uGurus Review

You can use online learning platforms, which function as virtual schools on the internet, as an alternative to attending a physical school. These platforms include several seminars, tutorials, and other tools to aid in any profession that you chose, for example, web development.

These platforms are your best way to learn anything that you chose as a profession from the comfort of your homes, a coffee shop, or anywhere that has an internet connection. 

uGurus is an elite training platform for digital agency owners. They offer a variety of courses for people interested in web development and also with marketing. Let’s check them out.

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Brent Weaver began realizing that being a web developer is his calling when he built his first website at the age of fifteen. It was a graphical page that he had built for a Phish fan site to trade bootleg copies of concert tapes. 

After that, he started designing and building websites to share about PC Gaming trends, various sites for school clubs during high school, and sites for the classes and departments. 

In two years, when he was offered a job to make a website for a candy store named Sherni’s Candies, he got his first pay as a web developer amounting to $500. That very week, he quit his day job stocking shelves for $6.25 an hour and started really dedicating himself to building his web design business.

His first digital agency, HotPress Web, that ran for 13 years before he decided to sell it, grew to over 300+ active clients working with businesses of all sizes. From billion-dollar publicly traded companies like Dish Network, to local top restaurants like D Bar, Vesta and Breckenridge Brewery.

I spent well over 10,000 hours visiting and working with many different kinds of companies. Every conference room, factory floor, and kitchen I visited was another chance to learn about business. While I eventually found that teaching and coaching was my calling, my days running my agency were some of my fondest memories.”, he says.

So now, Brent’s main focus is uGurus, where he’s the Chief GURU and the CEO of the company. It is a business coaching and training program that aids agency owners in growing their client base, closing more deals, with the mindset of expanding their businesses in the future.

What excites me about the work we do at UGURUS is the change I see at a deeper level. When our members start believing more in themselves and bringing new standards of leadership, growth, and values to their lives and those around them.

Because I’ve seen people struggling to land two thousand dollar website deals transform into confident business people earning ten times what they once did (or more).

And another case, I’ve watched people working day jobs they hated–use our programs to leap to run their own business full-time. And it means the world to me when I watch them go on to earn three times what they did in the corporate workforce.”, Brent shares.

This One’s Much Better

There’s another instance where a graduate of their program told them that they have helped him land a deal worth $500,000. Isn’t it amazing? Well, of course it differs from person to person. If he deserved that amount of money because of the hard work that he’s put in it, then let him enjoy it. 

UACADEMY, the program offered by uGurus is a 52-week robust program built on proven systems to scale your digital agency by consistently attracting leads, winning high-value deals and delighting clients.

The 52 weeks are divided into 3 parts. First part, you’ll experience 90-day gameplay sessions and the on-demand one-on-one focused coaching calls. This will be the time where you’ll be strategizing together with your assigned mentor from uGurus. Second part is all about group coaching.

And lastly, you will focus on training and instructions. You’ll have access 24/7 to member portals, training libraries and it also includes stage-based training. The 52-week course costs around $3000. 

If you have some hesitations, or just because the price is too overwhelming, don’t worry. You can book a call to let them know your current concerns, and they might find a solution for you without forking out too much money. Inquiries are always free after all.

This One’s Much Better