Starke Ecommerce Review

Today we will be reviewing a program named Starke Ecommerce. Is it legit? Find out in this Starke Ecommerce review.

Starke Ecommerce, founded in 2021 by Brandon Rangel, positions itself as a leader in automated online business solutions, specializing in e-commerce automation.

They offer comprehensive services designed to manage every aspect of running an online business, from product sourcing to order fulfillment, promising a hands-off approach for their clients. Each customer receives personalized attention through a dedicated success manager and access to a team of experts.

Brandon Rangel, known for his background in Forex trading and previous ventures in the trucking and Amazon sales sectors, promotes Starke Ecommerce as a solution for generating passive income.

However, despite their claims of success and efficiency, there is limited independent verification of their achievements. Reviews and endorsements primarily originate from their own platforms, raising questions about the reliability of their services.

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What is Starke Ecommerce?

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Starke Ecommerce was established in 2021 by Brandon Rangel and is a leading force in the automation sector. The team’s five years of experience in the fast-paced field of e-commerce is a testament to their skill. This committed team specializes in developing and running automated online businesses that are precisely matched to their customers’ unique requirements.

A whole range of services from Starke Ecommerce are available to help you grow your online business to new heights. They relieve you of the complexities of daily operations by managing every facet of business management with their team of experts. Their knowledgeable specialists handle everything with accuracy and efficiency, from finding lucrative items to handling order fulfillment, making sure your online business operates easily and successfully.

With Starke Ecommerce, getting started is simple and nice to customers. To get started, just arrange a call with their committed staff; no drawn-out forms or questionnaires are needed. It’s simple and quick to participate; all you have to do is send an email with your contact details to obtain a calendar invitation.

The Starke Ecommerce team will go through all of their payment alternatives and offer a thorough description of their services during the initial contact. This one-on-one session is intended to assist you make confident decisions by providing you with a clear picture of how their services might aid your company. Their methodical approach guarantees that you are up and running with Starke Ecommerce quickly and easily, customized to meet your unique requirements and putting you in a successful position right away.

Who is Brandon Rangel?

Starke Ecommerce Review - Brandon Rangel

Habibi Brandon, sometimes known as Brandon Rangel, is a well-known e-commerce entrepreneur who has established a successful and varied career in Forex trading. At the tender age of 16, Brandon, whose parents were immigrants, made his foray into the corporate world by joining the freight sector. His business enthusiasm carried him to California by the time he was 19, where he worked hard to develop his goals and sharpen his abilities.

Brandon’s aptitude for entrepreneurship was first demonstrated in the trucking business in 2016, which paved the way for his 2019 foray into Amazon sales. In 2021, Brandon made a calculated decision to sell off his trucking business in order to finance the launch and expansion of his innovative firm, Starke Ecommerce.

The influence of Brandon Rangel goes well beyond his commercial endeavors. He stays engaged on social media, offering insightful advice on how to make passive income and navigate the world of e-commerce. Many financial platforms have taken notice of his efforts, making him a highly sought-after voice in these domains. A deeper look, nevertheless, uncovers a pattern of content recurrence across several websites, frequently with very little title modifications.

Although Brandon states that he is featured in esteemed magazines like Forbes and Yahoo! Finance, a closer examination reveals that the majority of his mentions are in subsidiaries like Forbes Global News and, not the primary websites he frequently refers. This complex reality emphasizes how crucial it is to check the reliability of sources when assessing the impact and performance of entrepreneurs.

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Starke Automation Overview

Starke Automation offers a full range of services that are intended to simplify your online business process and easily provide passive revenue. Their completely automated shop setup is expertly designed to ensure a smooth operation, freeing you up to concentrate on other business-related matters without having to constantly supervise.

At Starke Automation, every customer is matched with a personal success manager who provides tailored advice and assistance during the whole undertaking. This guarantees that you will receive the care and knowledge required to effectively negotiate the difficulties of e-commerce. Additionally, Starke Automation puts you in touch with reliable vendors, saving you the trouble of finding inventory on your own and guaranteeing a consistent flow of superior goods.

