Surplus Funds Riches Review

Shawn Buige is dead serious about not working with anyone unless you join his Surplus Funds Riches program. No purchase, no partnership, no business opportunities for you, and he won’t bulge on that.

Why would one want to tag along with him in the first place? Is he and his business model legit? Is securing surplus funds a worthwhile business?

In this review, we’ll share our thoughts on recovering surplus funds and whether is it worthwhile to learn through Shawn’s program. Pros, cons, price— we got it all here. Keep on reading!

But before getting into the review…

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Surplus Funds Riches: A Comprehensive Overview

About The Program

Surplus Funds Riches Benefits

Surplus Funds Riches is a real estate educational slash partnership program founded by Shawn Buige. As the name suggests, the program’s focus is primarily on recovering surplus funds or overages, although they also offer some training on flipping properties.

In their open letter, they addressed that foreclosures are known to many, and not some top-secret CIA shit. It happens day in, and day out, and you probably know that uncomfortable fact.

What you may not know is the overages it creates in the process. Sort of an “every cloud has a silver lining” typa thang, but the one who lost their homes are usually not aware.

You, the one aspiring to recover these surplus funds, will let them know. In return, you’ll get a handsome commission for your service. You helped, and you are helped— a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Of course, recovering surplus funds requires significant investment in time, money, and effort. Then, there’s the competition. A tough one. Surplus Funds Riches seems to downplay this, but we won’t.

Anyways, what we’re trying to say is this: There’s a risk of spending a ton of resources without getting anything in return here. So, if you gon’ do it, you gon’ do it well.

Surplus Funds Riches advice? If you want money, you need to know where to look out for it, and how to extract it. Legally, of course. They know a thing or two about this, and they’re willing to spill it to you once you join their program.

In addition, they’re aware of the cost involved and the complexity of laws surrounding the practice of asset recovery. Reason they offer an opportunity to make everything simple for you— partner with them, and they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

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About Surplus Funds

For those scratching their heads and thinking what the hell even is Surplus Funds, here’s the section for you. A lowdown on what’s surplus funds, what’s the deal with it, and a rough guide on how you recover it.

The Definition

Generally speaking, surplus funds pertains to the remaining money after all the necessary payments have been made, and all the fees have been covered.

In the case of foreclosed properties, it’s the excess money once the authority involved, say the government, already received their dues. It happens because the sale price of the property is more than the amount owed.

The excess money, the surplus funds, belongs to the former owner of the property. Technically, it depends on what states they’re in, but in most cases, it rightfully belongs to them.

Even if it’s theirs, they usually don’t know. I won’t blame them, they might want to forget about the whole ordeal that led to them losing their homes.

Your job is to let them know. Gain their trust that you’re not some nasty scammer who’s taking advantage of someone’s misery, and have them agree to your proposal that you’ll recover the surplus funds on their behalf in exchange for a finder’s fee.

The Process

Roughly, here are the things you’ll do to recover surplus funds:

  1. Get a list and find unclaimed surplus funds.
  2. Cold-call those who haven’t claimed the surplus funds and offer to get the money for them.
  3. Accomplish the files and retrieve the necessary documents to claim the surplus funds.
  4. Recover the surplus funds and get a commission for your service.

Seems straightforward, but nope. First off, gaining the trust of someone who doesn’t know you will never be a walk in the park. Are they even returning your calls?

If they do, they can either decide they’ll recover it themselves, consult someone else, or tell you right there to fuck off. Change of mind can happen as well, and they can back out of the initial agreement if you didn’t set up ways to protect yourself.

In addition, the process involved in finding these unclaimed funds, and securing the key documents, has its cost. There are ways you can go wrong here, see below for examples:

  • The list may not give you the right person entitled to the funds, usually happens on tax overages since tax department could fail to update their tax rules on time.
  • Dealing with an owner who has additional debt against the property means little to no surplus funds to recover, and bad business for you.
  • You’re not using the best contract, not employing the help of an attorney, and so on, and so forth…

Surplus Funds riches knows how to do it right. At least, that’s their claim.

About Shawn Buige

Surplus Funds Riches Shawn Buige

When it comes to labels, Shawn Buige calls himself an alternative real estate investor and profit maker. He’s the one who established the Greater Good Company, the real estate and asset recovery firm that makes the partnership opportunity in Surplus Funds Riches possible.

Shawn hails from North Carolina, the state where his firm is also headquartered. Based on what we’ve seen from him, he definitely got the vibes of a usual overages guru.

He insists on being different, though. Says he’s upfront and willing to work with students, unlike the others.

But then, in a different post, he claims to have not checked other courses. How do you know you’re not like the others if you don’t know them, then? Regardless, he probably said this to dismiss allegations of being a copycat, if there’s any, or he’s just fighting an imaginary hater.

Or maybe, it’s a case similar to Nick Fullmer where he’s asked about what’s the difference between his course and Bob Diamond’s too many times. That grinded NIck’s gears, which led to some drama. Prepare your popcorns…

Or not. Sorry, we’re not interested in discussing what seems to be a pissing contest among these older gents, who should be more worried about ’em EDs. No, we’re definitely not talking about eating disorder.

