Two Page Sites Reviews

Two Page Sites Reviews

Lead generation provides several benefits in growth with today’s businesses. This type of business model involves finding and attracting potential customers systematically, leading to more sales opportunities. This focused approach improves marketing efficiency by directing resources toward individuals or businesses genuinely interested in offered products or services. Additionally, lead generation is cost-effective, enabling businesses to optimize strategies for better returns on investment. It does not only increases sales, it also builds relationships, provides valuable data, and supports the overall scalability and adaptability of a business.

As an entrepreneur and broad experience in finance, James Bonadies saw this opportunity and has created a coaching program that can guide people in starting lead generation businesses that would be definitely strive.

In this review, we will be discussing who is James, what his program is and how it can help you become one of his successful students. We will also be exploring what Lead Generation is really about and how this business model is the best choice in today’s digital era.

So, if you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check this out!

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Who is James Bonadies?

Two Page Sites Reviews

Let us start with who created it all.

James Bonadies is a well-known figure in the industry. He has business that generates eight-figured profits and has been inspiring and guiding thousands of people who wants to pursue in making money online. He was from New Jersey, USA and is a graduate of Rutgers University with a masters degree in economics as well as administration in both education and business. Talk about a strong academic background!

Back in the day, although he is very passionate about teaching, it doesn’t really help him in terms of financial aspects. This lead him to look for something else and was routed toward the online world, where he tried out multiple business models and methods, intently study them and join different coaching programs and courses. Still, it seems that success was beyond his reach.

The “plot twist” in his life happened after encountering a Facebook Ad that captivated him via telling a story about an individual who dedicated his life to hard work. It focused on how you can get leads and customers for your business with a practical and logical approach and without empty promises or tricks up in your sleeves. It emphasize that regular and determined effort tends to have a greater impact than relying on innate understanding or talent alone.

While still working as a teacher, he also commit in lead generation, realizing day after day, its potential for a substantial profit. And by 2016, his online business was generating profits, not just two time but, three times higher than his earnings from teaching! This is the pivotal moment where he was able to dedicate all his time and heart to entrepreneurship thus, establishing a local marketing agency that grew into a seven-figure enterprise in a short period of time.

Examining the effectiveness of the techniques developed in his business, he started sharing insights with other entrepreneurs and found out how one can learn from another. This is what prompted him (and probable seeing this opportunity to teach again) to switch to another focus of educating people on building a successful marketing agencies specifically for local businesses.

What’s interesting about him is that his coaching program is not only designed for those local businesses and how to get profit, but it also resulted from his genuine concern for those who are seeking guidance in this kind of field. It came from his commitment to support and motivate his students who joins his program that they, too, can grow, take a chance and find success.

What is Two Page Sites?

Two Page Sites Reviews

Two Page Sites is an online lead generation system designed specifically for local businesses to attract potential customers and transforming them into valuable assets by the using paid advertisement. The primary focus is to unleash the potential of lead generation as well as providing businesses with the necessary tools to enhance their customer base.

This system can easily be operated through a highly user-friendly landing page that captures visitors’ interest and details, with the goal to convert them into high-quality leads. These opportunities are what’s essential for local businesses that are aiming to expand their clientele and establish a robust presence online.

A notable advantage of it is that, Two Page Sites is an ideal platform for marketing beginners. It offers a very straightforward way to launch effective campaigns without the need for a marketing degree. The platform provides insights, tips, and tricks for running successful paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns, making it accessible to anyone.

Interestingly, there are no requirements for actual products or stock. The primary objective is to attract online visitors and transform them into significant leads which is what local businesses are willing to invest since acquiring these valuable leads make it a lucrative opportunity.

Furthermore, Two Page Sites offers a complimentary training course led by James, an expert in the field. In this course, he shares all the secrets on how to generate substantial income by creating a simple two-page website. James also introduces the exclusive ‘Pin Method,’ a highly effective strategy for collaborating with businesses. With the incorporation of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, this method serves as a pathway to lead generation success.

In addition, James values understanding each student’s goals, challenges, and progress. And because of this dedication in supporting and helping every person who wants to acquire knowledge that the program is an ongoing success.  According to him, it is about creating a supportive environment where aspiring entrepreneurs feel empowered and respected. His sincere concern and personal commitment to those he guides are the reasons his coaching program continues to thrive.

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How does Two Page Sites work?

In a nutshell, Two Page Sites mainly focus around the business model, local marketing, and aims to educate their students on how to use paid advertising methods successfully on online platforms such as Google and Facebook. This will help students to attract local businesses into hiring them as their marketing and lead generation agency.