The organization handles every aspect of business administration with its seasoned staff of ecommerce specialists. They manage everything with accuracy, from in-depth product research to effective order fulfillment, ensuring the smoothest and most efficient e-commerce operation conceivable. Their dedication to quality also encompasses their customer service. A committed customer support team takes care of any problems right away, making sure that both you and your clients have a great experience.

Working with Starke Automation requires very little work from you. Their knowledgeable staff manages every facet of your internet business, from customer service to product research, relieving you of the day-to-day administrative duties.


Speaking with the Starke Ecommerce staff is crucial to learning the precise price information. Although certain services may have a price, profit sharing is the main source of income.

After your business launches, Starke Ecommerce takes 30% of the revenues for store administration, leaving you to keep 70% of the sales. During your appointment with their team, the intricacies of this profit-sharing agreement will be extensively explored and may vary depending on individual circumstances.

It’s critical to realize that there are no refunds for any payments paid. Starke Ecommerce has the right to change connected fees and service rates at any time. Furthermore, such services could come with features that need regular fees, which you can cancel whenever you’d want.

This open and honest attitude guarantees that you will always be aware of the financial elements of your relationship with Starke Ecommerce and have freedom, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that support your company’s objectives.

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Is Starke Ecommerce Legit?

It takes a lot of faith to entrust your internet business to an automated provider. This means giving them the money they need and giving them permission to use your name as their business name. Furthermore, sharing sensitive financial data—like credit card numbers—becomes necessary to ensure your company runs smoothly.

Given that Starke Ecommerce is a very young participant in the industry, having just entered the scene in 2021, questions concerning its legitimacy are raised by its short history. The few reviews that are accessible are only from their own websites, YouTube, Instagram, and official platforms; they don’t have any independent verification.

Starke Ecommerce might be interesting for people who are prepared to take big chances in the hopes of making passive income. In order to improve customer satisfaction and evaluations, the firm offers extra services including a customer support staff and a dedicated client success manager. With these products, Starke Ecommerce presents itself as a possible partner for expanding your online business.

It’s crucial to remember that there isn’t now any credible proof or outside corroboration for their assertions. Potential customers should think twice before choosing Starke Ecommerce as a business partner and do extensive research. Making an informed choice requires assessing their reliability and making sure they live up to your expectations.

Final Verdict – Starke Ecommerce Review

It takes a big leap of faith to put your online business in the hands of an automated firm like Starke Ecommerce. In order to maintain efficient business operations, this choice entails giving them the necessary funds, allowing them to function under your name, and disclosing sensitive financial information, including credit card numbers.

Starke Ecommerce was founded in 2021, making it a relatively young participant in the industry. As such, concerns about its reputation are understandable given its short history. The few reviews that are accessible are mostly taken from their own websites, official YouTube channel, Instagram account, and other platforms; none of them have been independently verified.

Starke Ecommerce may sound alluring to people who are prepared to take big chances in the hopes of generating passive income. In order to improve customer happiness and ratings, the firm also offers extra services like a customer success manager who is committed to helping you and a customer support staff. With these services, Starke Ecommerce presents itself as a possible ally for expanding your web presence.

It’s crucial to remember that there isn’t now any credible proof or outside corroboration for their assertions. Even if the business presents a trustworthy and effective image, the absence of impartial evaluations and endorsements from other parties raises serious concerns. Because of this, determining the actual effectiveness and reliability of their services is difficult.

Making decisions is made much more difficult by the opaqueness of their pricing strategy and profit-sharing arrangement. The uncertainty is increased by the fact that any payments paid are non-refundable and that the business has the ability to change service costs and related fees at any time. These circumstances could result in unanticipated expenses and difficulties.

In conclusion, although though Starke Ecommerce can provide a wide range of services aimed at streamlining your online business processes and bringing in passive revenue, you should proceed with caution given the absence of third-party verification and hard proof of their accomplishments. Prior to entrusting Starke Ecommerce with their online business, prospective clients should carefully evaluate these considerations and conduct appropriate research.

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