Streettext Reviews

Many agree with the idea that you are who you believe, including StreetText’s co-founder Jonathan Whiting. Jonathan even highlights the said importance of being in the right head space before.

He advises real estate professionals to always try to keep their spirits up, and think positive. It could be tough, especially during the times when the housing market situation is dire, but you do what you got to do to make it easier… Guess what? StreetText could help with the latter.

If you want to take the hassle out of generating real estate leads through social media ads, StreetText got ya. To learn more about the program, continue reading this review.

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Introduction To StreetText

StreetText At A Glance

StreetText Reviews

According to the definition listed on their website, the word “StreetText” means to connect businesses and consumers by spreading the buzz around. True to their name, the program connects real estate professionals to potential buyers and sellers through Facebook and Instagram ads.

For many, learning how to set up and run the said ads can be daunting. Keeping up with the updates to optimize it is harder. But you don’t need to worry about such when you’re with StreetText.

The program is your business growth partner, whose ultimate goal is to enable you to take the driver’s seat when it comes to generating your own real estate leads.

They take out the guesswork out of running Facebook and Instagram ads and provides proven and tested marketing campaigns that allow up to 10x returns on every dime spent.

That’s Cardone levels of promise, so we’ll see how they fare. For comparison purposes, here are other lead generation programs that use Facebook ads: Resultli Reviews, Dexope Reviews, and Leadjolt Reviews. Go check ’em out!

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Info About Their Origin

StreetText Stephen Whiting

Before StreetText focused on managing social media ads, they were harnessing the capability of text messaging to generate leads. That’s what they do back in 2009, the time when brothers Jonathan and Stephen Whiting (pictured above), and their friend Art Bosma founded the program and Facebook ads hasn’t been introduced yet.

Of course, they made the switch once Facebook ads have entered the fold. It was a challenging and expensive journey of doing trial-and-error to get the most out of the said ads, and fortunately, it was worth it. At least, that’s what they say.

And yes, they’re honest about the difficulties they encountered with Facebook ads. In their own words, it’s “confusing, overwhelming, and constantly changing.” Hours of working closely with the Facebook team and millions of dollars invested later, they came out fine and able to promise that anyone can have success with paid ads using their platform.

Their method might’ve changed (updated rather since they’re still using text messaging, but more for notification purposes), but their goal of introducing their clients to their potential customers first remained. They firmly believe that if an agent wants a prosperous business, reaching out first is a must.

Info About Their Vision

Their vision is to be at the forefront of digital advertising space. This means they should be able to do the following:

  • Provide a cutting-edge solution for one’s digital advertising needs
  • Create a pleasant and unforgettable experience for their clients
  • Partner with like-minded platforms to serve mutual clients better
  • Enable real estate professionals to increase their ROI and navigate the digital advertising landscape with ease

Info About Their Values

 “Talent wins games, but teamwork… wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Featuring a quote from undoubtedly one of the GOAT to ever grace the court as a way to introduce their values is certainly a choice. In our eyes, we see a program exclaiming that they’re a baller who highly values winning and teamwork.

Being passionate in what they do is a recurring theme in their copy too, just like how Mike loves the game. We do hope they’re not as incompetent as him as the Charlotte Hornets’ owner, though! Punching people ain’t cool either, so they better not emulate the guy and his antics off the court, only on it.

‘Nyways, the values of StreetText are rather straightforward, as shown below.

  • Win-win: With StreetText, everyone wins— Customers, team, partners, and themselves.
  • Growth: Plateauing is not allowed. Tomorrow is another day filled with opportunities to improve.
  • Ten out of ten: Quality is the number one priority of StreetText. They’ll deliver nothing short of excellent.
  • Unity: Their team is always on the same page, so that they can serve clients well and achieve their goals as a program.
  • Gratitude: No entitlement, only embracing gratefulness day-to-day.

Features Of StreetText

Ads Made Simple

StreetText Ads

If you sign up for StreetText’s service, you’ll have access to a library of user-tested ads. No need to figure it all out yourself, StreetText assures that their ads is easy to deploy, and is constantly updated to optimize for algorithm changes.

Simply put, the process of running ads with StreetText is much easier compared to doing it all by yourself. No need to worry about lacking some personal touch since the ads will use your branding and own Facebook/Instagram ads account.

Attract Exclusive Lead

By running Facebook and Instagram ads, their so-called magnetic ads in particular, you’ll reach new clients and fresh new faces you’d otherwise not meet with other methods. Since it’s you running the campaign and only using StreetText as a platform to do it hassle-free, the leads you’ll capture are 100% exclusive to you.