Two Page Sites centers on two key elements:

  • Commencing proactive outreach and engaging in cold calling with potential clients.

The key is to showcase expertise in lead generation, demonstrating how valuable leads can be tailored to their specific business needs and how it can contribute to their business growth. Besides the ultimate objective of establishing connection, it also aims to persuade local businesses that selecting your agency for their marketing endeavors is a strategic decision.

  • Building an effective two-step website funnel to create a streamlined system. Firstly, you craft a captivating landing page designed to excel in Google and Facebook ad campaigns. The next crucial step involves optimizing the landing page to seamlessly align with Google and Facebook advertising strategies, ensuring effective audience attraction and engagement. Using strategically placed opt-in forms, the website will capture valuable information from interested visitors.

After gathering leads, the final step involves turning this data into revenue by selling it to local businesses. This innovative approach transforms generated leads into valuable assets, benefiting both the website owner and local businesses seeking potential customers.

What can you get in the program?

Two Page Sites Reviews
  • The “Pin Method”: A unique approach and a game-changer in the business world that sparks client interest in collaboration. It is designed to captivate clients, making them eager to partner with professionals who possess certain expertise and completely redefined strategies and generates heightened interest from potential collaborators. With this approach, businesses not only gain a distinctive edge but also attract attention and admiration from those seeking professionals with specialized skillset.
  • Essential Marketing Tactics for Every Business: This part will let you explore the essential advertising methods that are crucial for businesses today. You will learn how these strategies play a key role in both maintaining and establishing a strong marketing presence in the highly competitive business landscape and understand their importance in navigating the complexities of today’s dynamic marketplace. This will ensure that a business not only survives but also thrives in the ever-evolving landscape.
  • “The Article” Revelation: The article will acts as a guide to understand the extent of this spending trend, revealing potential rewards for marketers who can take advantage on opportunities in this thriving industry. By getting the necessary resources, you will understand how businesses are spending more, which in turn, will help you make smart choices.
  • The Impact of Two Page Sites: You will be able to see how these websites have been a driving force behind the remarkable success of several students. You will gain insights into the transformative power of these “2 Page Sites” and how they have played a crucial role in the accomplishments of many students. The effectiveness of these sites is evident in their achievements, highlighting their instrumental role in helping students succeed.
  • Exclusive Access into the “Online Model”: You will have access to an exclusive business model that will help you understand the dynamics and carve the your niche in the online market.
  • Opportunities in the Online Gold Rush: Gain insights into effective approaches to take advantage of the significant potential within the ongoing billion-dollar online expansion. You will be able to explore practical steps that you can implement to ensure your participation and success in this profitable market.
  • Completing the Training: The final part will go beyond the basics and will inform you all of the tools, strategies and techniques that will you need for a successful start in the online industry. It ensures that you are well-prepared to navigate the landscape and blueprint of the business model and guides you towards a successful venture in making a sustainable and thriving business.

Paid Ads and Free Ads

To better understand, let us have a brief discussion on what is the difference between Paid and Free Ads.

Ads, or Advertisements, is an activity that promotes your product, business or services to a target audience to attract interest, engagement and sales. It is a marketing technique that can be done for free or paid online.

Paid Advertisements: are messages or content that individuals or businesses pay to display on different online platforms like search engines, social media, and websites. The main goal of these ads is to make things more visible, get more visitors, and highlight products or services to a specific group of people. Advertisers usually have different costs, like paying for each click (PPC), each view (PPI), or each action (PPA), depending on the terms they agree on with the platform. It is widely used in digital marketing, paid ads are a common method to make a brand more known and attract possible customers.

Free Advertisements: can also be either messages or content that businesses or people share without having to pay. They’re usually put on places like online classifieds, community boards, or websites that allow free advertising. Unlike paid ads, where you pay to show your content, free ads let you promote things like products or events without spending money. Even though they don’t cost anything, some platforms might have rules or limits. People, small businesses, or groups with tight budgets often use free ads to get attention without spending money on advertising.

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Paid Ads

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads lets you adjust your ads for things like age, interests, and where people are. It also enables you to choose various ad format giving you options to pick which works best for your goals. You also get tools to check how well your ads are doing and make smart choices. Plus, it works with Instagram, so you can reach people on both sites easily.

