Sarah Long Marketing Review

Being in the real estate industry can be rewarding, that’s for sure, but agents face different kinds of struggles on a daily basis. For starters, buying or selling their first property can be a little overwhelming for them, hence they feel a rollercoaster of emotions.

It can also be because of the fluctuating income since it is a commission-based job. Market volatility also comes with this issue, because the market is subjected to rapid changes. There are economic downturns, economic fluctuations and shifts on local housing demand can impact an agent’s ability to sell a property.

Negotiating deals requires finesse and understanding the motivations of both buyers and sellers. and not every lead will convert into a sale. And all of these things can be due to a faulty pipeline.

And if you’re a real estate agent having sleepless nights because of some, if not all of these reasons, then you’re not alone.

This One’s Much Better

You got into real estate to have freedom, a great income and all the flexibility you ever wanted, while serving awesome, ideal clients with their American Dream and the largest financial transaction of their lives, But along the way, you realized that building a successful business is not as simple as you’d thought”, says Sarah Long.

Sarah Long is the founder of Sarah Long Marketing Strategies and the creator of the Sales Volume Marketing Machine system. She has now aided real estate professionals in rising to the top 1% of agents countrywide, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their businesses and generating billions of dollars in sales.

This is how her sales funnel works. “There are so many out there telling agents to just keep on cold-calling, even if they’re on the DNC list. Or just keep posting silly videos and a list of things to do in the area.”

Some are stuck with the 70s-80s market, who keep asking their warm market to get some referrals for their business or just personally door-knock every house that has a door. Just keep going, and perhaps whatever you are doing right now will pay off around this time next year.

But no, these styles on how to get clients are for the old generation. It’s not as potent as it is for today’s market. So Sarah will correct your mindset and tactics to be able to gain at least 5-10 listings a month. 

As a real estate agent, you know that your business counts on your steady stream of clients. They need you to be their expert guide on what form the 99% of the population, the largest financial transaction of their lives. 

Your client trusts you, to get them the best possible result when they’re buying and selling. And you should take your share of responsibility seriously. They need YOU, not some other agent that just doesn’t care.”, she says.

But if your marketing doesn’t reach the right people and clearly demonstrates your expert value, not only are they ending up with some fly-by agent just cutting corners, your business is running stagnant. 

You’ll know that until you’ve turned your marketing around, your sales volume is still stuck on a rollercoaster to nowhere.”, she continued. 

This One’s Much Better

Sarah helps real estate agents across the country 4x+ their sales volume by focusing on the metric that matters, sales. They work with their clients to put proven strategies in place to get true return of investments on their marketing

No more cold-calling, door-knocking, flimsy referral-making, complicated funnels, and most importantly, no more discounting your commissions. “With my simple five-step process, my clients are able to completely transform their businesses, taking their sales volume to seven, eight or even nine-figures. Without working around the clock or waiting years to get results.”, Sarah explains.

For over seven years, my clients have been able to not just reach their goals, but surpass them, with billions and billions of real estate sold across the United States. Most importantly, they did this faster than they ever thought possible without focusing their lives to the grind because we focus on strategies on scalable growth.”

You can book a free 45-minute strategy call on their website to know more about the program’s five simple steps and the cost that they offer, since there’s no mention about it on their website. 

This One’s Much Better