Smart FBA Reviews

As a team working in the online digital space, we are no strangers to constant updates. Change is inevitable, and all we can do is adapt.

Amazon FBA is no different. If you are an Amazon store owner, you need to be aware of the updates to make adjustments accordingly, if at all necessary.

I am talking about the recent Amazon algorithm that just dropped recently. In particular, I am referring to the brand-new A10 algorithm that places more emphasis on seller authority, page interactions, and off-page activities.

Optimizing your strategy as a seller to account for these changes is a must if you want your listings to rank well. Out with the old, in with the new.

Alternatively, you could just let an Amazon automation program like Smart FBA do it for you. No need to keep up with updates when they are the ones running your store.

Curious about how this works? See our review below, where we take you through Smart FBA and its features.

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What Is Smart FBA?

Smart FBA Difference

Smart FBA is an Amazon automation program founded by Scott Hunt, Phillip Kramer, and Cohen Chorabik. Their claim to fame is providing their clients the option to access popular brand names at wholesale prices, including restricted ones such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and Michael Kors.

Founded in 2020, Smart FBA was able to grow into one of the more reputable programs in the e-commerce space. As of the time of writing this review, they have 312 Amazon stores under their management.

The Smart FBA Guidelines On Store Management

For effective Amazon store management, Smart FBA has provided a comprehensive guidelines to follow. In a way, we can determine what to expect with their Amazon automation service by looking at this.

Knowing the importance of product listing, Smart FBA optimizes it by using relevant, high quality photos and keywords, and writing a detailed and accurate product description. They will also monitor the market prices and hot offers, and adjust yours accordingly.

In handling customer’s ratings, they will use programs like Amazon’s Early Reviewer and Vine programs to encourage reviews from both customers and trusted reviewers. In case of negative ratings, they will take note of it, and respond promptly in a respectful way.

Finally, they will ensure that your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers are never out of stock by using Amazon’s inventory management tools and setting up automated inventory replenishment.

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The Founders Of Smart FBA

Smart FBA Founder

Scott Hunt is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Smart FBA. He is an academic achiever, earning his Bachelor of Science degree with the highest Latin honors.

He has numerous certifications in AI and machine learning before it was cool (and controversial if I may add). Besides Smart FBA, he is also the CEO of SWAT Optics and Apical Solar.

Meanwhile, Phillip Kramer is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Smart FBA. He left his job managing director/VP position in SBM Management Services to become the co-founder of Smart FBA.

Finally, Cohen Chorabik is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Smart FBA. He chose to pursue entrepreneurship and digital consulting over a cozy engineering job.

Out of the three founders, Cohen is the most present on their marketing videos, which is not astounding as he is the CMO. It is either him or Luke from the sales team.

How Does Smart FBA Works?

100% Amazon FBA

Smart FBA is one of those automation programs that uses “pure”, 100% Amazon FBA. In an unlisted YouTube video, they explained what it means on their day-to-day store operations.

To emphasize, Smart FBA will do all the work on setting up your account, hooking you up with brands, optimizing your listing, and keeping up with Amazon updates.

But they will let Amazon handle order fulfillment, including storing your inventory in their fulfillment centers.

This arrangement is illustrated in the five steps of the Amazon FBA process below.

Step one: Label products & send to Amazon.

Smart FBA will prepare and label all the products of your store, so that Amazon knows what you are sending them. Next, they will ship these products over to one or more Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Step two: Amazon stores products.

Amazon will take the entire shipment Smart FBA have sent and store them all within their fulfillment centers. In addition, they will organize each shipment accordingly.

Take note that Amazon is the one storing and organizing your shipment in their fulfillment centers, and not Smart FBA’s.

Step three: Customer purchases products online.

If a customer is browsing the Amazon Marketplace and made a purchase of one or more of your products, Amazon will be notified. Once a customer has placed their orders, Amazon will get it ready for the customer.

Step four: Amazon picks and packs products.

Amazon will pick the items from their warehouse (fulfillment centers), pack it in an appropriate box, and get it ready for shipment.

Step five: Amazon ships product to customer.

Amazon will ship the product directly to the customer and in the address the customer specified.

