Shawn Joshi Review

Google has played a transformative role in the digital era, shaping how people access and interact with information online. And they have introduced Google Business Profile to help business owners be known. Establishing your own Google Business Profile is one way of letting people know your presence, the products and services that you offer, how they can contact you to avail such products and services, your website, hours of operation and many more.

Letting customers leave a review on your profile adds to your credibility, and since Google is the most used search engine all across the globe, more people will be aware of the products and services that you offer, which can possibly be your customers in the future.

We now know the benefits of having our own Google Business Profiles, but do you know that it can still be improved one way or the other? Well, that’s what Shawn Joshi did. He created a plan that lets GBP users optimize their profiles to gain more customers. 

If you’re curious about the Google Business Execution Plan and the Google Ads Profit Multiplier that Shawn Joshi has to offer, carry on and read my review below.

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Shawn Joshi Overview

Shawn Joshi 2

Shawn Joshi was born in Calgary, Canada and also got his Bachelor in Finance in University of Calgary. Based on the timeline that he shared in his LinkedIn account, we can immediately tell how passionate he is in the business side of things. While he’s studying, he served as the President of Nimbus Marketing Solutions Inc., where he created and managed online affiliate campaigns. The most notable work he has done during that time is when he generated a traffic stream of over 80,000 unique visitors by utilizing only a single article marketing campaign. 

Next is the time he spent with Vovia as the SEO and CRO Specialist where it served as a catalyst for realizing that the world of business is vast. Shawn had the chance to work with companies in different industries. Some of them are insurance companies, oil and gas barons, home building and many more. He’s the one responsible for making significant changes for the company’s website to be seen more by visitors and optimizing those changes to increase the percentage of said visitors turned into customers.

With the skills and experiences he has built and enhanced over the past years, he decided to start his own company, Quantive, where he’s the Digital Marketing Consultant. They are the ones who help business owners cope with the fast-paced evolving of digital marketing. Shawn’s keeping up with all of this while being the Search, Analytics and Digital Media Director of Evans Hunt, Calgary’s creative digital agency for a short amount of time. Maybe just to explore more.

Shawn now focuses on Google Business Profile optimization and Google and Facebook Ads to help both small and experienced business owners, companies be more visible to everyone all around the world.

And he has certifications issued by Google Ads to back his claims up. The same year in 2022, he got his Advanced Search and Advanced Display Certification. 

Google Business Profile vs. SEO

Google Business Profile

Most people tend to mix GBP and SEO as one but each of them are distinct and play an important role in any business’ digital marketing strategy. Yes, they are both related to online visibility but a Google Business Profile is more focused on local business listings, your business’ information like address, contact number, reviews by clients, posting updates and photos. 

While SEO on the other hand tackles a wider range of strategies to improve a business’ website’s overall visibility in search engine results. By raising your website’s position in search results, it aims to enhance organic traffic coming to your site. 

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Shawn Joshi’s Programs

Now we’re finally here to discuss the programs that Shawn has to offer, The Google Business Execution Plan and the Google Ads Profit Multiplier. 

Google Business Execution Plan

Being able to know the power of Google Business Profile is not enough. Sometimes you won’t get the results that you want. Maybe you’re too scared because it may take up much of your time and money, but fear not. Shawn has developed an execution plan just for you. 

It is a step by step guide to utilizing your own Google Business Profiles which will eventually double or triple your customers, without paying thousands of bucks monthly to agencies and is backed by risk-free guarantee, courtesy of Shawn himself.

Shawn created 4 phases for the Execution Plan that you must follow and the first item on the list is Profile Optimization. He will give you a checklist of all the features that need optimization in your Profile. It will show you the ropes on how to geo-tag your photos and get your profile verified in difficult markets.

Next is Citations where he offers you a guide on creating citations together with a comprehensive collection of citation sources, arranged geographically and by industry. He also provides advice on how to acquire an advantage in any market.

The third phase is Review Velocity. Shawn will educate you with the strategies and tools for automating the review process, and how to execute them properly and systematically to make the generation of reviews in your profile faster. It also teaches you how to get reviews in sensitive industries (the most famous anonymous sender/member).

Lastly is what he called the E3 Formula. This is where Shawn shares the templates and examples on how to leverage a google business post, increasing your presence on Search and Maps and simple methods on how to increase the engagement rates on your profile.

All you need to do after you finish all of these phases is to track your results. 

The cost of Google Business Execution Plan is $79.

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Google Ads Profit Multiplier

It is a step by step process to double or even triple your profit with the use of Google Ads. It is a set of processes Shawn created for running effective Google Ads campaigns and its goal is to increase any business owner’s profitability. 

You can have lifelong access to the 6 modules included in this program.

Module one is about Mental Models, how to win with Ads. It discusses why principles are more effective than tactics, demonstrates to you how to apply system thinking to your campaigns, putting your offers in front of the right audience and how to avoid letting your feelings influence your choices.

Second module is the Google Ads Primer. A guide on the Google Ads platform, together with a brief explanation on how the auction works and choosing what’s the optimal structure for your campaigns.

Third module is about Goals and Tracking. Shawn will guide you on how you will optimize your Google Ads based on your set metrics, he designed a specific calculator to forecast your results with Google Ads, and also offer guidance on conversion tracking and optimization.

Fourth module is about Research and Targeting. He’ll show you the 80/20 approach to keyword research and how to create audience projections for YouTube and display ads, choose the best targeting options based on your campaign type and will teach you how to use the spy tools to unlock valuable insights.

Second to last tackles Campaign Building. From building skeleton campaigns to knowing how to optimize your ad groups to get massive click-through rates by writing search ads to applying the best approaches on creating ad on display and YouTube, Shawn has all the templates and tools that you can use.

And lastly, the Optimization part. It includes nine strategies for optimizing your campaign and each has descriptions on when is the proper time to use them. Shawn also shared his personal playbook for optimizing with filters, his 3 ways to scale and how to completely automate your campaign management. 

The Google Ads Profit Multiplier costs $439.


The Google Business Execution plan includes some bonuses like the Engagement Overdrive which is a report that outlines a single tactic that can be used as a force multiplier for your profile, Weekly Micro Insights which are small but powerful ways to improve your marketing and a special bonus called the Crisis Letter, that includes a marketing framework for economic downturns.

Google Ads Profit Multiplier has the Conversion Rocket Report, which provides eight simple methods for converting visitors into customers and free updates for life, without upsells.

Pros and Cons


Both offer lifetime access and free updates. In addition to that, he ensures you that no upsells will be sent as spam all throughout. He also offers a risk-free guarantee, that states that you can try each program for 7-days, and if you’re unhappy with the results, you can personally email him and your refund will be processed within the next 24 hours.


There’s no support groups available and all modules are pre-recorded videos made by Shawn himself. There will be no direct contact whatsoever. And the program only deals with Google Ads. 

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While Shawn has success stories of himself making use of the systems he developed that has helped countless of business owners and companies out there, you may find it difficult to look for stories of people who used the exact same system and found success in it. That’s what I’m worried about. 

But everything is good when you’re promised a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with where things are going after trying out his programs. 

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