‘Nyways, let’s just get straight to business, shall we?

About The Surplus Funds Offers

National Surplus Funds

This is the flagship offer of Surplus Funds Riches on recovering surplus funds. Besides providing a training that’ll teach you how to do everything on your own, this program includes a partnership opportunity that means 8% commission based on the gross amount held by court.

To claim the commission, here are your responsibility:

  1. Get a list, and check the names on Surplus Funds Riches database.
  2. If a name isn’t submitted yet to Surplus Funds Riches, proceed researching the debt against the property and ownership. Take note that they only accept files $15k or more in states not named North Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Florida.
  3.  Using the data you’ve gathered, accomplish the title worksheet, and secure key documents such as deeds and mortgages.

Once you submit your work to Surplus Funds Riches, they’ll take it from there. You’ll receive $500 once they get a deal under contract using our work, then pay you the rest of the commission once they recovered the surplus funds.

Premier Surplus Partnership 16 Program

This program also offers a partnership opportunity like National Surplus Funds, but with more work and more pay for you. Instead of 8%, you’ll get 16% of the gross.

This is for those with sales chops, since it requires talking to those with unclaimed funds directly, and making sure they’re willing to do business with the firm (Surplus Funds Riches). Having a skiptracing subscription and mailers are a must.

Florida Remote

Also called as Florida Surplus program, this offer entails the same work as National Surplus Riches, but is specific to Florida.

Ways To Make Money With Surplus Funds Riches

Be Your Own Business

With the training e-book and online resources provided by Surplus Funds Riches, you can apparently start an asset recovery business and do everything on your own.

Be A Researcher

With the partnership opportunity, you can be Surplus Funds Riches researcher and get a commission for deals closed using your file. Get more money if you’re up for some ISA and client nurturing duties.

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Be A Flipper

As mentioned earlier, Surplus Funds Riches also provides programs that’s about flipping properties. If recovering surplus funds is not your cuppa tea, this is an alternative.

For other real estate business opportunities, check out Family Bank Funding Reviews, StreetText Reviews, and Resultli Reviews.

Things To Consider On Evaluating Surplus Funds Riches

The Cost

Surplus Funds Riches Cost

The prices, courses, and bundles offered by Surplus Funds Riches updates frequently. They also only open their doors on scheduled sales, as indicated on their insiders guide.

For the program’s mainstay surplus funds offers, the prices are listed below:

  • The price of National Surplus Fund as a standalone program is $597.
  • Premier Surplus 16 program is available for purchase on the Power Play, Gold, and Diamond Bundle 3.0 bundles. The bundles cost $697, $997, and $2,497, respectively. You can also get it as a $150 addon, given you’ve purchased a bundle/standalone program.
  • Florida Remote is included in the Best of the Best, Gold, and Diamond Bundle 3.0 bundles. The first bundle, Best of the Best, cost $897 and also includes Florida Remote Deed Flip, National Deed Flip, National Surplus Funds, and NC Flipmaster.

The Pros

  • Joining the program only happens on a scheduled sale, which lessen the chance of the program overwhelming themselves with too many students.
  • Shawn is active on social media platforms like Facebook, and he usually posts checks of recent deals.
  • They claim to know how to get around the caps imposed by some state on finder’s fees.

The Cons

Surplus Funds Riches Review
  • Too many courses, bundles, and addons offered. The addons can’t also be purchased alone and at a later date, only with a standalone program/bundle and during the scheduled sale.
  • They don’t provide refunds.
  • Support is only email-based.
  • There are several complaints on not getting any commission after submitting hundreds of files that cost them thousands.

In their insiders guide, they acknowledge that NOT every file submitted would be viable. It’s their version of the “results are not typical nor guaranteed” disclaimer.

Still, it’s concerning how there are several complaints online about not getting a single cent with the partnership. Y’know, despite doing their work diligently.

Surplus Funds Riches couldn’t simply dismiss the lack of success as not doing it correctly. These people submitted their files following the instructions they made themselves.

Can’t say they’re not working hard enough, either. For goodness’ sake, these people submitted hundreds! Spent time and money to research and secure what needs to be secured, and for what?

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Surplus Funds Riches is a legitimate real estate program, and so is the business of recovering surplus funds. Helping ex-property owners claim the money that’s theirs, and getting yours in return, is very possible.

However, we could say that the business is quite risky and not very beginner-friendly. You could spend thousands of dollars on files alone, and get nothing, just like what happened to some partners of Surplus Funds riches.

Meanwhile, doing it on your own means you’ll need to account for the cost of attorneys, skiptracing and telemarketing fees, and salaries of your assistant on top of research fees. With this approach, the earning potential is higher, but you’ll compete against the likes of Shawn’s firm, and more reputable finder companies that operate on a large scale. Sh*t’s tough.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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