The Freedom Era Review

The Freedom Era

Looking for a spot where your entrepreneurial mojo can really take off? Picture this: a place where teamwork is not just a word, but a vibe, where feeling empowered is the norm, and where we are all on this journey to freedom together. This is what The Freedom Era offers you!

They are not your typical community; think of them more like a close-knit crew of switched-on entrepreneurs with a big goal: changing up the whole business game. They get the whole grind of pouring your energy into someone else’s dream and the frustration of feeling like your future is on autopilot. That is why they are here – to back folks like you itching to steer their own ship, taking charge of their time and choices.

So, if you are all about making moves, looking for that support system, and ready to shake things up while carving out your path to freedom, you’re in the right place.

Let’s find out if they’ve got what it takes to ace this journey toward financial freedom through this review.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with The Freedom Era in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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Clint X Morgan

The Freedom Era Review

Clint X Morgan and his wife, Kristie X Ord, form the dynamic core of The Freedom Era. Clint, widely acknowledged as a spiritually connected individual and a visionary entrepreneur, made a significant mark by establishing a million-dollar direct sales business.

Clint faced setbacks while exploring various online business ventures. However, it was his persistence and deep dive into online automation and affiliate marketing that led him to unlock the secrets of success. Together with his wife, they constructed a thriving business that not only brought in substantial income but also laid the groundwork for a lasting legacy. This financial security allowed them to explore various facets of life’s ‘side quests’.

For Clint, these quests encompass a diverse range of passions. From creating music and releasing rap songs to organizing concerts and retreats, hosting a captivating podcast, and guiding men to achieve their maximum potential in this lifetime, he is immersed in numerous pursuits.

Through his multifaceted ventures, he consistently serves as an inspiration, uplifting those around him and leaving a positive impact on the world. His unwavering commitment to personal growth and his knack for empowering others stands as a testament to his enduring influence.

Kristie X Ord

The Freedom Era Review

Kristie X Ord stands as a shining example of an Australian entrepreneur who has carved her path to global triumph. Recognized as a 7 Figure Freedompreneur, speaker, devoted mother, and the visionary founder of both The Freedompreneur Collective and Freedom Fest, Kristie’s journey exudes resilience and empowerment.

Her mission is clear: to bolster leaders, visionaries, and rebels in crafting the life they’ve always envisioned. Kristie’s dedication extends beyond mere success; it encompasses fostering a community where individuals can thrive, dream big, and achieve their aspirations.

As a passionate advocate for personal growth and professional excellence, Kristie offers not just guidance but a platform for transformation. Her endeavors reflect her commitment to supporting others in embracing their true potential and embarking on their unique paths toward fulfillment. With her leadership, she inspires a new wave of individuals determined to make their mark and live life on their terms.

What is The Freedom Era?

The Freedom Era

The Freedom Era is a vibrant global network of conscious entrepreneurs dedicated to reshaping the way to approach both business and life. It is a roadmap that lets you team up with them, build up your own genuine brand, and rock it on social media. They said it is not just about making cash online; it is about hooking up with a bunch of awesome folks who are on the same wavelength as you.

At The Freedom Era, it is your journey to owning it all – your time, your choices, and your success. Their primary commitment is to continually uplift their clients, providing cutting-edge and pertinent education to bolster their growth.

They firmly endorse the 80/20 rule in the business realm, emphasizing that success hinges on 80% personal development and 20% strategy. This principle permeates through their curriculum and exclusive masterclasses, meticulously crafted to equip and enhance your mindset with the essential tools and strategies required for establishing an online business.

They assert that their support extends to thousands of individuals worldwide, aiding them in dismantling the constructs of relentless hustle, burnout, dissatisfaction, and scarcity. Their ultimate aim is to co-create a fresh world where everyone elevates and prospers together.

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How it works?

  1. Discovery Process. 

Throughout this journey, you will traverse the landscape of self-discovery, peeling back layers to reveal what you truly wish to manifest. Guided by our coaching, you’ll delve deep to unearth aspirations and confront any barriers that might hinder your progress. After all, awareness serves as the cornerstone for driving meaningful change in your life.

