Sobeviral Reviews

We’re already in the modern technology era. With the rapid and nonstop advancement of our technology, the time where machines can overtake what normal people can do is never impossible. But what matters right now is how our technology can ease up any difficulties that we may encounter in our daily lives. 

Let’s take digital marketing as an example. With every click, you have the probability of having yourself a new client. Isn’t that just wonderful? But also in today’s era, the attention span of people has become lesser and lesser with new products and services popping out like mushrooms every single day, or just hours in that regard. 

Well, we can’t really blame these companies for doing just that because of the competition that they have to face in order to gain new customers and eventually some sales in the process. 

But, what if you can have that one special advertisement that even non-buyers will be enticed to check out the product or service that you have to offer? Eventually will buy some? And automated at that? You don’t need to do, or even click anything. Just the “pay” button for the service that you need to avail.

That’s what SobeViral’s mission is about—to help you grow and automate your business online. 

Ready to learn about digital marketing automation and more services that SobeViral has to offer? Hop in and continue reading my SobeViral review below.

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What is SobeViral?


SobeViral is an online platform that pledged to help business owners, agencies and companies scale up their businesses with the use of unique and specialized digital solutions. 

And by these specialized digital solutions, they have created a system that can fully automate the processes needed in order to have a thriving business such as lead generation, followed by conversion of these leads to clients, and then successfully closing deals at the end.

The Founder

SobeViral Founder - Tyler Narducci

Tyler Narducci founded SobeViral in 2015. Before establishing his first ever social media marketing agency, Tyler was in the music industry. A traveling musician and a music producer to be exact.

When he transitioned from a music producer to a digital marketer, he claimed to have helped thousands of businesses grow their online presence and increase their sales using Facebook ads. 

If you’re confused, the original online platform still exists. I think it is now only used for blog posting. By clicking the “Contact Us”, filling out the form and having a chance to talk to one of their sales representatives, they will just redirect you to the program that they offer, the Done For You Agency Program.

SobeViral has been rebranded to Done For You Agency or the ProfitPeakCo, where you can see the said program that they offer. Testimonials and the things that you have seen in SobeViral’s homepage are all in there also. 

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What SobeViral Has to Offer?

As said earlier, SobeViral or the ProfitPeakCo offers you an automated system that is created to assist people in starting and expanding their very own profitable online marketing agency. 

Even those without prior knowledge can launch their own digital marketing firm. And to free them up without having to make the time and money commitment generally needed to thrive online, their team of specialists has created tested strategies for product development, marketing, and sales.

They believe that the system that they created is foolproof because it is the cultivation of countless trials and errors, a lot of money invested just to create the perfect ingredient needed to help your business grow exponentially, or so they say.

Main Focus of the Program

Their Done For You Agency Program is an 8-week program which focuses on two core components that can make any business in any niche thrive  – automated lead generation and closing your deals on autopilot.

Automated Lead Generation

After they talk to you and know what kind of niche your business deals with, they’ll set you up with targeted lead generation campaigns. SobeViral have what they call contractors and trained cold callers to do all of these for you. 

These lead generation campaigns that they offer have multiple channels (4 to be exact) that need to be utilized for scalability.

First is they’ll set you up sales funnels that can qualify and optimize leads. They will also ensure that your newly generated leads are immediately scheduled into your calendar, filling any open slots that you may have.

Next is the trained cold callers that will follow up on your leads and set up appointments. The other two channels are custom LinkedIn outreach campaigns and custom cold email outreach campaigns that will also aid in setting up appointments for your business.

Closing Deals on Autopilot

Once you have a calendar full of appointments, it’s time to face them and sell yourself. Just kidding, it’s called autopilot for a reason. 

You don’t need to prepare any sales pitch and attend any of those meetings because their program will partner you up with a trained sales representative to do it all for you. They often call them the “high-ticket closers”, a person or a team that will cater to your sales calls and eventually close deals. 

These sales reps offer zero-commission services to boot. Meaning that you’ll be able to keep 100% of the profit all to yourself.

Taking into consideration that all run smoothly, all you need to do is think about how you’ll be scaling your business because you don’t need to worry about your channels getting outdated. Tyler’s lead generation and sales team will maintain, update and optimize your high-converting channels to cope with the volatility of the market.

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Membership Plans, Cost and Refund Policy

DFY Agency Membership

SobeViral’s DFY Agency Program is an eight week program with three(3) different membership plans called the DFY Agency Starter, Coach and Elite.

DFY Agency Starter 

DFY Agency Starter costs $2,000. It includes lifetime access to online training modules, plug-and-play agency lead generation funnels, agency sales training and sales script, templates, private Facebook group, ready to install chatbots for your website, and email program support.

DFY Agency Coach

It includes everything the Starter membership has with the addition of free weekly group funnel support and sales coaching for 8 weeks and a private Mastermind group. It costs roughly $6,000.

DFY Agency Elite

Aside from a custom funnel created for your agency and niche, ready-to-use case studies, access to an Elite-only contracting team, weekly one-on-one program support calls, and the ability to run Facebook ads into your funnels until you land your first significant client are all included in this membership plan, which also has everything else that the Coach membership has.This is also where you’ll be partnered up with their zero-commission “high-ticket closers”.

The plan costs more than $10,000

As for their refund policy, refunds are not available for any of their membership plans.

What People say About SobeViral

SobeViral User Reviews

SobeViral’s Trustpilot rate is 3.6 and has a 9% 1-star rating. If you’re gonna ask me, more than 5% 1-star rating is already significant enough to let you decide whether they do what they promise or not. 

Most people here complains about how SobeViral do things. The ads their posting has no result, “high-ticket closers” assigned to them can’t even close a deal, another one who signed up just to receive spam emails and nothing else. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Done-For-You Digital Marketing

You can call Done-For-You digital marketing a double-edged sword. While it has its benefits, it also has some drawbacks.


  • Saves Time – automating the processes saves you time and effort that you can use to do other things such as thinking of a way to scale your business, or simply just spend it with your family or friends.
  • Consistency – maintaining online presence while still being dextrous enough to adapt in any shifts in the market.
  • Scalability – as said earlier, once you have a foolproof system that does anything for you, you can think of scaling your business to greater heights.


  • Cost – all processes are done-for-you but everything’s come at a price. These are not for small businesses that have limited funds.
  • Dependency – when you rely on outside services, your company becomes reliant on those services. Your marketing efforts may suffer if there is a problem with their services.
  • Limited control – having less control over how your marketing plans are implemented on a daily basis could be problematic for you if you like to be in direct charge.

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Any growing business relies on lead generation, and if you’re ready to put in the effort, you don’t need automated systems—there are plenty of free online videos out there and programs that are considerably less expensive but still effective. If you have a tight budget, you might not want to add SobeViral’s program as one of your options.

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