The Land Geek Review

The Land Geek Review

Mark Podolsky fancies himself as some kind of guru in the world of raw land investment. Apparently, he’s been at it since the ancient times of 2001, buying and selling raw land like it’s a masterpiece. His so-called expertise is laid out in his riveting novel, “Dirt Rich,” where he claims to unveil the secrets of generating passive income through land investments. According to him, it’s a walk in the park, avoiding all those pesky issues like dealing with bothersome renters, slogging through endless renovations, and getting involved in the tangled mess of property rehabilitations.

As the founder of The Land Geek, he did not merely accumulated wealth but has translated his expertise into a comprehensive training platform. They offer a range of training programs designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to generate enduring passive income through raw land investments. The Land Geek’s passive income system is not only accessible from any location but is also automated, allowing investors to manage their portfolios without physically visiting the land.

So, what advantages does choosing the path of investing in raw land have exactly over traditional real estate? This review delves into the details of what The Land Geek has to offer, exploring the possibilities of making real money through their systematic approach.

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Mark Podolsky’s Background

The Land Geek Review

Mark, a seasoned land investor and coach based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has built an impressive career in real estate since 2001. Over the years, he has achieved success, amassing profits exceeding $20 million from a portfolio of over 6,000 deals covering more than a million acres.

Mark’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University Bloomington. Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, his journey in the real estate industry began after six months of travel in Australia, leading him to Kansas. In Kansas, Mark honed his sales skills as a dental consultant with AFTCO & Associates from 1994 to 1997.

A big turning point in Mark’s career came during a visit to Scottsdale, where he decided to relocate and secured a position in a boutique investment banking firm, Dinan & Company. Serving as an investment banker from 1997 to 2001, he crossed paths with a colleague engaged in raw land investment as a side venture. This encounter marked the beginning of Mark’s exploration into land investment, a journey that took him to New Mexico, where he sealed his inaugural deal with an impressive 300% return on investment.

In 2001, Mark took the entrepreneurial leap by founding, scaling, and automating Frontier Equity Properties, solidifying his presence in the land investment sector. Continuing his commitment to land investment, he expanded his reach by establishing his e-learning company, Land Geek Enterprises, in 2013. Mark’s dedication to innovation is evident in his founding of in 2017, an online web solution designed to facilitate lenders in automating payment transactions with borrowers.

Mark’s expertise and insights into the world of land investment culminated in the release of his book, “Dirt Rich,” in 2018.

The Land Geek Review

An Overview on His Approach

Mark’s approach involves identifying distressed properties by analyzing back taxes owed, indicating a lack of emotional attachment. He then offers a price, calculated with a substantial margin of safety, based on comparable sales. While only a small percentage of offers are accepted, those that are undergo thorough research to ensure ownership, absence of liens, and a clear chain of title.

Upon acquiring the land at a discounted price, Mark taps into the local market by offering adjacent landowners the opportunity to buy, often at the full market value. If this strategy doesn’t yield a buyer, he explores other avenues like Craigslist and Facebook buy/sell groups, crafting irresistible offers that generate passive income through seller financing.

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The Land Geek

The Land Geek offers a range of courses and training programs aimed at individuals interested in land investing. Here’s a summary of what the Land Geek’s programs entail:

  1. Wholetail Course (Free): A three-part training course designed to spark interest in more detailed offerings. It covers buying wholesale, marketing your purchased land, and next steps in the land investment process.
  2. The Investor’s Toolkit ($1697 to $1997): This comprehensive course focuses on starting your own land planning business. It includes modules on deal flow, due diligence, expert marketing, and progressive delegation. Additional bonuses cover pricing strategies, copywriting secrets, eBay selling, and more.
  3. Flight School ($8900 to $11,900): Divided into basic and VIP packages, Flight School offers weekly real-time execution instructions, collaboration with other members, access to proprietary automated software, and templates for websites. The VIP package includes extras like a free one-acre lot, lifetime mastermind access, deal reviews with investing experts, and more.

Coaching Program

The Land Geek offers an Accelerated Growth coaching program, providing individuals with the opportunity to receive personalized one-on-one coaching for a duration of one year. However, it’s important to note that there is typically a waiting list for this program. To express commitment and secure a spot on the waiting list, applicants are required to make a fully refundable $500 down payment. An interesting aspect of the application process is that individuals cannot apply for coaching unless they have completed or are currently enrolled in The Land Geek’s Investor’s Toolkit course. The program’s finer details, including specific curriculum and pricing, are disclosed only after the application has been reviewed.


They also offers a comprehensive Bootcamp, designed for students who have engaged with The Land Geek’s programs. This 3-day program can be experienced either in a live, in-person setting or virtually. The Bootcamp serves as an intensive learning and networking opportunity, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of land investing strategies and connect with other members of The Land Geek community. Students who have exhausted their free Bootcamp tickets may have the option to purchase additional tickets for live events, further enhancing their learning experience and providing valuable insights into the practical aspects of land investment.

The Land Geek Review

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Pros and Cons


  1. Extensive Experience: Mark Podolsky, along with his coaches, brings significant experience to the table as active investors in raw land. Coaches, drawn from successful students, provide real-world insights into land investing.
  2. Passive Income Potential: The Land Geek’s system emphasizes creating passive income through automation, allowing investors to generate revenue with reduced hands-on involvement.
  3. Refund Guarantees: The programs offered by The Land Geek come with full refund guarantees, providing a level of assurance for participants who may find the courses unsuitable for their needs.
  4. Up-to-Date Information: The passive income podcast and the free and private Facebook group provide a continuous flow of current information. The podcast features diverse guests, many of whom are successful students, offering a range of perspectives and experiences.


  1. Cost and Capital Requirement: Some of The Land Geek’s more advanced programs, such as Flight School, can be relatively expensive plus the fact that starting a land investment business may demand a substantial amount of capital or good credit, potentially limiting accessibility for some individuals.
  2. Non-Transferable Training: The training and mentorship provided by The Land Geek are specific to raw land investment and may not be easily transferable to other types of real estate investment.
  3. Substantial Effort Required: Building a successful land investment business through The Land Geek’s programs requires a significant amount of effort. Participants should be prepared for an intensive learning and implementation process.
  4. Risk of Loss: Holding land for an extended period carries the risk of financial loss. Market fluctuations and unexpected challenges may impact the profitability of land investments.
  5. High Program Costs: The courses offered by The Land Geek are relatively expensive, with prices ranging from free to over $10,000. This cost may be a barrier for individuals with budget constraints.


Sure, you can try to make some cash by dabbling in raw land investment, but be ready to sacrifice a whole lot of time and effort. Real estate success, including the elusive land investment triumph, apparently calls for unwavering dedication and a generous helping of your hard-earned money. Mark over at The Land Geek’s website admits it’s no walk in the park, emphasizing the significant effort involved.

Not surprisingly, around half of the hopeful souls venturing into land investment end up feeling disheartened and calling it quits, a sentiment echoed in some oh-so-glowing reviews of The Land Geek’s courses. While most reviews sing praises, a few dare to point out the inherent struggles of the land investment game. Cheers to the not-so-easy road to land riches!

he official site flaunts countless student reviews – you might recognize a few if you’ve endured Mark’s podcast saga of inviting his disciples. And oh, there are glowing testimonials from program coaches who miraculously transformed from mere students.

Now, ponder the existential query of whether plunging into the abyss of raw land investing is a worthy endeavor. Brace yourself for a profound revelation: the answer hinges on your aspirations and whether this endeavor aligns with your oh-so-unique personal style, of course.