Ryze Automation Reviews

Ryze Automation Reviews

Automation transforms e-commerce by making processes more efficient. It speeds up order processing, manages inventory in real-time, and improves customer service through chatbots and automated emails. Personalization benefits from recommendation engines analyzing customer data, while marketing and advertising efforts are optimized with email and ad campaign automation.

Price optimization, data analysis, secure payments, and streamlined shipping contribute to operational excellence. In addition, automation also plays a crucial role in returns, refunds, and fraud prevention. Altogether, adopting automation empowers e-commerce businesses to offer a better customer experience, drive growth, and enhance profitability.

As per Ryze Automation, they claim to work for you by finding winning products that people are already searching for, they list that products on Amazon and they you will just wait for the profit to knock on your door.

Sounds too good to be true? When it does, maybe it is.

Let’s see what we have regarding Ryze Automation in this review.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ryze Automation in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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Ryze Automation

Ryze Automation Reviews

Let me start off this review that unfortunately, there are no information available regarding its owner nor its founder.

Ryze Automation, which is based in Dallas, Texas, is an ecom automation company that claims to be an Amazon Automation Experts that can help you build your online store, of course via Amazon, and make it a functional and sustainable business that can get you out the 9-5 rat race. With the promise of the work life balance dream and the freedom to do the things that you love whenever you want to, Ryze Automation will be with you every step of your way.

They also asserts that  you could be an owner of a new Amazon FBA that fives 30% profit each month.

Ryze Automation’s website is similar to other Amazon FBA services, featuring a noticeable video introduction on the homepage. To start using their services, you fill out a form with your contact details. After you submit the form, the Ryze Automation team contacts you to schedule a phone call where they discuss your business needs and goals. This personalized approach helps determine if their services are a good fit for your requirements, ensuring a beneficial partnership.

How it works?

Ryze Automation Reviews

They have three super easy simple steps for you.

Phase 1: Discover products that individuals are actively seeking

A smart e-commerce strategy involves focusing on products that people are actively looking for. By identifying these popular items, businesses can better meet customer needs. This includes doing thorough market research, using keywords and online tools to understand what people are searching for in a specific category.

Keeping an eye on social media trends, customer reviews, and industry forums also helps uncover emerging product interests. This proactive approach not only keeps businesses ahead of market trends but also increases the chances of successful product launches and more engagement from customers. Overall, concentrating on products that are already in demand sets the stage for a responsive and customer-focused e-commerce strategy.

Phase 2: Creating listings for products on Amazon

Creating product listings on Amazon involves presenting items for sale in a detailed way. This includes writing engaging product descriptions, choosing good quality images, setting prices, and providing essential details like product dimensions and specifications.

It’s important to optimize product titles with relevant keywords and accurately categorize them for better visibility. Sellers use Amazon’s tools to manage inventory, track sales, and adjust prices. Having compelling and trustworthy listings is crucial for attracting customers, improving the shopping experience, and boosting sales in Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Phase 3: Once orders begin to come in, they manage all aspects of the process on your behalf

When you receive orders, our dedicated team handles everything smoothly for you. From confirming orders to packing, shipping, and delivery, we take care of the entire process efficiently. We go beyond just the transaction by tracking orders, managing customer inquiries, and addressing any concerns that come up.

Our comprehensive service ensures your orders are well-managed, letting you concentrate on other aspects of your business with assurance. This all-in-one service not only simplifies the logistics of order fulfillment but also enhances the customer experience, promoting loyalty and satisfaction.

Simple or too simple?

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In addition, they market their company by being:

  • Fully Automated

Each step is carefully designed to work independently, reducing the need for constant manual supervision. This involves using algorithms, artificial intelligence, and robotics to perform tasks efficiently and accurately. Whether it’s processing data, making decisions, or executing tasks, a fully automated system can handle a variety of functions without needing continuous human attention.

This not only speeds up processes and improves accuracy but also allows human resources to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of business. Full automation is about using technology to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and often save costs in different industries and sectors.

  • Low Startup Cost

This affordability makes it possible for people or small teams with limited money to start their own businesses. Also, having low startup costs means less financial risk, so entrepreneurs can try things out, change their business plans, and adapt without a big financial burden.

In the end, the idea of low startup costs makes it easier for a variety of people to start businesses, encouraging new ideas and businesses from different backgrounds.

  • No Advertising Costs

The absence of advertising costs can be particularly advantageous for startups, small businesses, or individuals with limited budgets, allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas. While no advertising costs may suggest a reliance on non-paid methods, it doesn’t diminish the importance of effective marketing strategies in raising awareness, building brand reputation, and driving sustained growth over time.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Ryze Automation offers a full refund within 12 months if you did weren’t able to get back the upfront payment you made them. However, it is not specified if it would be “per condition” basis or a “no questions ask” policy.


With the objective is to achieve a return on investment (ROI) ranging between 20% to 30% within a relatively short timeframe of two weeks, they will be requesting you to check a box confirming whether you can invest $15,000. This indicates that it is a high-ticket service with that much of a minimum.


Apparently, I have found some complaints about Ryze Automation that are noteworthy and will help you make a decision if you’re considering on doing business with them.

Ryze Automation Reviews

There’s also one that was contacted by Ryze Automation after expressing an interest in generating passive income through an automated Amazon store. The agreement with the company involved building the store, listing products, conducting research, and managing customer inquiries and issues.

An initial payment of $2500 was made on 7/15/2022, with a mutually agreed-upon 50/50 profit share based on product sales. However, within the first month, it was discovered that Ryzehad violated Amazon’s rules by dropshipping products from other retailers, resulting in the closure of the store.

Numerous attempts to communicate with the company for updates and resolution were unsuccessful, with the company choosing not to respond and effectively “ghosting” them. The contract stipulated a refund if the initial investment was not recouped within 12 months (by 7/15/2023), but the lack of communication and perceived dishonesty raised concerns about the likelihood of a refund. The individual possesses documentation, including the contract, transaction history, and correspondence through email and telegram.


I also found some feedback on reddit with the same sentiments.

Ryze Automation Reviews

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Ryze Automation Reviews

In Conclusion

Automation company does provide great benefit if you want a passive income with an online business. However, you always always have to look out for those people who are trying to take advantage and the only goal is to get your money for their own.

Evidently, Ryze Automation is a done-for-you service that focuses on investment rather than teaching you how to run a business yourself. The main idea is to give them a significant upfront amount, and they use that money to buy products for sale on Amazon or to which ever they want.

Although they make good points on how automation can help you, I would not be recommending this due to the fact that there is not much information about them, in addition to these feedbacks that I presented (and there’s more). There are a lot of other option who are much worth your money and time and is trustworthy enough. You just have to look for it carefully and research thoroughly to avoid experiences like what these people had.

Before leaving..

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