Ship 30 For 30 Review

Dickie Bush And Nicolas Cole

Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole are one of the few people who knows how challenging being a writer is. Simply put, even if you love writing, you’ll eventually become stuck, and the ideas in your brain won’t flow out.

Writer’s block is real, and even the best writers suffer from it. And the fact that there are a lot of digital distractions nowadays isn’t helping. But all hope is not lost.

Bush and Cole have created a training program to assist writers, beginners and experts alike, to not only learn how to make money through writing, but to also help writers to overcome the various challenges that hinder their output.

This training program has certainly caught my attention, but I’m still quite skeptical. Here’s my Ship 30 For 30 review.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Ship 30 For 30?

Ship 30 For 30

Ship 30 For 30 initially started as an online challenge devised by Dickie Bush, who came up with this to add some extra accountability for himself. Upon posting this on his social media platforms, however, he was surprised that a lot of writers also needed a challenge like this to provide the extra push that they needed to write.

So Bush initially put up an unofficial Slack group for this challenge. The challenge succeeded splendidly due to the number of people joining. From there, Ship 30 For 30 grew from an informal challenge to a full-fledged course.

The basic premise of Ship 30 For 30 is that, in the course of 30 days, you’re going to publish 30 short essays, each composed of 200+ words. Thus the name, Ship 30 For 30 (“Ship”, meaning publish, and “30 For 30”, meaning 30 write-ups in 30 days).

And to help the writers achieve their goals for this program, Ship 30 For 30 also has live coaching lessons, where the mentors themselves will give feedback to the students for their work during the entire course’s run, and even provide some lessons on how to greatly improve their productivity.

While the online course is intended for beginners in writing, writers of all levels can benefit from this.

For beginners, Ship 30 For 30 can help them build their foundation for digital writing, by teaching the fundamentals as well as how they can be much more confident in their writing skills. For veteran writers, the program can encourage them to be more consistent with their writing, as well as how they can deal with mental roadblocks that a lot of writers always face, such as procrastination, and other distractions like overthinking, perfectionism, etc.

While Ship 30 For 30 may seem like any other online writing course out there, the claim that their emphasis on camaraderie between writers is what sets them apart. It’s considered an important element for them as writers can get their feedback and motivation from each other as they go along, hence why they insist on a pairing system during the challenge.

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Who Are The Founders Of Ship 30 For 30?

The creators of the Ship 30 For 30 Program are Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole.

Dickie Bush

As far as their personal life is concerned, not much is revealed about Dickie Bush. He is, however, a late-bloomer in content writing, as he just started this career path back in 2020. Nevertheless, it was an excellent time for him, since he could dedicate himself to writing during that time as many people were barred from going out of their homes anyway.

Dickie Bush came up with the idea of writing 30 short posts for 30 days, which laid the foundation of the Ship 30 For 30 course. He wanted to develop the habit of writing everyday, and he posted his idea on X (formerly Twitter) to add some public accountability. He never really expected that other people would also find this a good idea, which led him to develop his online course.

As to why he chose short posts? Because during that time, he noticed that the “conventional” ways of starting your online writing career weren’t working for him. The articles that he were writing didn’t have a very wide reach, which is what’s really needed. Therefore, he decided to write shorter posts instead.

Nicolas Cole

By comparison, his business partner, Nicolas Cole, is a well-established writer from the start. He’s been writing online since he was 17 years, and he wrote several guides and blogs for the online “World of Warcraft”, on which he was noted to be one of the top players there.

One notable phrase that he remembered during his college days was from his own professor, in which he stated:

“The world of blogging is a trend and will never be a credible source of writing.”

This didn’t sit well with him because he’s already an established blogger. So, owing to this, he switched schools and studied creative writing and literature in college. SPOILER: His former professor was proven wrong.

After he graduated, he worked as a copywriter for a marketing agency. While it was lucrative, it wasn’t really Nicolas’ thing. He prefers to be a book author.

So he became a writer on Quora, a social question-and-answer website, and started to earn money through its partner program. Today, he’s now one of the top writers on the Quora platform. And he was earning enough from it that he was able to quit his copywriting job and become a full-time freelance writer.

How Did The Partnership Of Dickie Bush And Nicolas Cole Start?

Dickie and Nicolas first got to know each through while Dickie was going through his own “30 For 30” writing challenge. During their conversations, they realized that both of them also had the same experiences and hurdles as a writer.

It was also during this time that succeeding in the challenge (and further improving themselves as a writer) can be made much easier if you do it with other people. Thus, to increase the success rate for their challenge, they decided to team up.

Eventually, they were able to recruit even more people to do the challenge as well as to build a support community and to get more audience feedback. And that is how Ship 30 For 30 went from a simple one-man challenge to a full-on training program.

What Can You Get From Joining Ship 30 For 30?

The main assignment that you’re going to do upon enrolling at Ship 30 for 30 is you’re going to write a total of 30 short posts, each with a different topic, for 30 days.

To accomplish that, they will first pair you with an experienced writer, which will then act as your mentor, and will help you be accountable for the challenge. In addition, you’ll be given access to various training aids that are freely viewable on their website.

The first one is access to a total of 8 live training sessions that usually last for an hour. These live sessions are also recorded, so if you missed one session, or if you just need a refresher, you can always go back and watch it again.

In addition, you can also watch the previous training sessions that happened before you enrolled in the course, in case you missed something. This is equivalent to over 100 hours of training content.

The second inclusion you’ll get from Ship 30 For 30 comes in the form of several lessons that give further explanation on the topics that are discussed during the live sessions. It’s composed of 16 modules, which amounts to 20 hours of educational content.

The third inclusion you’ll get is premium access to TypeShare, a writing platform that is founded by Dickie Bush. In TypeShare, you can get all sorts of writing templates, swipes, and examples that you can freely use in case you’re at a loss of ideas on what to write for different cases. Normally, getting full access to the TypeShare platform costs a fee, but when you’re enrolled in Ship 30 For 30, it’s free of charge.

Finally, you’ll also have weekly Q&A sessions with your mentors to further reinforce everything that you’ve learned during this course, so no one gets left behind.

How Much Does Ship 30 For 30 Cost?

Ship 30 For 30 offers two options for their training program.

You can pay a one-time fee of $800. Or you can avail of their two-payment plan wherein you first pay $400 for the first month, then pay the remaining $400 on the second.

They also have a no-questions-asked refund policy in place, in case you changed your mind. But you first need to complete all of its 16 modules within 14 days.

Conclusion: Is Ship 30 For 30 Worth It?

Ship 30 For 30 Icon

At its core, I think Ship 30 For 30 is a great online training program if you want to further hone your skills as a writer.

A common misconception about writers is that it’s an easy job. But it’s actually harder than it looks.

You have to write in such a way so as the message that you want to deliver to your readers is clear and concise, and that you need to have a masterful knowledge of the subject that you’re writing. Doing all of that research, plus looking for the right words to type in, can be tiring. And this is the primary cause of writer’s block and procrastination.

Ship 30 For 30 can be a good training program for any writer who wants to overcome the various mental blocks that happen during the writing process.

The only drawback of this course is its price. Although it might not seem like it, it’s actually pretty expensive for the content that it delivers. Still, it could be an investment for anyone who wants to build a career out of digital writing.

Although being a writer may not be the best business out there if you want to earn some serious money.

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