The Wholesale Formula Review

The Wholesale Formula Review

Claiming to have cracked the code in finding the simplest and predictable way on making money through Amazon, Dan and Dylan created a coaching company that gives people the opportunity to use the strategies and techniques, they themselves, had used to make a sustainable business on Amazon and quickly generate an income. A simple, proven and tested, powerful process, tapping the unique sourcing in wholesale strategy.

Their mission was simple; As ordinary guys who discovered a great opportunity, they feel responsible of sharing them with others to make the ultimate plot twist in their lives. Thus, building The Wholesale Formula.

In this review, you will be familiar about who they are, what The Wholesale Formula program is all about and if this kind of business model is what fits you best.

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Founders of The Wholesale Formula

Dan Meadors

The Wholesale Formula Review

Dan Meador lost his job, back in 2011, just before Christmas which caused a crisis in his personal and professional life. Despite having started an Amazon business earlier that year, the setback was devastating for him as he also struggling with shame and fear. Dan even lied to his wife about quitting his job, but the challenge deepened as their new wholesale business couldn’t support their family.

Raised in the poor community of Williamsburg, Kentucky, Dan found strength looking up to his mother who raised him single-handedly. He was into sports at that time which provided an escape, and his childhood little league coach inspired him to help others. After losing his job in 2011, Dan committed to the wholesale business, facing numerous challenges before it succeeded.

In 2016, a meeting with student Cheryl at a Denver conference highlighted the impact of Dan’s business program. Cheryl, once on the verge of bankruptcy, turned her life around with Dan’s guidance. This moment reminded Dan of the mentorship he received, fueling his realization of the potential for positive change. Motivated to uplift others, Dan is dedicated to helping people through his business program.

Dylan Frost

The Wholesale Formula Review

Despite the economic hardship and a prevailing sense of stagnation growing up in Eastern Kentucky, Dylan started his dream as a postal worker. However, due to the low academic achievement and financial struggles, he only managed to secure a spot in community college. But with his determination and his desire to break free from their circumstances, he started working tirelessly at a part-time IT job, trying to make ends meet. That was when he discovered that he has resilience and resourcefulness.

Things started turning around for him six years later. He was working with a full-time job in the IT Department which somehow fulfill his postal worker dream, but the thing is, he wasn’t happy. The job made him feel stuck and there was no excitement for him.

That was when Dan approached and suggested to venture into the online business world by selling stuff on Amazon. And like any other start-up entrepreneur, it was a rough start for them. But together, they managed to build a business that lets them earn a 7-figure income. This was Dylan’s “plot twist” that changed his life forever.

What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula Review

The Wholesale Formula is a training course that will teach you how to sell on Amazon using the wholesale business model. It started back in 2017, with over 7,000 students at the time of writing, making and improving formulas, through trial and error, in order to make repeatable profits.

The Wholesale Formula introduces a method called Reverse Sourcing Wholesale which basically mirrors how companies like Amazon and Walmart exactly operates. The idea is to skip the middlemen and purchase the products directly from manufacturers at a wholesale price.

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Course Overview

An overview of the course is divided into 6 modules.

Module 1: Getting Started

The first part is mostly about the introduction of the program, including setting your expectations on what you can learn and what are the things you need to do. You will learn the basics of the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale. Also, they will be discussing the layout of the business model and help you set up a wholesale Amazon seller account called Amazon Seller Central.

Whereas, in order to get a approved wholesale account on Amazon, an Amazon customer account or business email, tax information, valid credit card, ID and bank account are necessary. Once this has been set-up, that’s the time that you can make money by selling.

In addition, you will find Wholesale Vocabulary list to know your jargon as well as a checklist of what you should be accomplishing.

Module 2: Analyzing the Products

This part centers on teaching you how to analyze products that are potentially profitable on Amazon as well as discussing the importance of ‘Buy Box’. Buy Box is a section found on the right side of an Amazon product page that lets customers quickly add stuff to their cart that says Buy Now. You will also learn competition analysis and all about sales ranking.

The module contains 10 training videos including introductions of tools, like JungleScout and SellerApp, which can help you find products that are in trend or will be in the coming days.

Module 3: Scouting

In this module, you will learn how to find really good stuff to sell on Amazon. You will learn about ‘Leaf Sourcing’, which is looking through different places to find things you can sell; Amazon filtering, that can help you pick out products that could make you a lot of money; and  Jungle Scout, a helpful tool that tells you about what people are buying and what your competitors are doing.

Learning to utilize these tools will help you find and sell profitable products on Amazon.

Module 4: Value Proposition

Value proposition means the special good things about a product or service that make it different from others and give people reasons to pick it instead of something else.

This module centers on that idea and will teach you how to stand out. Starting with your website, making it enticing to your target market to increase your chance of getting new accounts opened and optimizing your Amazon listings and leverage pay per click for Amazon wholesale.

Module 5: Sourcing

The last module will teach you how to source the right products and reliable suppliers. This also presents you an opportunity to take a peak on what Dan and Dylan did to find and contact suppliers, as well as negotiate lower prices with manufacturers in order to maximize their profit with every sale.

You’ll also discover how to predict sales accurately, making sure that you always have sufficient inventory available for sale and to avoid facing shortages. Additionally, they will also teach you the process of efficiently fulfilling orders and preventing missed sales opportunities due to product unavailability.

Module 6: Start Operating

This is the part of the module where they will show you how to handle and monitor the products you get from your suppliers and send them to the Amazon warehouse. You will also learn how to place orders for more stock and add new products to your list of the things that you’re selling.

Bonus Features

Besides the module, the training course offers guidance on hiring and coaching virtual assistants to expand your Amazon business, provides access to discounts on the mentioned tools, over 10 hours of recorded webinars with detailed talks, and The Business Owners Playbook, which promises to enhance your skills in all areas crucial for running a successful business.

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Pricing and Refund

If you opt to buy The Wholesale Formula, you will need $2,497 which can be paid within 3 months for $997 each.

On the other hand, they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked policy.

Pros and Cons


The course definitely teaches you how to work with brands and talk to them well to start a successful Amazon wholesale business. The course has helped generate over $36 million in Amazon sales for the instructors and over $1 billion for its students.

It also offers the most thorough training for Amazon wholesale, including a private Facebook group, weekly live coaching, and free updates. Students can also get access to VA Launchpad for hiring and training virtual assistants.


Although Dan and Dylan claims to provide a step-by-step guide, there were reports that it doesn’t cover everything well. Some parts were unfinished and it doesn’t teach students how to run PPC ads which are very essential in increasing your online presence.

On top of that, it is expensive and you would need additional money for the inventory making it an unlikely choice for people who are on a budget.


Despite their claim that they’ve unlocked the secret, it appears they’ve only scratched the surface. While The Wholesale Formula can undoubtedly contribute to your success, it seems to overlook additional training that could be beneficial in the wholesale business.

There’s also the fact that it is expensive and requires additional investment which defeats the purpose of helping those who are on the 9-5 routine, and wants to break from the cycle.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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