see a lot of health coaches and people in the health and wellness niche breaking down their coaching into individual sessions.” Prices in consultation differ for each client who spends longer time talking to you. “I think that model is wrong”, she exclaimed.

Valerie will help you straighten up that thinking and will teach you things that you must do to strive in your coaching business.

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Valerie Elhurr is a business mentor to other online health and fitness coaches. She is also a registered dietician and a health coach herself. In addition to that, she also personally runs a multiple 6-figure health coaching practice up to date.

If you think about your clients that come to you, what are they coming to you for?”, she asked. “Take me as an example. They might be coming to me for coaching, or for the tools to transform, but the real reason why the client is coming to me is for a transformation.”, she explains.

It’s a bit “juggly” because she loves using the root word “transform” too much, but I think what she means is that you need to give your service as a package. 

There’s no model in health and wellness coaching where someone can just go to one session and completely transform to the way they wanted to be. Nothing works that way because it doesn’t exist in the first place. And in my honest opinion, that will just lead to regression.

If you’re still using that one-day session model, the fact that you let them decide for themselves and make them accountable, will lead to them not ever coming back. Life comes up, things happen and all of the sudden, it’s not worth it in that moment to spend money and another day with you. 

Being said, what you should do to let your clients feel that you are serving them to the highest level is to set up a package that requires them to see you for the appropriate amount of sessions for the length of time it takes them to transform and get the outcome they want.

How to scale up your coaching business to six-figures and beyond just like her? You need to know first and internalize the four secrets that made her what she is today.

First secret is that you need to be friends with failure. There’s nothing wrong with failing. In fact, each failure can be built into a stepping stone, one by one, and at the end of it all is the success you’ve been dreaming about.

Second one is having hesitation and doubt kills momentum. The saying “doing nothing is doing something” comes to mind. It’s fine to stop if your gut feels like saying so, but Valerie begs to differ. In her perspective, that saying is like gaslighting yourself not to do the things you have to do.

This One’s Much Better

You need to be proactive, it’s not like it’s okay not to be prepared. It’s more about removing the “what ifs” in your mind. “What if it won’t sell, if they don’t like my services”, etc. and just remember secret number one.

Third one is understanding what your client really wants. When you are certain of what consumers love to buy, all the uncertainty about your niche and what your offer should all disappear. If you don’t know what it is, gather all information needed. When you already have all your weapons, fight the battle to become one of the people that have successful coaching businesses.

Lastly, there’s no walk in the park method in growing a six to seven-figure coaching business. If it were that easy, you probably wouldn’t be reading this review of mine, right? So, establishing a successful coaching business is hard, but also rewarding.

Everything feels good if you work hard for it. Financial freedom, travel from countries to countries, being able to provide for your family in the long run, quitting your 9-5 job and spending the rest of your life near your loved ones. 

If you still feel like you need coaching, Valerie offers a coaching program called Online Coaches Intensive that costs $9000.

This One’s Much Better