Seller Circle Review

There are a lot of side hustles out there that you can enter to have some additional income aside from your day job. You can invest in real estate, doing and posting online contents, affiliate marketing, online coaching, e-commerce and many more. But you need to know your own skills, interests and also your limits before entering any of these.

Amazon FBA has gained some attention recently because of the freedom it can offer. Setting up an online store, without having to stock or have a warehouse for your products, plus they’re the ones who will take care of all of the process like packing, delivering and even answers to customer queries and product returns is such a bliss. 

Seller Circle has studied and experienced Amazon FBA for years and now they’re ready to let you in for the tricks, strategies and methods that they developed to successfully leverage the benefits of Amazon FBA. 

Ready to know what you can learn from them? Continue reading on my Seller Circle review below.

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Seller Circle

Seller Circle Offer

Seller Circle is an online platform created by Jake Burden. It is a one-stop shop that will show you how to turn Amazon selling into your next lucrative side or maybe full-time business, still your choice. Regardless if you’re new or already have an existing business with Amazon, Seller Circle will provide everything that you require. They are equipped with devoted Amazon specialists that are always available to assist you every step of the way, and will let you know dozens of profitable leads that you can leverage every single day.

Who is Jake Burden?

Seller Circle

Jake Burden is a 21-year old lad that’s been doing Amazon for almost 4 years now. He always had the businessman heart and mindset in him ever since he was little. 

His mom works in a bank and his dad was self-employed so there’s no one in the family who really is in the business side of things. Jake calls himself the “weird” one because ever since, he’s the adventurous type, and he’s also fond of survival. Paracords used in parachutes are thin but sturdy cords and some idea lit in his head.

When he was 10 years old, Jake used to make and sell paracord bracelets. He’s been selling them near Airbnbs and one weekend, when there was a fair in the city, he made £300 selling those paracord bracelets. That’s a core memory for him, being able to get that much cash in his childhood days, but more importantly, it’s the process and progress that he made for himself. He thought of an idea, made action, and had a good outcome out of it.

Jake still has that entrepreneurial instinct that helped him achieve the success that he’s experiencing up until now through Amazon FBA and Wholesaling. And now, he wants to share his expertise and wisdom to all of you wanting to start or already have a running business in Amazon to achieve greater heights and financial freedom.

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Amazon FBA and Amazon Wholesaling

Amazon FBA or “Fulfillment By Amazon” is a service offered by Amazon that allows third-party sellers/business owners store their products inside Amazon’s fulfillment centers. After that is like owning an automation factory for yourself.

They’re the one who holds, picks, packs, and delivers your product once a customer orders for it. They are also the ones who address customer support and take care of product return if necessary. All you have to do is pay, and you’re good to go. You can focus on more relevant stuff like researching for the next product trend, expanding your business and many more.

Wholesaling can also leverage Amazon FBA’s advantages. You’ll buy products in bulk, but you don’t need to have your own warehouse for that, because Amazon has it for you. You just need to take note of what products can lead to better profit margins so that you won’t lose some money in the process.

Programs Offered by Seller Circle

The Retail and Online Arbitrage

The basic part of Amazon FBA is learning how to do Retail and Online Arbitrage. Seller Circle will fill you in with information regarding the latest product trends, where to buy, how to set the profit margins so that you can predict when you’ll be able to get your ROI and really start earning money after it.

From starting to expanding your online store business, Seller Circle will be with you every step of your Amazon FBA online store journey, giving guidance and assistance. They also offer 24/7 live chats where you can talk with some of their Amazon experts and grant you access to informative Q&A sessions held every single week.

The Amazon Wholesale Mentorship Program

Joining Amazon Wholesale Mentorship Program lets you utilize Amazon FBA to its full potential with wholesale sourcing. Wholesale is the way to go, whether you have experience with Amazon arbitrage or are just trying to turn Amazon FBA into your full-time, scalable business.

The team inside Seller Circle has already found and listed countless registered wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, even private brands that you can choose from, leveraging the niche that you picked, and allowing you to buy those products at a competitive and profitable price. 

They believed that the only way to make Amazon FBA a scalable, long-lasting, and perhaps full-time business is through wholesale sourcing.

It offers 1:1 chat support, over 100 individual and digestible lessons/pre-recorded videos made by their team and also by the community of like-minded people in the same industry and weekly live Q&A workshops.

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The Affiliate Program

They also offer an affiliate program. Every person that uses your link to sign up for Seller Circle membership subscription, you’re guaranteed £15 commission. Maybe this is only for people who used your link and signed up for a monthly membership subscription that only costs £49.99. But there’s no limit to the number of people that you can sign up, so keep raking in using your affiliate link.

Costs of the Programs and Refund Policy

The Retail and Online Arbitrage have 3 different payment options. They have a monthly subscription that costs £49.99 if you’re wishing to experiment and see how it goes for you. A 3-month membership that costs £129.99 that saves you almost £20 and a lifetime membership that costs £799.99 if you’re devoted and have chosen to do Amazon FBA in the long run plus it includes an exclusive chat feature where you can chat with the team of Amazon experts. 

The Amazon Wholesale Mentorship Program costs a one-time payment of £999.99. And take note that it is only for the course fee. Getting into Amazon, buying your inventory is another thing that you need to pay for. 

The Affiliate Program doesn’t necessarily require you to pay for a subscription but it may help you gather people who want to be part of Seller Circle if you paid one for yourself. Sounds about right?

Seller Circle doesn’t offer any refunds to any of the programs they offer because once you avail for it, they are all digital resources that cannot be taken back if you decided to quit. You can always cancel your membership anytime through your Seller Circle account, but don’t expect that you’ll get the money you paid.

What People Say About Seller Circle

Most people that have tried Seller Circle’s programs have been very productive and have loved how the team systematically manages everything. They’ve been on-hand, helping people from setting up their respective Amazon FBA accounts, to setting up their online stores, to making sure that they’re actually seen. Answering queries from the private community in their discord server, pushing each and every individual towards success. Plus, the digestible lessons can be easily understood and followed through. 

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It is always important to take note that first, ROI in Amazon won’t come back that easily. And second the profit after earning your ROI, is another long wait. So making business with Amazon is not some quick cash tactic. Third, aside from paying and making use of Seller Circle’s services, you also need to have the money in buying your inventory, the services of Amazon FBA and other stuff.

Amazon can be a lucrative side hustle but you must be aware that it is already a very saturated market. One can say that you can still earn money from Amazon, but it will take time, a lot of patience and also hard work before you achieve the goal that you’ve set in this kind of business.

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If you’re looking for a real business which can help you make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation. 

This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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