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When starting a business in the e-commerce industry, it is vitally important that you know the ups and the downs — your e-commerce model and what you decide to sell, planning the business including the name and your branding, making your website, sourcing and developing your products or services — the list may go on from basic information to the most advance ones.

With this generation during the pandemic and post-pandemic times, it is undeniable that e-commerce businesses really took off. People learned to utilize the internet in buying almost everything (food, clothing, toiletries– you name it!). Many people have installed different e-commerce apps, turned to different websites, platforms looking for things they needed to buy. Even with an additional cost, it undoubtedly compensated the effort of going outside, either using your car by taking a bus. People found convenience in buying online.

Aiming to establish a consistent and sustainable source of passive income and help clients to escape the exhausting and competitive routine is what Sandi Ecom is offering. If this concept is something that captured your attention, continue scrolling down to find out more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sandi Ecom in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Anthony Sandi , the founder of Sandi Ecom, had always been an entrepreneurial at heart. He asserts a strong aspiration to achieve self-made success and freedom as a business owner. His passion started during his adolescence years that eventually made him accomplished over 4 million dollars in sales with his e-commerce stores at the age of 25, generating over 8 figures online and established several marketing agencies managing client’s online stores.


Sandi Ecom is based on Sun City, Arizona that classifies themselves as an e-commerce growth agency as well as an automation company that promotes financial freedom by having a passive income and with the use of e-com automation. On one of the videos posted on his Instagram, they do e-commerce automation not just with the goal of scaling up but also with the strategy of scaling sideways — where in instead of having only one store do $10K or $100K a month, they have 70 plus clients that scale sideways to as many stores using as many partners and all doing $10K, $15K a month or maybe even more.

What they do is to help their clients by overseeing product research, acquisition, listings, shipping, handling returns, processing refunds, and providing customer support while you, as the client, would not have to be involved in it’s daily management. You will be owning your business with the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want as they run your business for you. The freedom to live in your own terms as they advertise. Now, I know what you might be thinking. At what cost?

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To better understand, let’s have a quick overview of these two.

Traditional investments refers to putting money into well-known assets anticipating increases in capital value, dividends, and interest returns. (Real estate, equity shares, bonds, etc.). On the other hand, E-commerce automation utilizes technology for e-commerce activities such as managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and communicating with customers.

To which what Sandi Ecom exactly promotes that unlike traditional investments that has low investment returns, takes decades to build wealth and takes a lot of time to manage; E-com Automation takes only a few years to build wealth with high returns on investment while being completely automated for you.


With promoting E-com Automation’s promising future, Sandi Ecom is also taking advantage of the services of the top E-com platforms which are Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and Walmart with the use of Drop-Shipping and growing Organic Sales.

What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-shipping involves an individual or a company selling products on their website without keeping the goods in stock. Unlike other e-commerce businesses wherein, they would have the products already on-hand , waiting for someone to buy it and then ship it once it is sold. With Drop-Shipping, they would send those orders to another company (like a supplier) so that they can ship the goods directly to the buyer like a middleman.
Both models actually have their pros and cons, you just have to delve in to them deeper to know which best suits your business.

What is Organic Sales?

Organic sales are the money a company makes from its regular day-to-day activities, without any external factors influencing it. Determining the sales that come from the company’s regular operations and those from external sources will enable them to see how much money the company is making from its core activities. This helps analyze all aspects of the company’s basics more effectively, including but not limited to:

⦁ Profit margins
⦁ Working capital
⦁ Cash flows
⦁ Return on Assets
⦁ Return on Invested Capital

As these platforms only allows one person to have one account (and sometimes address), they can expand and scale their operations by partnering with you, selling a variety of products from different US suppliers like gadgets, apparel, home products, etc.

With these platforms, they will be handling the following for you:

⦁ Onboarding Process
⦁ LLC, EIN, support
⦁ Store creation
⦁ Back end store set up on the platform
⦁ Product research, analysis and listings
⦁ Order processing and repricing
⦁ Inventory management
⦁ Confirmation of shipping and tracking
⦁ Management of claims and chargebacks
⦁ Processing and handling infringement claims

Now, the start up process may take 1-2 weeks. Based on the number of platforms you’re using, the onboarding will typically involve 2-6 calls with your account managers. These sessions aim to gather all necessary information for each store.

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Sandi Ecom prides to have overall profit margins tower compared to other platforms because of their zero advertising cost. The product listing are from 1-10 every day on Facebook store, 15 to 30 per month on Etsy and 10’s of thousands on Walmart Store depending on the budget.

The typical profit margin falls within the range of 20% to 40%. Highest profit they were able to land was on Etsy with 60% and the lowest is at 15% enabling them to increase sales volume, leading to them to higher profit margins.

Conversely, it’s worth noting that a return on your investment can be observed within 9-15 months. Given the distinct nature of each eCommerce store and investment partner, actual outcomes may differ.

Pay outs

Meanwhile, pay outs will depend on the platform that you will be using. Initial pay out will be received five days following the delivery of your first customer’s order. With Facebook, pay outs are being sent daily while Walmart pays out every 2 weeks. And with Etsy they start out sending pay outs weekly and then daily in the later months.


We cannot deny the fact that the reason why we are checking these opportunities is because most us do want that financial freedom and being the boss of your very own business.

In order to start a business with them, they you would need to provide an initial investment and maintain a working capital. Found on their website are the the following packages on working capital that you can avail.

Getting Your Feet Wet Package – in this package, you will need a minimum of $3000.
Ready To Ramp Up Package – a minimum of $5000 will be needed for this package.
Trifecta Package – with this package, At least $10,000 is required for you to start up.

Still, it is highly preferrable for them that you have a robust income or with a financial profile that wants to build or expand into the online world. It is recommended that you book a consultation first via their website or via phone call.


Searching through their website and checking their social media platforms really does entice you in clicking that Book a Consultation button. Without a doubt, they were able to produce positive feedbacks and comments from their clients.

However, even though they are encouraging people to take calculated risk, a risk is still a risk. It is still an investment that only people who are fully equipped can have the opportunity to take a chance. An investment when things can scale up or down in just a snap.

When venturing out with an E-com businesses, you have to be financially and mentally prepared for whatever may happen. You cannot entirely depend on a business in which you are not fully involved and just let someone, no matter how expert they are, runs it.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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