Google Ads: Google Ads is considered a powerful online advertising tool that helps businesses or advertisers promote their products on Google’s search results and other platforms. Using a pay-per-click model, advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their audience, and ads appear at the top or bottom of search results. Charges are incurred only when users click on the ads, making it a cost-effective strategy where businesses pay for actual engagement rather than just visibility. The platform supports various ad formats, enabling targeted campaigns based on location, demographics, interests, and devices. Known for its analytics, Google Ads allows real-time monitoring of campaign performance, helping analyze metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates.

Ad Space: Ad space is where ads are shown, either digitally or physically. In the online world, it is the space on websites, mobile apps, and other platforms where advertisers display their ads, like banners, sidebars, or within content. The effectiveness of an ad depends on where it is placed. In traditional media, ad space refers to physical locations like billboards, posters, print publications, or TV slots. Businesses get this space to reach their target audience and convey messages. Strategic placement is crucial for visibility and engagement. Ad space is valuable, providing businesses chances to connect with their desired audience and promote products or services effectively.

Ad Network: Ad network acts as a connector between advertisers and publishers in the online world that helps buy and sell ad space on several digital platforms which in turn, allowing advertisers to showcase their ads on different websites or apps to reach a larger audience. At the same time, publishers earn money by offering their digital space to different advertisers. Ad networks gather available ad space from various publishers, creating a central platform for advertisers to bid or buy, ensuring exposure across different online places. These networks, which include display, video, and mobile ads, use advanced methods to make ads more relevant and digital advertising more efficient.

Free Ads

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Instead of purchasing ad space, SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s content and structure to naturally achieve higher search engine rankings and provides a cost-effective and impactful way for businesses to advertise online. Strategies like keyword optimization, content creation, link building, and technical enhancements contribute to this process. Investing in SEO allows businesses to align their online presence with search engine preferences, increasing visibility to users seeking related products or services. Unlike traditional advertising, where exposure is bought, SEO offers sustainable, long-term benefits.

Social Media: Treating social media as free advertising involves creating a dynamic and engaging online presence that not only promotes products or services, but also fosters a sense of community and connection. The sharing culture found in social media platforms allows businesses to organically expand their reach and visibility without the need for a substantial financial investment, making it a valuable and accessible avenue for businesses of all sizes. This data-driven approach enables businesses to tailor their content to the preferences of their audience, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

YouTube: YouTube also provides cost-effective platform for businesses to advertise almost “for free”. Businesses can create a presence on YouTube without immediate costs, showcasing their products, services, and brand to a much larger audience. The platform’s strength lies in its ability to host various content formats like informative videos, demonstrations, tutorials, and promotional content that can result building your brand identity. A key feature is its potential for content to go viral, expanding a brand’s reach as viewers share videos.

Forums: Joining forums is a unique and effective way for businesses to advertise and connect with businesses that has a specific audience who share similar interests. By actively participating in relevant forums, businesses can establish a genuine presence and position themselves as experts. In forums, businesses can subtly include promotional content that aligns with the community’s interests and adds value to discussions, making this strategy effective when done thoughtfully.

Blogs: Blogs are a strong advertising tool for businesses, offering a more subtle approach than traditional methods. Instead of direct promotions, businesses use blogs strategically to share valuable content, focusing on industry-related topics to be seen as experts and build trust. In blog articles, promotional content is seamlessly integrated, striking a balance between engaging storytelling and subtle promotion for a natural and less intrusive advertising experience. Blogs also help with online visibility through SEO, attracting new visitors and increasing the chance of social media sharing.

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Pros and Cons


James is very much qualified in the industry — having a master’s degree in business, education and economics really gives him the edge in becoming both an entrepreneur and a mentor. In addition, he has more than 8 years of experience. He might not have “seen it all” but he definitely knows insider tips, the workaround and how to manage possible crisis that may arise. His programs contain high-quality information that can help you achieve success.

There is also that fact that as a mentor, he can be approached easily via his social media platforms, which is very important. I have reviewed a lot of coaching or training programs with private communities wherein they were told that they can reach out to anytime if they have concerns and questions and many of those reported that support teams are actually unresponsive. And it defeats the purpose of having online communities like despite the fact that you actually paid for it.


There’s no cons for me. In my opinion, this program offers the best and simplest way to start a business online.


The Two Page Sites system serves as your essential tool for local businesses that offers personalized marketing strategies where you can attract more clients. It focuses on less saturated markets and guides you in obtaining leads through Google Ads and Facebook Ads that are totally aligned with your niche. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to expand your client base at your own pace that will generate passive income.

The system provides high-quality training videos and an active Facebook group, offering valuable tips and support from like-minded entrepreneurs. Its primary goal is to simplify the process for small business owners, enabling them to effectively attract clients using paid traffic methods.

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