Steve Pieper AMMO Reviews

The feeling of having your books sold and paying the bill, to have a thousand followers waiting for your next release, and leaving a hectic day job and becoming a full-time author is what most aspiring and dedicated authors sought to experience. 

It’s evident that there’s still no shortage of hype in the book marketing world. Standing out is just half of the battle. From flashy book covers to strategic social media campaigns, it’s a world where every author is trying to make their book the center of attention.

Steve Pieper has developed a program for aspiring authors to be knowledgeable on how an indie author can thrive in the book publishing world.

Continue reading my Steve Pieper AMMO review below to learn more on what he has to offer to aspiring indie authors like you.

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AMMO Overview


Traditional publishing is like the established monarchy of the literary world. It involves authors submitting their manuscripts to literary agents, who then try to sell the rights to publishing houses. If a publisher bites, they take care of the editing, cover design, printing, and distribution, hence the royal treatment. 

Many aspiring authors dream of landing a traditional publishing deal because it often comes with wider distribution, better marketing, and the validation of being accepted by the gatekeepers of the industry. However, it also means giving up a degree of creative control and enduring the inevitable rejection letters along the way.

Indie authors on the other hand are like the rebels of the literary world. They’re the DIY enthusiasts, embracing creative freedom and taking risks that might make mainstream publishers break into a cold sweat. Whether it’s through self-publishing or smaller independent presses, indie authors have the chance to showcase their unique voices without compromising their artistic vision.

Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization (AMMO) is a program that Steve Pieper has put together to teach authors how to sell directly to their readers profitably. It shows how indie authors can thrive in the publishing world while minimizing the cost since they don’t need to pay for such royalties.  

His figure shows 39% of AMMO authors that have been active for more than 12 months since 2022 are now full-time professionals. No more working for other people, no more commuting through traffic back and forth the office, no more soul-sapping cubicles, indie authors gain freedom in what they love to do in the comfort of their homes. 

About Steve Pieper


Steve Pieper

Steve Pieper distinguishes himself as some kind of a “nerd”. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1994, Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 and followed it by an MS in Defense Analysis the following year.

His first career is being an F-16 Pilot, a pilot in training to be exact and the first ever novel that he read was of Tom Clancy’s (well because of Tom’s work on military-science related novels) which was not that too far from what Steve’s been doing that time.

Once he retired from being a pilot, he did some office work, a consulting firm for a Fortune 100 company and also for small startups, guess what – authors. He had produced nearly $150M in client results. It was fun while it lasted but he then realized that office work is not really his thing.

Into the Publishing World

Steve Pieper fancied how Tom wrote his novels, a little bit of thriller-like genre to be exact. He used Lars Emmerich as his pen name because it sounded so cool back then and then he started writing novels, which became best-sellers during his time of publishing them.

He started posting on Amazon Kindle which was then a trend, a go-to place for published authors to have an online presence and sell their book digitally. But then one day, Amazon sent him an email saying that there’s some bit of a problem about Lars’ work and they will discontinue paying him for royalties. 

That’s when Steve realized that having just one 3rd party company selling your books won’t cut it. Kajabi, SamCart, you name it and he has tried their store services but one platform that Steve was most happy about is Shopify and how their services have helped him manage his inventory.

Not just e-books, Shopify also stores paperbacks, hardcovers, large print paperbacks, large print hardcovers, special editions and many more. And then he also did advertising of course. 

The traditional way of giving a free copy of your first work in exchange for an email address. And it’s sort of like a waiting game. If they liked your book, they’ll be eager to buy the next volume, and that’s how you make a potential buyer. So learning where your target audience are is also a unique skill to have when you want to be a successful indie author. 

Steve Pieper Published Books

Since then, Steve Pieper has been in the digital marketing space for 20 years. All of the countless testing, revising, that you could think of, he has already done it. And by that, he has built a complete system that can now be used by aspiring authors in order to jump start their journey to becoming a published author in his Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization program. 

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For Whom is AMMO Intended For

The AMMO program is for you if:

  • You enjoy writing books
  • You want to earn a career income with it
  • You are willing and eager to learn something new about the book business
  • You’re tired of hearing confusing advice about marketing your books
  • You’re not afraid of a little hard work

Most authors fail because they don’t run their business like a real business, meaning just relying on 3rd party platform services like Amazon. And what you need to do is to know your target audience. Discover accurately and precisely what your readers want from you and give it to them. Just as simple as that. Give and take.

AMMO Programs

AMMO Foundations

AMMO foundation uses a structure to acquire leads. They will do advertisements and once someone gets interested in your book, they’ll be redirected to a landing page. From there, it’s either they’ll input their email and get a free copy of your book and the waiting game begins if they’re interested in buying the second volume or just go proceed to the sales page since they’ve already done research of your work and are already willing to buy a copy of your book. 

If you believe that “the books will eventually find their audience” or “I know that my books are good enough, and the marketing side will just do the rest”, then you’re really not properly treating your business as real business. Advertising changes everything. 

All in all, AMMO Foundations teaches you how to build an enticing advertisement in just 7 days. Finding headlines, images and messages that your readers can easily relate to, build a landing page, get leads/prospect clients, sell books and repeat the process.

It is easier said than done but that’s just the gist of it. More detailed processes will be discussed once you enroll in their AMMO Foundation program which costs a one-time payment of $997.

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AMMO Nonfiction

Ammo Nonfiction Cost

If you own an information business and are a nonfiction author, then Steve guarantees you that they can help you build a highly profitable marketing funnel. 

They offer marketing tools that can help solve marketing problems because most business owners don’t know what their customers want. And there are 4 phases to exactly pinpoint your audience’s needs and desires that will be your catalyst in building your dream life and reach your goals as a nonfiction author.

Phase 1: Testing Mindset

Phase 2: Customer Clarity (Like a survey)

Phase 3: Lead Generation

Phase 4: Upsell Video

These tests are priced at $20 a month but it is now on a 7-day trial for just a dollar. And if you wanted to add 3 weekly live coaching calls with Steve himself, the cost of this AMMO Nonfiction program is $119/month.  

Pros and Cons


  • Steve’s transparent about his program being not one of those get rich quick schemes. You also need to do the hardwork in order to be successful in this type of venture.
  • There are a lot of success stories on his website that look legit enough, not copy-pasted from other reviews/courses (because there are times that it looks like this).
  • Steve really is a successful author by the name of Lars Emmerich, and has published a lot of books that can back up his claims on how he became successful through his built system.
  • Selling directly to customers is much more profitable than relying on 3rd party platform services to do the job for you.
  • He offers a 30-day money back guarantee if ever you feel like his program is not fit for you and your goals.


  • Breaking through the noise in the crowded book market is a challenge.
  • You need to do everything to the best of your abilities. Literal hard work.
  • There’s the lingering stigma that indie works equals low quality.
  • Online platforms are indie author’s main stages because getting your book on the shelves of major bookstores can be tough without the backing of a traditional publisher.

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Despite many challenges along the way, you can also be successful as an indie author. Steve Pieper might not be able to promise that you will be successful one day because it will always depend on your own hard work and perseverance to achieve yours. He’s only there to guide you and impart all the knowledge and strategies that he has used to achieve his own success.

The AMMO program indeed follows a step-by-step system that allows indie authors to know the ins and outs of self publishing and how they can take advantage of that to be a successful published author one day.

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