About Restricted Brands

Just so you know, unrestricted brands are products that anybody are able to list and sell freely. If you need a license to sell, then it is unrestricted.

In Smart FBA, they get their clients to choose what brand to sell, several of which are restricted brands. License cost is $1,250 per brand, or $1,000 if you are starting with at least three brands.

If the client does not have a particular brand in mind, they could tell the vision they have for their store, and Smart FBA will determine what is the appropriate brand for such.

Some brands are going to take a couple of weeks to get access to, and others are going to take months. Smart FBA encourages their clients to have patience along this process.

Benefits With Smart FBA

With Smart FBA, you will get a strategy that involves selling restricted brands and wholesaling.

They also lower the risk of your seller account getting suspended by not dropshippping using Walmart as the supplier. Retail arbitrage is prohibited, and they are responsible enough to not rely on it.

As mentioned already, Smart FBA is doing 100% FBA where they let Amazon do the entire order fulfillment. In general, it improves shipment tracking, customer delivery times, and customer ratings.

Smart FBA Sales

Finally, they are very transparent with their clients. They demonstrate it through sending monthly reports about sales, inventory, and profit per brand.

Bundles Offered By Smart FBA

In every bundle, you will need to pay $15k upfront for Smart FBA to begin the onboarding process and get your seller account ready. Each bundle also comes with online/premium support access.

Meanwhile, the difference among the bundles are listed below.

Basic Bundle

This is the cheapest package offered by Smart FBA priced at $20,000. You will get one restricted brand approval and profit sharing of 60/40, with you getting the 60%.

Elite Bundle

This is the mid-tier package for those who want to scale their stores sizeably. Price is $35,000, and comes with five restricted brand approvals and profit sharing of 70/30.

Executive Bundle

Touted as the top tier bundle for those looking to take their stores to the top, Executive Bundle costs $50,000. It comes with fifteen restricted brand approvals and profit sharing of 85/15.

Omni Channel

Last but certainly not the least is the all-in-one package in Omni Channel that costs $80,000. Besides the twenty restricted brand approvals and profit sharing of 85/15, it also comes with Poshmark and eBay store.

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Important Things You Need To Know About Smart FBA

Wholesale Over Private Label

With private label, you are going to use a generic product and sell it on the market by putting your own personal branding. While you have more product control and higher profit margin potential, doing this is risky and time-consuming.

In contrast, wholesale takes advantage of products made by well-established brands and selling it as-is. It typically requires higher spending while getting less profit margin potential, but it is less risky, and you can leverage the high search volumes of known brands.

Smart FBA uses the wholesale model as they believe it is more reliable and easier to duplicate within their client stores. According to them, it needs little to no ad budget as well.

Additional Cost Requirements

Smart FBA heavily encourage replenishing inventory every month, regardless of your current inventory levels. This means recurring expenses of at least $1,000 monthly.

Their sister company, Smart Wholesale, will also charge a fee depending on your bundle for packing/prepping dues. It is more or less $150 every month.

Ultimately, you also need to consider that cost of tools like Tax Jar and Repricer, Amazon charges, and contract renewal fees.

Reviews About The Program

Reviews about Smart FBA are mostly positive. Many are pleased with the onboarding process, how they handle communications, and how competent and reliable they are as a team.

Smart FBA Reviews

Unlike typical Amazon automation programs, Smart FBA are also honest and realistic with their income claims. They do not exaggerate figures and tell pretty lies just to sell their service.

So far, many clients have their expectations met or better. Many have expressed how trusting Smart FBA is the best business decision they have ever made.

Smart FBA Complaints

However, there are also a handful of complaints against Smart FBA posted on BBB. But I would not hold it against them since they are either resolved or it is a case of a client being “difficult” and getting the wrong idea that this business opportunity is a get rich quick scheme.

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As an aspiring ‘Zonpreneur, it is important to do your due diligence before trusting programs to run an Amazon store for you. With so many bad actors in the e-commerce space, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Based from our research, we do not think you will be sorry with Smart FBA. It is a legitimate Amazon automation program that uses 100% Amazon FBA and none of the shady retail arbitrage stuff.

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