Solid Ecom Automation Reviews

Ecommerce automation is a transformative approach that leverages technology to automate various tasks and workflows within the ecommerce ecosystem, ranging from inventory management and order processing to customer service and marketing campaigns. 

One platform that caters such services is Solid Ecom Automation. They offer a suite of automation tools designed to streamline various aspects of your ecommerce journey. They seek to simplify the process of automating ecommerce workflows, enabling you and your business to operate more efficiently and competitively in today’s fast-paced online landscape.

But is there really “your” ecommerce journey if all you need to do is fund your store, and let them do the rest? Let’s see what they really have to offer and how they can make an entrepreneur out of you in this review down below. 

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Solid Ecom Automation Overview

Solid Ecom Automation

Ecommerce automation offers an abundance of profits, making it an attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes. By automating repetitive tasks, you can significantly reduce manual labor, minimize errors, and free up valuable time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

Solid Ecom Automation is a platform that offers just these kinds of services to both aspiring and thriving online store owners, especially in the Amazon marketplace. With their “cutting-edge” technology and intuitive interface, they aim to empower you and your business with the tools you’ll need to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Solid Ecom Automation’s popularity in various social media accounts are as follows:

  • Their Instagram account has 53.1K followers
  • Their Youtube channel has 1.57K subscribers
  • Their Facebook page has only 283 likes and 461 followers

As of writing this review.

About Alexander Saal

Alexander Saal

Alexander Saal is a “successful” entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Why did I put quotation marks? Well, looking at his work ethics, he seems to not last even a year in all of the things he has done and been through except for being a Mechanical Engineer at Diakont for almost 3 years and an Account Executive for Main Street Hub which he has done for 3 and a half years. 

Good thing is that he already has experience in having a social media presence with Main Street Hub, where he achieved the highest grossing revenue in the entire 300 rep sales department over a span of 7 consecutive quarters during his stay. The rest, it is  just like he is testing the waters. 

Alexander also has been involved with Hearth, a fintech company that helps home improvement contractors grow and manage their businesses, climbing the ladders from Sr. Account Executive to National Account Director in a span of one year and 2 months. 

Mixing what he has learned and experienced from both Main Street Hub and Hearth is the growth for his passion in ecommerce. And in May 2021, he created Solid Ecom Automation, a platform that specializes in helping people own an Amazon dropshipping business.

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Inside Solid Ecom Automation

Inside Solid Ecom Automation

Solid Ecom Automation offers 3 major services for aspiring and already existing ecommerce stores to automate their businesses and be able to build and scale it to 6 to 7 figures and beyond.

Amazon Onboarding

From start to finish, Solid Ecom Automation provides comprehensive support to ensure that your newly built store meets Amazon’s acceptance criteria and maximize their chances of immediate approval. 

You can also navigate the often complex and time-consuming onboarding process efficiently with their help, allowing you to save valuable time and resources. With this, you can start selling and generate revenue without unnecessary delays. 

These onboarding process that will be took off of your shoulders include:

  • Account Setup – Solid Ecom Automation will assist and guide you through the necessary documentation and requirements needed to establish a solid foundation for selling on the Amazon platform.
  • Compliance Assistance – there are a lot of cases of Amazon stores closing each and every day because of Amazon’s strict policies, guidelines and regulations. With their assistance, you and your business will be marked safe against these common pitfalls.

End-to-End Store Management

This is also part of their “automation” process, allowing you to have a seamless, streamlined and hassle-free ecommerce business. The service includes: 

  • Product Listing Optimization – optimizing product listings to enhance visibility and appeal to potential customers is important to run a successful online business that lasts. Keyword research, product descriptions, images, and more will be handled by Solid Ecom Automation for you. 
  • Inventory Management – They adhere with the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment-By-Amazon) guidelines, and they will be the ones who will be in-contact with them whenever you need to replenish your inventory to avoid stockouts or overstock situations that could impact your store’s performance.
  • Marketing Strategies – with Alexander’s experiences and achievements with Main Street Hub, he already has ideas on effective marketing strategies tailored to the Amazon platform, helping your business engage sponsored product ads, deals, promotions and many more to drive more traffic and sales. 
  • Performance Monitoring – this is crucial for every business. They provide tools for monitoring said marketing strategies, which works and which doesn’t. They also have one for reviews and customer feedback, so that you, collaborating with them can both make informed decisions on how to improve on areas that need improvement. 
  • Ongoing Support – if you deem that their services are what you need for your business, Solid Ecom Automation offers ongoing support for their loyal clients. And as we all know that the ecommerce space is constantly evolving, they’re more than happy to help you and your business thrive more than ever and reach the goals and dreams that you’ve always wanted. 

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Generate Income

This is what every ecommerce store owner wants, right? To generate income and have more profits than losses. Solid Ecom Automation understands that and they have developed a tailored approach to generate income for ecommerce store owners.

They want you to decide on a product with profit margins ranging from 15% to 40% for you to be able to have substantial earnings within a relatively short time frame. Through the efforts of people inside Solid Ecom Automation, your store can maximize profit through a combination of effective marketing, product optimization, and operational efficiency. 

Upon having Solid Ecom Automation’s services, you’ll be assigned up to 3 ecommerce experts to help you start and grow your ecommerce business on the get-go. You can schedule a call with them to know more about the details of their services. 

And if you’re ever wondering about the cost, they don’t specify any exact amount but it is also indicated that they work with third-party companies, offering financing or funding depending on your circumstances. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

As we all know, automation offers a lot of advantages. One of them is that you can increase your overall efficiency since automation can streamline repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual labor and saving time. 

Together with this, improved accuracy and scalability are also part of the picture. Automation decreases the risk of human error in tasks such as inventory management, order processing, and data entry that maintains customer satisfaction, and you can also increase order volumes and expand into new markets with ease. 

And as with the advantages, automation also has its own pitfalls. Stating the obvious is the overall cost. Procuring such services will cost you a lot. Some of it includes the upfront investment of the product that you want to sell, the tools that they will be using, the DFY services that their team will do for you and everything in between.

Another thing is the over-reliance on the said “automation”, bringing you to the question above. This automation doesn’t really teach the entrepreneur to be a “real” entrepreneur as they only rely on the service provider. They won’t grow individually in that regard.

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Ecommerce automation services offer a lot of potential for revolutionizing how businesses operate online, giving various benefits for ecommerce store owners. Solid Ecom Automation is just like any other ecommerce automation platform out there so I really can’t say if they have the competitive advantages among others. 

In my honest opinion, automation can be a cool added feature of your business, but in terms of you’ve done the work yourself at the start, and just streamlining to focus or start another business and continue the cash flow.

Starting your own business is more fun and exciting if you’re the one who builds it from the ground up. So I don’t recommend automation services to aspiring or start-up ecommerce store owners. They need to have the experience first so that they will also know how the ecommerce world works. 

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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