Think Multifamily Review

Think Multifamily (TMF) was founded by the husband and wife Mark and Tamiel Kenney in 2016. With more than 25 years of real estate investing experience, they have been recognized as industry leaders.

Like many investors, Mark and Tamiel started off their real estate journey by investing in single-family properties while exploring various investment strategies. All businesses in my opinion will really start with trial and errors, a hit or miss approach. Until you find the one that you think will help you prosper and eventually build a community around it.

At some point, they recognize the potential and benefits of multifamily real estate investing. They have decided to shift their focus to larger-scale multifamily properties due to the advantages of scalability, passive income potential and economic scale. The transition won’t be that hard for them since they already have knowledge in real estate investing.

This One’s Much Better

Recognizing the lack of comprehensive education and support for aspiring multifamily investors, they establish Think Multifamily to fill in the gap. Their combined expertise and experience became the backbone of the company’s educational programs and resources. 

Think Multifamily is now one of the prominent real estate education and investment companies. They already had a big impact on the multifamily real estate investing market. 

Potential concerns are “I don’t have time.” , “I don’t have money to get started”, “I don’t have enough knowledge with apartments”, “I’m not very good with numbers”, it goes on and on the list.”, says Mark in one of the in-person seminars they hosted.

Well hopefully by the end of this weekend, I guarantee you, you’ll learn that there isn’t one concern you have, related to multifamily that doesn’t have a solution.”, Mark exclaimed.

What really sets them apart is their dedication and to giving each of their clients customized treatment and attention. They spend time knowing their clients’ goals and objectives before working closely with them to create an investment plan made especially for their specific needs. 

With over 25 years of experience, the couple have squeezed every last drop of their knowledge into developing training programs, coaching services and resources that catered to both beginners and experienced investors interested in multifamily real estate.

Them and their students have already amassed a portfolio of more than 18,000 apartment units, thanks to their approach to investment that is built on family, fun and faith.

Through seminars, workshops, online courses, and coaching, they have shared their insights, strategies and best practices for successful multifamily investing. Their goal is to empower others to achieve financial independence through real estate and live life on their own terms. 

Their flagship program, Multifamily Mastery provides comprehensive training on various aspects of multifamily real estate investing. It covers topics such as deal analysis, property management, financial strategies, and more.

There is also coaching and mentorship which offers personalized coaching and mentorship services with experienced investors that provide guidance and support tailored to your specific goals and circumstances.

Online courses that cover specific areas of multifamily investing are accessible anytime, anywhere and you can learn it at your own pace. Same with seminars and workshops. May it be virtual or in-person, you do you. 

This One’s Much Better

Building a community of like-minded investors is crucial for education and networking. They have established a community where investors can connect, share experiences, do open forums, collaborations and learn from one another. 

There are some debates concerning Think Multifamily and Jake & Gino programs. Which one is better in terms of multifamily real estate investing. I’ve come to the conclusion that no one is better than the other. Not to make some beef between the two. In fact, J&G have a podcast featuring Think Multifamily.

“Jake and Gino are more focused on teaching students how to buy smaller properties (30 units or so), while Think Multifamily focuses more on syndicating bigger property buildings (100 units and up). They even have a “family” syndication method that teaches you can go so much bigger without taking the entire burden on yourself”, explained by Lucas (a rental property investor). 

Prices for the program, coaching and mentorship, and online courses are not specified on their website. Maybe you’ll be able to know more once you give it a go and attend one of their seminars in the future. But at the end of the day, it is important to know your end goal before committing to something.

This One’s Much Better