The Daily Traders Review

The Daily Traders Review

Trading is considered to be the art and science of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and byproducts with the goal of generating profits. It is a dynamic field that involves analyzing market trends, making informed decisions, as well as managing risks.

Learning and adapting are key to succeeding in trading, whether you’re just starting out or is already in the advance level.

Mark Thomas’s goal is to help his students to become million-dollar traders.

In this review, we will be finding out how you can benefit from Mark’s course, what you can get and if the program can really help you be a million-dollar trader.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Mark Thomas?

The Daily Traders Review

The founder of The Daily Traders, Mark Thomas is considered to be a successful mentor and trader. He started his career in cryptocurrency trading, mastering Bitcoin scalping for significant profits. Transitioning to options trading, he moved to California, where his skills flourished. At the age of 19, he became the youngest stock market millionaire, showcasing ambition and strategic sharpness. His journey inspires aspiring traders worldwide, emphasizing the importance of resilience and planning in achieving financial success.

What is The Daily Traders?

The Daily Traders Review

The Daily Traders is a program founded by Mark Thomas that teaches beginners how to trade and make money with it. It is a long course with 2,000 hours’ worth of learning regarding day trading, investing in stocks, and other ways to start a business.

In this course, Mark shares his secrets claiming that only a few traders know. Such examples are how to study the market well, trade different options, and manage risks smartly. He helps participants become successful traders and support them by helping them reach their financial goals.

In addition, you get more than 30 easy-to-follow lessons and videos and a whole trading plan. You will also be given chances to ask questions by joining their private Discord group where other traders and participants’, chat. Plus, Mark gives updates on his trades as they happen by sharing a list of stocks to watch before the market opens every day, as well as giving insights into what’s happening in the market.

What is Day Trading?

The Daily Traders Review

Before delving in deeper, (and for those who are new in this venture), Day trading is when traders buy and sell financial stuff all in one day to make money from quick price changes. The idea is not to keep anything overnight and monitor the market closely during the day.

By using charts and indicators, they look for good chances to trade. This requires a lot of discipline, focus, and risk management. Mostly because there are chances that they might do many trades in a second with a lot of borrowed money.

It is also important to note that day trading can be profitable, but it’s risky and needs a good understanding of the market and how to trade smartly.

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Course Overview

  • Module 1: Introduction

Like most of training courses, the first module mostly focuses on giving you a warm welcome. With The Daily Traders, they will also teach you how to join the mentorship group discord server where you can interact with other participants and mentors.

  • Module 2: Be an Expert in Technical Analysis

To start trading, you’ll need to learn about moving averages, support and resistance, and important indicators like /NQ and /ES, as well as moving averages that can help traders decide when to buy and sell to make more money and avoid big losses. By understanding support and resistance levels better, traders can spot new trading opportunities and make better predictions.

  • Module 3: Trading 101 – Setups, Patterns and Trends

This module covers important trading techniques to improve your skills in the market.

    • My Golden Setupteaches a smart approach to trading for maximizing profits
    • How to Trade Breakoutsexplains how to profit from price movements beyond support or resistance levels.
    • Trading Break of Patterns (BOP) helps you understand and trade pattern breaks, indicating potential market reversals.
    • Overbought Pullbacks – exploring seizing opportunities during temporary price retracements in overbought conditions.
  • Module 4: Mastering Technical Analysis – Part 2

In this module, you’ll learn how to create useful watchlists and find profitable stocks.

    • How To Create Effective Watchlists – guides you in making tailored lists that match your trading goals, helping you stay updated on potential trading chances.
    • How To Find & Scan for Winning Stocks – teaches you how to search for stocks likely to bring profits, using helpful methods and tools to pick out promising options from many available in the market.
  • Module 5: The Psychology of Trading

In this module, you’ll learn how to improve your trading skills and handle the emotional ups and downs that come with trading.

    • Trading at Peak Performance – will teach you strategies for effective trading.
    • Dealing with the Highs and Lows – This part talks about the emotions that traders face, like frustration, which can affect their decisions and how well they perform. It gives practical tips for staying balanced and disciplined when the market or things don’t go as planned.
    • Self-Observation & Revenge Trading – warns against revenge trading, driven by emotions like frustration or a desire to recover losses, which can lead to impulsive decisions and further losses. By promoting self-awareness, the module aims to help traders break free from this harmful cycle, offering practical strategies for managing emotions, controlling impulses, and staying disciplined in the face of setbacks.
  • Module 6: Mastering Trading Options

In this module, you’ll learn all about options trading, including basic concepts and practical strategies.

    • Options Trading Explained – gives a clear overview of how options work and their role in the market.
    • Entering An Options Trade – guides you through the process of making an options trade, step by step.
    • Greeks & Options Chain – covers more advanced topics, like the Greeks and how to understand the options chain, helping you analyze options contracts better.
  • Module 7: Proficient in Risk Management

This module centers on trading strategies and managing risks.

    • My Secret Trading Formula – shares a special approach to trading, giving helpful tips to boost profits.
    • Strike Rate Risk/Reward & Position Sizing – focuses on managing risks, discussing concepts like strike rate and position sizing to help you handle risks well in your trades.
  • Module 8: Become a Million Dollar Trader

In this module, you’ll learn important skills for managing trades and setting goals.

    • Creating a Trade Journal – teaches you to keep track of your trades, helping you see progress and areas to improve.
    • How to Manage a Trade -explains strategies for monitoring and adjusting trades effectively to reduce risks. “
    • Setting Goals for Success – guides you in setting clear and achievable trading objectives to stay motivated.
    • When To Take Profit or Cut for a Loss – gives tips on making timely decisions to maximize profits or minimize losses, improving your overall trading performance.
  • Module 9: Execution

In this module, you’ll learn key aspects of effective trading.

    • TOS Risk Profile Tool – you’ll use the TOS Risk Profile Tool to handle risk systematically to make smarter decisions and adjust their strategies according to their risk tolerance.
    • Creating a Trading Plan – helps you build a structured approach to trading, covering entry and exit strategies, and performance evaluation.
    • Trading Live & Full System Breakdown – gives practical tips for real-time trading and breaks down trading systems to deepen your understanding.
  • Module 10: Conclusion

The last module usually wraps up everything by reminding you of the important points covered, summarizing the main lessons you’ve learned, and sometimes giving you extra resources or suggestions for further study.

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Pricing and Refund

The price of availing this program was not disclosed on their website but there are reports that it is $494. No refund policy was indicated, though.

Pros and Cons


The Daily Traders offers many modules on its website, covering different trading topics. The course also includes 2,000 hours of educational videos, giving aspiring traders thorough instruction. It also has a big following on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram with a large community on Discord, where traders can connect, share ideas, and help each other with their trading.


There seem to be a lack of transparency if you haven’t bought the program. Also, even with tons of followers on social media, it appears that there isn’t enough proof or back up from actual students who already made money by following the program.

In addition, Mark is quite shady due to limited information about him on the internet. There is no solid evidence of his trading win and losses found.


Besides the fact that there are question marks on Mark Thomas’ credibility, trading is a very risky business in comparison with other business models. As you can see on the course overview, there is a specific module that deals with the psychology of trading. It clearly states that it doesn’t only involve time and money, but also has risk in your well-being which for me is not really worth it.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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