Spark By Clickbank Review

Spark By Clickbank Review

Being able to fit in today’s digital era is one of the reason why affiliate marketing is one of the famous business model. It’s accessible for beginners, offers many ways to make money, reaches a global audience, and pays depending on results. Thanks to technology and its connection with influencer marketing, affiliate marketing is expected to stay strong and keep growing as businesses navigate the online world.

If you have been exploring in this industry, you might have encountered along the way, a program of ClickBank called Spark.

In this review, we will be tackling about how Spark can help you achieve that work-life balance, their main goal, its pricings, the benefits that you can gain and of course, if this is worth both your time and money.

So, sit back, relax and continue reading below!

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The Team Behind Spark

Taylor Utt

Spark By Clickbank Review

Taylor is the Senior Director of Content at ClickBank who assumes the responsibility of overseeing all content, spanning course work, guides, blog posts and YouTube videos, consumed by a wide audience. His focus is dedicated on making sure that individuals receive a quality education from ClickBank and Spark, with a goal in mind of maximizing their potential earnings.

He loves outdoor adventures and possesses a deep passion for content creations. He also enjoys quality time with his partner and their dog traveling several locations with their campervan. Their favorite locations mostly are surrounded by lakes, mountains and streams.

Stephanie O’Malley

Spark By Clickbank Review

Stephanie is ClickBank’s very own Education Content Manager who oversee dynamic Spark curriculum. She’s the one who makes sure that the audience receives everything essential for achieving success in affiliate marketing by engaging in several courses and maintaining a presence in TikTok.

She’s also an outdoorsy type and an extrovert that aims to leave a positive impact in the world.

Chris Ullery

Spark By Clickbank Review

Being the Senior Directos of Brand and Product Marketing, Chris is very proud to be a part of ClickBank. With over two decades of journey in this industry, he had exhibited extensive experiences across several marketing practices, encompassing brand content and product marketing. This is being backed up with the fact that he was the Senior Director of Brand Strategy at Nutrabolt, and holding the position of Vice President of Content Strategy at

On the other side of his professional career, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and nurturing passion for diverse activities such as reading, writing, hiking, cooking and even crafting cocktails.

Jake Newby

Spark By Clickbank Review

As a 24 year old Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Jake’s responsibility lies on focusing on paid traffic for both ClickBank and Spark. He also manages Spark/Accelerator products, funnels, sales pages and the buyer’s journey. Together with the team, they are actively present in paid traffic courses within Spark and participate in group coaching and Weekly Pulse calls.

Driven by data and fueled by a growing passion for advertising, sales funnels, experiences, and human psychology, he actively engages in the field of marketing. While on the side of his professional life, he takes pleasure in activities such as fishing, hiking, watching baseball, and spending quality time with family and friends. Adding a personal touch to his life, he resides in Idaho with a girlfriend and two dogs named Rocco and Dexter.

What is ClickBank?

Spark By Clickbank Review

Before diving in to Spark, let’s have a brief background talk about what ClickBank is.

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform with several affiliate marketplace. They establish the connection between businesses offering excellent products and top-tier affiliates capable of promoting these products. They have e-commerce tools that can provided streamline the selling process for product owners, making it easier to increase sales with less effort. Additionally, their marketplace serves as a valuable resource for marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs looking fresh avenues to earn income online.

Spark By ClickBank

Spark By Clickbank Review

Taught together by ClickBank’s clients and experts, Spark is a reliable collection of courses, together with community support, and tools designed in order to guide you in learning affiliate marketing, understanding ClickBank, as well as mastering the techniques of driving online traffic. It provides a comprehensive resource to initiate and maximize your endeavors in making money online.

Launched back in 2020, ClickBank aimed to have this course designed from newbies to experts. Although as of the moment, according to their website, they have turned their focus on beginners and intermediate for now.

When purchasing their program, ClickBank claims that you would be able to apply Spark’s principles to any affiliate or digital marketing venture! They also claimed that their course is being constantly updated and is being improved making sure that it is aligned with the evolving affiliate marketing industry. Its education remains dynamic, tools being on high quality and a thriving community.

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Modules and Lessons

Module 1

  • Lesson 1: Orientation – Maximizing Your Spark Learning Journey

In the first lesson, they will help you make the most of your Spark learning experience. You will be guided through the platform, ensuring you navigate it well and take advantage of its valuable educational resources.

  • Lesson 2: Discoveries and Expectations

In this part, you’ll be introduced on what you can learn and what’s expected as you go through the course. You will be given a broad overview of the topics, skills, and insights you’ll gain, making sure you understand what will be covered.

Module 2

  • Lesson 1: Learning the Basics

This lesson will provide you with a solid grasp of the what Spark courses are about concentrating on essential principles, concepts and fundamental knowledge. You can expect thorough exploration of their core ideas to establish a sturdy groundwork for developing more advance skills and insights.

  • Lesson 2: Making the Most of Your ClickBank Account

This part is here to help you get the most out of your ClickBank account making sure you know how to use its features well.

  • Lesson 3: Choosing a Niche

This lesson will help you understand the importance of choosing a niche making sure that you find not only a niche that matches your passion but also have the potential of being profitable.

  • Lesson 4: Product Selection

This module emphasizes on choosing the right products for your affiliate marketing strategy. Noting that products you promote have a big impact on your success. They will be guiding you through various factors to consider when picking products, making sure you understand what makes a good choice.

  • Lesson 5: Making Your First Affiliate Link

This part is designed to give you clear guidance on making affiliate link. The goal is to equip you the skills to create your affiliate link confidently, setting the stage for a successful affiliate marketing journey.

  • Lesson 6: Creating Your First Landing Page

In this lesson, you will be taught how to create your first landing page which is essential for establishing your online presence and effectively promoting your product.

  • Lesson 7: Setting Objectives and Taking Responsibility, Cultivating an Exceptional Affiliate Mindset

This lesson will help you explore the significance of clear and attainable objectives in the world of affiliated marketing in order to understand how to set realistic targes and holding yourself accountable for the progress made.

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Pricings and Refund

Spark offer three packages for you with the option to buy it individually or by bundle and pay monthly or annually.

Spark By Clickbank Review

You can check their price list and inclusions.

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, with no hassle and no questions asked.

Pros and Cons

Pros: ClickBank is a well-established and reliable affiliate network with strategies coming from experienced in-house marketers and collaborations with industry professionals. The platform is dynamic, regularly updated with new content, including advanced courses. This commitment to staying current ensures members get the latest insights for success in the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Cons: It is expensive for the content of the course which can be learned across the internet at a low-cost or possibly free of charge even. As mentioned earlier as well, the course is catered for beginners only and would not be beneficial those who already has an extensive background with affiliate marketing.


While we cannot deny the fact that ClickBank’s Spark would be very beneficial to those newbies in this industry, like what I said earlier, its content can be learned via watching videos from different platforms, and of course, researching. For me, it might be worth the time but not with investing money this much.

Besides, at the end of the day, our ability will still depend on our perseverance and effort to learn and achieve something. Whether it is paid training or not, the outcome still rests on our hands and therefore, might not be a smart move in purchasing such course.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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