Grow Your Contacts

StreetText claims that the ads you deploy through their platform are so good, you’ll fill your database with lots of quality contacts in no time. The said contacts are the people that’ll help one’s real estate business prosper— they’ll follow, trust, and work with you, as well as refer you and spread the word about your business.


In summary, here’s a list of what to expect with StreetText advertising service. First, the ones related to running ads:

  • Access to a library of proven and tested ad funnels (thirty in total)
  • Receive notifications every time a lead is captured
  • View reports on how your ads are performing, including metrics such as number of clicks, cost per email, cost per phone, click-to-contact ratio, among others
  • Ability to manage ad budget with ease
  • Ability to target desired demographics, zip, and postal codes for leads
  • Access to ad experts who can manage ads on your behalf

Then, these are the ones related to managing and nurturing contacts:

  • Get an optimized, DFY funnel forms, landing pages, drips, and text/email automation
  • Get custom emails and website domain
  • Export leads, and connect with CRMs and popular integrations
  • Access to StreetText’s “Julie” AI that can assist in generating professional replies and emails
  • Set reminders for follow-ups, track conversations, and manage transactions all in the program’s dashboard

Lastly, here are those related to training and customer support:

  • Access to a Facebook insider group
  • Access to blog and video tutorials
  • Access to scripts and templates
  • Dedicated support available by phone and email

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Assessing StreetText

The Cost

StreetText Cost

If you want to sign up for StreetText service, you can choose among the program’s three plans namely, Lite, Grow, and Pro plan. The subscription fee of each plan scales with your target number of contacts every month. Visit their pricing page if you want to try out the slider for the latter.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll use the minimum 500 contacts and $250 max ad spend (separate, not included in the subscription fee) every month as the reference. With the Lite plan, this costs $79 a month or $708 a year, and includes magnetic ads (attract new customers), re-marketing ads, and user-tested ads.

Meanwhile, for the mentioned number of contacts and ad spend, the Grow plan will cost $129 a month or $1,164 a year. It includes all the features of the Lite plan plus ad bundles (rotating ads), three ad split test (launch three ads in parallel audiences), video ads, ability to export leads, and access to Zapier integration.

Finally, the Pro plan cost $179 a month or $1,608 a year. Following the pattern, this plan includes every feature of Grow plan plus access to Follow Up Boss integration, Homebot, and AI, auto-sync audiences, and custom ads.

Take note that the features in the previous section not mentioned here (besides the AI and access to ad experts) are included in every plan. The AI is a service add-on that cost $50 a month, same as the access to ad experts that cost $300 a month at the minimum.

There’s also a free 7-day trial for all the plans. Just remember that one, the free trial doesn’t mean free ad budget; and two, your card will get automatically billed once the trial period is over.

The Positives

Upon careful study, here’s our list that enumerates the pros of the program:

  • Transparent pricing (being clear that the subscription fee is not inclusive of ad budget is a plus)
  • Flexible plans suited to accommodate different monthly ad budget
  • Garnered positive reviews online mostly for their useful automation offers, responsive customer support, and quality leads that turned into listings
  • Has a free trial to their plans, albeit short
  • Works outside US (Canada in particular)

The Negatives

On the other hand, here are the cons:

  • Uses the not-so-cost-effective Facebook ads
  • Subscription fee is more expensive than similar programs
  • Lack of info about the vetting process
  • Majority of Trustpilot reviews are posted only recently and very closely to each other (around the last week of September to November 2023)

The last point is more like a FYI thang more than anything else. Yeah, the timing is kinda sus. It’s odd just like the review content sounding like PR work (listing all the buzz words, jargons, and technicalities) rather than an honest review. We can’t say for sure that it’s all fake and planted, though.

After all, they received praises other than those in Trustpilot. Says they’re a pleasure to work with and very responsive to inquiries. But then, the said praises are more frank, like the one who said that the subscription is hella pricey.

One even mentioned ditching StreetText after three months since they didn’t provide their expected results. But hey, at least they claimed that it’s unfortunate since they’re happy transacting with the platform. I guess, this serves as a reminder that it pays not to be an asshole, y’all!

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Based from what we saw online, StreetText is a legitimate platform for real estate professionals who want to use Facebook and Instagram ads to capture leads. Some of the success stories show that they might be able to fulfill their 10x promise. Who would’ve thought, right?

If you want your database to get packed, they got ya. Just don’t expect a complete ISA service from them, that’s outside their scope.

Moreover, while the platform helps in generating and nurturing leads, it’s still up to you, the agent, to close them. It’s a numbers game, sure, but having many leads doesn’t necessarily equal to many closings. It’ll only improve your chances, but it’s never a guarantee of success.

The more, the merrier? More like quality over quality. That’s our two cents, whaddya think?

Happy lead hunting!

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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