The Teacher Project Reviews

Online tutoring was never an alien to us when it started during the 1980s. And over the decades, it has continuously been evolving alongside with the rapid advancement of our technology and the internet.

But let’s face it, not all of us are eager to pursue our passions just because we lack the skills, expertise, and most especially, the courage and confidence to do so. 

The Teacher Project will help you boost your confidence, continue with your passion, while also turning it into a scalable business that will allow you to reach your goals and dreams in life. Let’s look at what they have to offer in this review.

But before getting into the review…

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 The Teacher Project Overview

The Teacher Project

We all know that being a teacher is a noble act. They teach several students each day, for a week, having long hours of standing up, speaking, lecturing, and for that, they’ve been called as our second parents outside our houses. 

Some struggles happened, especially when the covid outbreak hit, rendering these teachers unable to teach, or rather, they needed some time tinkling about how the online setup would work.

And prior to this dilemma, The Teacher Project can help you scale up your online tutoring business, especially shifting from 1-on-1 tutoring into online group tutoring. Learn more as we delve into their program later on.

About Elliot Phillips

Elliot Phillips

Elliot Phillips is from Northampton, England. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Major in Sports Performance at University of Northampton. Elliot is also a former P.E teacher for 2-3 years after he decided to leave the teaching profession and wanting to start to focus more on his overall well being.

He tried starting a business which he didn’t disclose what niche it was, maybe because that business failed miserably. Eager to know how to become a real entrepreneur, Elliot sought advice from different experts and leaders in the online world to gain their wisdom and insights.

Elliot had this one coach that hired him personally to help his business. He became the business strategist for professionals wanting to start their own online education service. 

And that’s also the part where a spark happened, making him want to go back to teaching, but now teaching teachers how to scale up their online tutoring business. The mission that founded The Teacher Project in 2017.

Elliot’s social media presence as of writing this review states that his Facebook page has 6.7K followers, YouTube channel has 2.3K subscribers and his Instagram account has 9.4K followers. 

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The Students On Demand Accelerator Program

The Student on Demand Accelerator Program

Students On Demand Training Curriculum

The program covers every aspect of setting up the Students On Demand system step by step with the aid of over 200 videos and 13 modules. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a tech-savvy type of person, this curriculum is designed to guide you through the setup process effortlessly, making it possible to get up and running in just a few hours.

Signature Tutoring Offer Creation

You will be provided with invaluable guidance on establishing a highly effective pricing and program structure tailored to your specific tutoring expertise. It includes detailed templates and strategies designed to ensure your success, leaving no room for failure. 

Take note that this will be 1 on 1, meaning you’ll receive personalized instructions so that you can learn how to position yourself as the #1 choice within your niche, enabling you to confidently raise your rates and charge equally for your service.

Lead Machine Marketing Funnel

This marketing funnel offers you an opportunity to easily integrate a highly effective marketing system into your tutoring business. You can install their “pre-built click-and-drop funnel” so that you can easily navigate the complexities of creating a web page yourself. 

Don’t worry, the funnel provided has already been tried and tested, ensuring you’ll receive a proven system that works effectively to generate leads and convert them into paying students.

Done For You Facebook Advertising Templates

These DFY Facebook Advertising Templates provide you with a straightforward and effective solution for launching successful Facebook advertising campaigns tailored specifically to your niche. 

The templates available are the results of extensive analysis of thousands of advertisements within the tutoring space, letting you use hand-picked templates that contribute to high-converting ads for attracting new students to your online tutoring services. 

Done For You Student Acquisition System

This system includes a ready-to-use training template that can be easily integrated into your businesses, streamlining the selling process and significantly reducing the need for direct interaction with potential students.

With this, you can immediately leverage proven strategies to address common objections and overcome hurdles such as skepticism about the effectiveness of group tutoring or the necessity of tutoring in general. 

The “Grand Slam Group Offer” Script

Once you have established a proven lead generation system in your business, you can leverage these carefully crafted sales scripts to effectively convert incoming inquiries into paying students on a consistent basis. 

You can also customize these scripts to allow for a more personalized approach that can easily resonate with your target audience. With these proven scripts, you can confidently engage with potential students over the phone and eventually close sales in the process.

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Group Delivery Blueprint

This will serve as a comprehensive roadmap for you to be able to deliver group tutoring sessions at scale, learning how to enhance your online teaching methods and effectively fulfill your students’ needs, giving them a life-changing educational experience.

Included here are tutorials on how you will structure your courses for maximum impact, where it not only enhances student engagement and learning but also positions your tutoring service to stand atop everything else, making them willing to pay more compared to traditional one-on-one tutoring.

Fast Action Student Testimonial Collection

It includes a training where you’ll learn five key types of testimonials that are essential for selling group tutoring online at premium rates, together with word-for-word scripts and specific guidance on the types of questions to ask for your students in order for them to create captivating testimonials that highlights the value and effectiveness of your tutoring service/s. 

These testimonials are important for you and your business because it boosts your credibility and reputation in the market, making more people interested in the tutoring service that you offer.

High Ticket Group Tutor Sales Call Recordings

This is a library of recordings that allows you to gain insight into the strategies, techniques and communication skills that are being used by other tutors during their sales calls. By providing you with these real-life examples, you can learn from their successes and emulate effective practices to be able to acquire students for your own business.

This is a lifetime access, meaning when you’re already trying to scale up your business, hiring more tutors into your firm, you can just let them watch this library of recordings so that they’ll learn how to attract possible students in the future. 

They also offer 15x weekly coaching calls to let them know of your progress, access to a private client mastermind group and one-on-one personal coaching so that you’ll be able to gain personal feedback and it also serves as your accountability partner for everything that you do.

The Teacher Project Book a Call

The price is not indicated anywhere on their website and you need to book for a strategy call for an assessment or some sort, to know whether you’re a good fit for their program or not.

They only guarantee that they’ll keep working with you for free until you reach your goal if you’ve tried everything that their system has to offer and you’re still not generating the expected income that you should be having by then.

Pros and Cons

They offer a lot of done-for-you resources such as the templates, marketing campaigns, and sales funnels that can give a lot more time on handling other aspects of your business. 

You’ll have access to real-world examples on how other online tutors handle their student acquisition, allowing you to have a broader understanding on how the online tutoring community really works. 

But with all of the lifetime access and the done-for-you services, expect the program to cost not less than five grand, based on other programs like this that I’ve written a review about in the past. 

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Elliot’s passion for helping his fellow teachers out there be successful with their profession stands out the most with The Teacher Project. It’s a sad reality but programs such as this are not for everyone, that’s why they conduct thorough investigation and assessment so that you won’t be wasting each other’s time.

Even if The Teacher Project has a whole page full of testimonials from satisfied clients, each can be taken with a grain of salt. The unavailability of the cost of the program also can be a factor on why some people stay away from such programs.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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