Supreme Ecom Review

Supreme Ecom Reviews

Whether you are a beginner or have an already working knowledge with e-commerce business, there are always rooms for improvement and opportunities. This is what AC Hampton is offering with his drop shipping company — Supreme Ecom.

Their goal is to provide everyday people with top-grade, practical online business mentoring. Through personalized one-on-one mentorship, they will help you in building and expanding your online business effectively.

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive in on how he spills the beans.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Supreme Ecom in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.


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AC Hampton

Supreme Ecom Reviews

Considered as the one of the youngest and most successful drop shippers in the U.S, Alex AC Hampton was born in Kansas, Missouri where he first-handedly experienced how his mother traveled out for two weeks in a month, making her miss special moments as they grow up. This made him want to pursue in a career where he can have an income and at the same time, still have time for his loved ones.

He is a self-made entrepreneur that is currently running several online stores that are making 6-7 figures. He is also mentor, adviser, and coach for entrepreneurs with lots of followers Instagram, Tiktok and a YouTube channel with 360K subscribers that gives people insider tips on how to make money online.

In 2018, he had founded Supreme Ecom Blueprint that apparently teaches you in creating your own sustainable multiple-figure online stores.

What is Supreme Ecom?

Supreme Ecom Reviews

Supreme Ecom is an e-commerce course that will show you how to have 6-figures in your account. With its tested techniques, it’s also designed to help you establish and expand your own drop shipping store and boost your success by building a community with people who have similar goals.

The program’s career objective is to aid individuals, like you, in initiating your own rental empire business and providing the necessary resources for it to grow. You will be taught how to manage cash flow and maximize your profit, develop your mindset habits to become a successful entrepreneur and understand Facebook and TikTok ads, web design and more.

Since the start of their program, they claim to have over 200 active students, $19 million revenue earned by students and 92 of them have quit their 9-5 jobs as of 2022.

One advantage that I also found is that Supreme Ecom is not just attracting those people who are on the beginning level but also those who already have a strong foundation for their business.

The course is presented in video format which is hosted on a secure online learning platform called Teachable.

However, it is worth your time and money? Remember, establishing an eCommerce will demand a substantial upfront investment and relies heavily on paid ads.

How does it work?

As seen on their website, their mentorship works using 5 steps.

Product Research where you will learn to identify products that has potential sales;

Technical Build where they will guide you in setting process of connecting your advertising account to your business;

Creating a Shopify Store and high converting stores that can drive sales;

Gathering Content of Ads in which you will create advertisements that generate traffic;

And Advertising your product on social medica by the use of TikTok and Facebook.

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Supreme Ecom Blueprint Modules

You will find 8 models with Supreme Ecom Blueprint Modules wherein each of it will help you step by step in the process of setting up your own drop shipping store.

Module 1: Back-End Shopify Set-Up

This module will show you the how to set up your online store, from setting up your back-end office to installing your themes and apps. This also covers the training on finding and outsourcing products that generated sales. It will also include drop shipping and the company’s effective strategies.

Module 2: Steps To Operating Your First Ad

In this module, product research, creating a Facebook page and buying and running your first ad will be discussed.  Upon establishing your store, your focus is now on Facebook Marketing. Interestingly though, this module is divided into two topics which are, product research and running your ads.

Module 3: Video Testing

The main center of this module is about creating effective short video ads to advertise your products which in turn maximize your ad investment. The program uses the “Ice Breaking” video testing process and by applying these strategies to your ads, it can make it a high-converting video ads attracting more people to your store.

Module 4: Lookalike Audience Testing

Lookalike Audience Testing uses a smart algorithm to create a target audience that shares characteristics with your current customers or community. This module teaches advance techniques including relaunching campaigns, measuring your KPIs,  establishing social proof, creating “look-alike” audiences, cold audience testing, and more.

Module 5: Retargeting Funnel

Even if a customer visited your store without making a purchase, we would want find a new way to reach them and bring them back into the fold. That is what Retargeting means. In this short module, you will be taught how to start retargeting ads, live ads, testing video ads and implement a cart abandonment protector.  

Module 6: Scaling

As mentioned earlier, paid advertising plays a crucial role in eCommerce while also demanding undivided attention. The module focuses on increasing the size of your ads. Reproducing your campaign budget optimization (CBO) strategy, microscale and replicate it to a larger budget will be thoroughly discussed here.

Module 7: Automate Your Store

In this module, advertising a job for a customer service agent will be demonstrated by using Upwork. This section aims to guide you on doing more important tasks, like marketing and customer service.

Module 8: Important Bank Criteria

This last module focuses on setting up an LLC and a company bank out. Additionally, they will guide you to make sure that you’ll have the necessary knowledge  on how to handle tax payments properly to avoid any legal complications.

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Program Specifics

Supreme Ecom Reviews

Aside from knowing what’s in store for you when you buy the program, we would still want to know what’s the catch.

I found two options available for their courses – Crash Course 3.0 and Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0.

Crash Course 3.0

This course costs $159.99 that discusses important aspects of running an online store with great profit using a step by step video guide. Its curriculum includes:

  • Private Facebook Group Link
  • E-commerce Terminology Sheet
  • 3 Month $1 Shopify Trial
  • Setting Up Your Shopify Website
  • Recommended Theme: Debutify
  • Store Review
  • Finding Other Products and How to Find Video Content

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0.

All the while, the Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 costs $597 that provides you proven strategies for a sustainable passive income through drop shipping and creating a profitable e-commerce brand. This curriculum includes:

  • Opening Message
  • Private Facebook Group Link
  • Warm Up Guide
  • E-commerce Terminology Sheet
  • Supreme Ecom Product Research Entry
  • Product Validation Checkpoint
  • Finding Other Products & How to Find Video Content
  •  BONUS: Must Have Chrome Extensions
  • Product Analysis – Understanding the Trend To Your Advantage
  • Supreme Ecom Private Supplier (5-12 Day Shipping Worldwide)

1 on 1 Mentorship Program

They also have what they call a 1 on 1 Mentorship Program that costs around $3000, 60 days long with a chance to continue for 30 days free of charge if you do not achieve results even after giving it your BEST shot.

This program claims to help you how to successfully start and scale your own store. You will also be eligible to exclusive benefits worth $15,000 from Product Research Strategies, High Converting Web Design, Private Supplier Access and Discounts on Viral Ad Production.

Refund Policy

It is also noteworthy that they do not offer Refunds and Cancellations claiming that this is due to breach of intellectual property rights.

They give assurance that the ability of their program and software can get you results by utilizing what you have learned together with their best effort throughout the program in training and coaching you. However, the responsibility still lies in your hands eventually quoting that they still “do not guarantee success”.


Looking at his profile and program from an outsider’s point of view, with all the screenshots and videos, it will lead you to think that AC Hampton does know what he is talking about. He is obviously a great entrepreneur, marketer, and YouTuber. Although it is not as expensive as others, the fact that it does not have a refund policy will get you thinking of the risk.

In one of his videos, AC himself states that Supreme Ecom Blueprint is not a quick way to get rich.

Facts are, there are much better ways to learn drop shipping that doesn’t take much risk.