The Virtual Savvy Review

In this digital era, the demand for virtual assistants has grown significantly as businesses and entrepreneurs look for cost-effective ways to handle various tasks. It’s a field that allows for flexibility in terms of working hours and location, which is appealing to both virtual assistants and their clients.

Overall, the virtual assistant business offers a lot of opportunities for those who are adaptable, tech-savvy, and have a diverse skill set. But some virtual assistant training programs fall short, leaving you disoriented and underprepared for the job. It need not be a guessing game to choose the best virtual assistant training.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect program that will help you start on becoming an effective virtual assistant, then the Virtual Savvy by Abbey Ashley might be the perfect place for you. Learn more about what they have to offer in my review below.

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The Virtual Savvy Overview

The Virtual Savvy

The Virtual Savvy is a group of experts (established by Abbey Ashley) that guide aspiring virtual assistants through the process of learning how to work in this field from scratch.

The SavvySystem, formerly known as VA Bootcamp, is a premium virtual assistant course created for beginners who want to start their freelancing career as a virtual assistant and looking to form a structured business that generates 5–6 figures in profit each year. Abbey and her team are extremely determined, goal-oriented, and driven, which inspired their course.

Abbey has developed the ideal method to guarantee that with the right amount of motivation to learn, improve, and take action, anyone can work as a VA full-time and generate a full-time income.

About Abbey Ashley

Abbey Ashley

Abbey Ashley earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2012, and soon after pursued her Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership the year after. 

After that, Abbey decided that she doesn’t want to get involved in the 9-5 grind anymore, since she experienced it while studying. Just like any other successful entrepreneurs out there, Abbey believes that she can do more than hitting the road to go back and forth from office and living paycheck after paycheck. 

So she started being a self-employed virtual assistant after graduation. Abbey can successfully support the growth of a company through marketing/email campaigns, appointment setting, email management, etc. because of her knowledge in marketing and she’s been successful with it for three years.

With that span of helping small business owners do their administrative job for them, she realized that she has a knack for it. And that’s the start of The Virtual Savvy in 2016, with the aim of educating aspiring virtual assistants to start and grow their VA business from scratch.

For Whom is the SavvySystem Intended for

You’re welcome to join the SavvySystem if you have the mindset of:

  • Freeing yourself from the 9-5 grind.
  • Just wanting to know what VAs are and how you’ll earn income from becoming one of them.
  • Wanting to have a lucrative work-from-home.
  • Wanting to spend more time with your family and friends.
  • Wanting to travel all around the world just for the sake of living life to the fullest.

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The SavvySystem


The SavvySystem includes 14 modules with 5-10 educational videos in each of them and many bonuses at the end.

Module 1: Welcome to the SavvySystem

This is where they’ll show you the basic structure on how to build your virtual assistant business from scratch with the use of their Launch from Scratch Blueprint. 

It includes lessons on the SavvySystem introduction, setting expectations, virtual assistant dictionary, and the VA template vault.

Module 2: Discover your Skill set

The unique skill set that you can bring to the table as a virtual assistant will be examined in this module as they break down your experience. They’ll let you know and demonstrate the next set of marketable skills you should work on acquiring.

Based on the skills that you become aware of, it can help you decide on what services you want to offer,  a list of ways on how you can offer services “now” and whether you want to be tied down to a single niche or be the jack of all trades in the VA world. 

Module 3: Pricing and Packages

Together, they’ll help you develop a package and price for your services that is competitive with the market, appropriate for your skill set, and set up to produce regular monthly income.

Module 4: Branding Academy

This is the part where you will consult with them about your branding – our business name, the colors that will represent your business, logo and other things needed.

Module 5: Processes and Assets

They’ll help you figure out how you connect and complete projects most effectively.  Reading endless, out-of-date blog pieces won’t cut it, and they’ll show you the shortcut and foolproof way to systemize your business.

Module 6: Payments, Invoices and Taxes

You’ll learn a bookkeeping method that will help you organize any processes that include money (payment, invoices and taxes). They’ll also educate you on how you’ll pay taxes as an independent contractor. 

Module 7: Legalities

They want to be certain that your contracts have you covered and that you are aware of your legal rights as a virtual assistant. They’ll create your contracts and respond to your inquiries on negotiations and contract modifications.

And if you ever live outside of the US, they also have countermeasures in that aspect.

Module 8: Marketing 101

Finding your first client will be one of the major obstacles you will face in your virtual assistant business. With the lessons about lead generation and other marketing techniques included in this module, you are guaranteed to have your first paying client, or so they claim.

Module 9: The Ultimate Marketing Plan

A more futuristic and advanced way of getting your clients faster than ever. They’ll show you freelancing websites, where clients find the VA that caught their eye, local networking events that will happen near you, job search sites, high end client targeting, referrals and many more.

Module 10: Web Development 101

They’ll teach you how to build your own personal website from scratch, including all the functionalities needed to run the business for you, not by you.

Module 11: The VA Lifestyle

If you’re already here, then you’re already a VA at work, managing your business in harmony and stability while profiting. But there are still challenges that you might face in the future.

In this module, They’ll discuss some of the difficulties you’ll face and how you’ll get through with each and everyone of them.

Module 12: Raising Your Prices

From start to this day, they’re hoping that you’ve built a reputable VA business, but you’re still not on your own. For you to be able to continue expanding your business after the course, they still offer ongoing accountability and support measures for you.

Module 13: Building a Team

Once you’re ready to scale, eventually you’ll need to build a team that helps and supports each other in any obstacle the business might face in the future. Knowing where and how to outsource is an indispensable knowledge to have.

Module 14: What’s Next?

If you’ve been successful until module 13, then all you’ll ever think of is what to do once your current agency is at large. Add more services that you know your agency can handle? Make a second one? Focus on other things? It’s up to you. 

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Cost and Refund Policy

SavvySystem Cost

The SavvySystem’s plan has 3 tiers. First tier is the Standard Plan that costs one-time payment of $1297 or 12-month installment of $127/month. It only includes the course itself. 

The Pro Plan costs $1797 or a 12-month installment of $177 that includes the course plus a lifetime support.

The Ultimate Plan costs $3397 or a 12-month installment of $337. Has everything in the Pro Plan with an additional lifetime access to their Savvy Vault that includes more tools.

As per their Refund Policy, you’re guaranteed a 30-day money back guarantee if you feel like the course is not for you. 

Pros and Cons


  1. You are assured to get all the accountability and support you need once you join their program.
  2. They have outlined everything that is needed that even with no experience, you’ll be able to learn something from it. It just depends on your own learning capabilities.
  3. They offer payment options for those who can’t afford to pay one-time.
  4. They have an active private community where you can learn from experienced VA and ask questions if you have some.


  1. As said earlier, there are many resources available and it depends on the learning capacity of the student. It can be overwhelming for some.
  2. Even with payment options, it can still be a barrier for some who want to take the course but are really on a tight budget.
  3. It doesn’t include training you to be tech-savvy. So it’s either you practice in your free time or take a tech related course that will cost you another couple bucks or more.

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Since you’ll be involved in many ways, The Virtual Savvy, together with their SavvySystem is not that much expensive unlike the other VA business program I’ve reviewed, but it still is a huge investment to make. In order to maximize all of the things they offer, you really should be able to be attentive and put all the hard work into finishing the program. 

Having known this program just saves you time on finding a source of knowledge when it comes to the VA business, but with extensive research, you can find available resources and contents online for free. 

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