Tresa Todd Lugten Reviews

Over the years, there has been a growing awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion in various industries, most especially in the world of real estate where it is known to be more male-dominant. 

Tresa Todd Lugten, one of many female entrepreneurs that advocates and empowers women that they can also be on par with men when dealing with businesses, and in this case, their knowledge when it comes to the real estate realm.

Join me in this review as I tackle Tresa Todd Lugten’s struggles when starting in the real estate industry, her advocacies as she goes along with her journey and her teachings to empower women that they can also do what men do.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Tresa Todd Lugten?

Tresa Todd Lugten

Tresa Todd was a resident of Tyler, Texas and was readying herself for her upcoming retirement after many years of serving in the medical field, or so she says in one of her interviews.

And during that time, Tresa’s 3 sons are starting to build their knowledge and wealth in the real estate industry. She was once consulted by one of her sons to see whether the money that she has saved and will be getting after her retirement will be sufficient enough to support the lifestyle that she has planned out, and the sad reality is no, it can’t.

She was then invited to observe her sons do the works in the real estate industry and to her surprise, she was fascinated by it and envisioned that she can also be a part of this new endeavor. 

Aside from being in the medical industry, her LinkedIn profile includes that she has been a Christian speaker, empowering teacher and a transformational school for 12 years, somewhere in between those years, she started a relationship coach for soon-to-be married couples, together with his husband, Brett Lugten, prior to establishing the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network.

Her Advocacy


There was once a meeting for a local network of real estate investors that she attended where she didn’t see even a single woman aside from herself. 

Tresa believes that if she’s already there talking to big names in the real estate industry, then others can do so. So she started what was then called the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Investors Association because of this dilemma that she had in mind.  

She scheduled her first live event back then which is more like a mini open forum for women to attend, to get enlightenment that they can also be part of the supposedly male-dominant industry. And to her surprise, more than 40+ women attended.

Because of what happened, Tresa had this thought that there are so many other women out there that want to be part of the industry, it’s just that there is no one empowering them, making them take action, a leader that they will look up to and learn from.

It serves as Tresa’s calling, establishing it further with a built community, or rather a network, which is now called the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network (WREIN).

When reading the acronym, I thought to myself that it can also be read as “WE’RE IN”, or “we are in”, indicating that it is the start of the diversification of the then-male-dominant realm of real estate, because women can also contribute if not better, but the same as what men can do.

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To follow her advocacies, Tresa Todd Lugten has established programs/courses that can help women realize their calling, ignite a “passion” inside of them, and make them understand that they’re not the minority in the real estate industry. 

Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass

Without Fear of Her Future

Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass is a 100% purely online, 7 days event where Tresa Todd Lugten will use her expertise in public speaking and being a coach, combined with her knowledge in the real estate industry to help you build the wealth and properly sustain the lifestyle that you want for you and your family. 

The 7-day masterclass includes:

Step-by-Step Videos Every Day of the Challenge

Since the nature of the masterclass is fully online, you’ll be given step-by-step videos that are needed to be understood. And by the end of the day, there will be interactive activities, for you to be able to practice and apply what you’ve learned during that day. 

Learn How in Just Few Hours a Day

They’ve taken the courtesy of making each lesson comprehensive and easy to follow, making you or any member that’s part of the masterclass deal with it in just a few hours a day. Not too time consuming because they know, by heart and action, that time is precious.

Receive Expert Training From Real Estate Industry Leaders

Aside from Tressa Todd Lugten, you’ll also be able to listen to valuable insights and experiences from her 3 sons that introduced her to the world of real estate, and many more personalities inside their “network” of real estate investors that’s also willing to share their knowledge, strategies, and lessons learned from being part of the industry.

Build Your Real Estate Empire With Confidence

Together with expert training and guidance, you’ll also be aided with the tools and resources needed to kickstart your real estate investing journey. They will also teach you how to conduct strategic partnerships and leverage networking opportunities.

Discover the Secrets to Finding Your First Real Estate Deal

More tools, designed to help you find your first deal, are user-friendly so that even someone with no experience can make informed decisions and eventually boost their confidence when they successfully close their first deal.

Unlock Multiple Strategies for Guaranteed Real Estate Success

You’ll not be equipped with just one, but a diverse range of strategies keeping success in mind. Having a wide range of strategies in front of you, you’ll be able to pick those that suit your style the most, since every person has their own learning capacity and way of thinking.

The Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass costs $47 and it comes with a refund policy which states that at the end of the 4th day and you don’t feel like you’re not learning x10 of the value that you invested, you’ll be refunded in full, no questions asked.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program that Tresa Todd Lugten offers is not publicly available. Words of mouth says that this program is included in the sales pitch on the 7th day of the Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass. 

And prior to a review on BBB, this mentorship program is said to offer a payment option for those who can’t afford to pay for it in full. Meaning to say that it really is not that cheap, expecting the price of a couple of grand or more. 

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Free Masterclass

WREIN Free Masterclass

You can also try and explore the free masterclass that she offers, with no cost, including an introduction to the world of real estate investing. This free masterclass will teach you:

  • How to build a strong foundation to secure your financial future.
  • How to leverage other people’s money (OPM) to invest in real estate
  • How to acquire lucrative deals and ways to take advantage of it to help you make profits deal by deal.


Tresa Todd Lugten also conducts a podcast, together with Melissa Baker where they both share their practical insights, a women-sided approach to make it easier for aspiring women entering the real estate industry to connect with, empowering them with the aim of helping them make decisions and take action to reach their goals in life.

Currently, it already has 2 seasons and you can subscribe to get the latest updates, and be one of the early birds to get access to their future releases. It just needs your name and email, so that they can add you to their email list, not just for podcasts, but also for other upsells.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, since they offer a wide range of strategies, known to be used by expert real estate investors in their network.
  • They offer a private community to whoever that joins the masterclass.
  • The masterclass is as cheap as it can get, with loads of information included.


  • With people having different learning capacities, the 7-day masterclass might be a little too overwhelming for them.
  • And the masterclass being as cheap as it gets, it will never be impossible for it to have upsells in the future.

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Tresa Todd Lugten’s advocacy to empower women to take action in the male-dominated industry of real estate is such a great move. Creating a network is not that easy and she has successfully made one, which is already a huge feat. 

The world of real estate is vast, and it is a fact that it has created countless millionaires, even billionaires, but it still depends on your dedication, commitment and work ethics whether you’ll be one of them in the future or not.

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