  1. Launch your Business

This course, valued at $4997, is like your ultimate 30-day guide to kickstart your online business journey. It is all about taking you from scratch to launch in a step-by-step way. And hey, whether you are just getting started or already running a business, this course is here to beef up your basics and boost your skills.

Including in this course are:

  • A Digital Business Booklet (basically your go-to guide over the 30 days)
  • Targeted educational videos to support you to set up your Social Media
  • How to rewire limiting beliefs
  • How to get super clear on your soul mate clients so you are magnetic to them
  • How to create a routine of daily actions to support your business and personal growth
  1. Automation

They have got your back to help run your business non-stop, without you being on duty 24/7! Having an online biz should mean enjoying your time, not being stuck to your phone, doing everything, and always keeping things rolling. 

This comprises:

  • Sales Calls – Their team of Digital Business Specialists, handling your sales calls on your behalf
  • Marketing – Complete with funnels, pre-made emails, engaging graphs, and videos—all ready-made to bolster your front-end marketing efforts

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The Freedom Era Pro Membership payment options:

  • Option 1 – Exclusive First Month Offer (Save 50%)

Start with a payment of $49.00 for the initial 30-day period to access all features immediately. Subsequently, pay $99.00 every 30 days starting from the second month onwards. Cancel effortlessly at any time.

  • Option 2 – Annual Subscription (Save 24%). Limited Time Deal

Make a payment of $897.00. Followed by an annual fee of $1,188.00 $897.00 thereafter.

What you will get:

  • A guided sequence designed to kickstart your business within the initial 30 days, equipped with tutorials, checklists, and workflows for establishing your social media presence, mindset enhancement, and aligning your life for success.
  • Comprehensive access to over 16 foundational courses covering various business aspects, including Leadership, Instagram + Facebook Ads, Marketing, Automations, Mindset, Embodiment, and much more.
  • Specialized and expansive masterclasses led by prominent industry figures in Personal Development and Business. Access previous sessions at your convenience and look forward to a new LIVE masterclass each month.
  • Ready-to-use automations that enable remote work and come with pre-designed graphics, webinars, and resources ready to be shared with your audience in mere minutes.
  • Their proficient in-house sales team will manage sales calls on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your expertise while knowing that seasoned professionals are advocating for you.
  • You can join their thriving community of dedicated leaders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers who have committed to pursuing their dreams and offer unwavering support.


If you are thinking about diving into the world of being a “personal brand” or an “influencer” on social media and transforming that into a cool online biz, The Freedom Era might help you. But let us get real – it is not all smooth sailing. Starting off, you have got to lay down a bunch of groundwork, and success is not a sure thing. Also, those commissions you have been dreaming of might not be as hefty as you imagine.

Also, there is a downside to consider. There is some less-than-stellar feedback from previous clients that you should take into account. On Reddit, according to ConflictTop “Kristy X Ord and her husband, Clinton X Morgan, recently relocated from the Gold Coast to Casuarina in northern NSW. The decision to move stemmed from several individuals feeling deceived by The Freedom Era and recognizing that they had been taken advantage of. This dissatisfaction led to considerable anger among residents on the Gold Coast, prompting the couple’s decision to move away.

The Freedom Era Review

Also,  The Freedom Era has faced criticism, with allegations of being a large-scale pyramid scheme. Additionally, the program is linked to an expensive water ionizer lacking recognized medical or scientific credibility.

Also, another review from RoshamboRocks stated that “It’s like a chain reaction where one person brings in another, and it keeps going in circles, leading to lots of folks pouring in their money but getting zilch in return. The heart of this whole “business” appears to be taking advantage of unsuspecting folks. Even though they say they offer business training, it is kind of sketchy. Their super upbeat and dreamy recruitment videos make me skeptical. I would not trust their business training at all; getting a basic economics book might be a smarter move.”

It is crucial to think about these aspects before taking the plunge. Sure, the potential for success is there, but it is wise to be aware of the challenges and potential downsides that could pop up on your journey.

Additionally, it is worth noting that approximately 90% of individuals involved in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) businesses face failure. It is quite a grim statistic and certainly something to mull over. This staggering failure rate underscores the significant challenges and inherent difficulties that most people encounter within the MLM industry.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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