Royalty Hero Review

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Sean Dollwet claims that he’s now earning multiple six figures through his own Kindle Direct Publishing business. Looking back at it, he’s glad that he did this business, because he wasn’t going to do this at first.

But after seeing some people earn a lot of money from it, and the fact that he claims that it’s very easy to do, he didn’t hesitate anymore to jump in. He doesn’t even need to learn how to write to succeed in this business.

The only thing that he can say to people who also want to follow in his footsteps is, “Don’t overcomplicate this.” Here’s my Royalty Hero review.

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What Is Royalty Hero?

Royalty Hero

At its core, Royalty Hero is an online course that teaches its students about the Kindle Direct Publishing business model. This course will impart to its students the knowledge on how to succeed in the KDP platform by selling self-published books.

The key attraction that Royalty Hero presents for this business model, is that it claims that you can earn a good amount of money by selling books in this platform. And you can achieve this, even if you’re not a writer to begin with.

Within Royalty Hero, you will learn various things that can help you effectively write a book and sell it. Such as finding your profitable niche, looking for the most trending keywords to write a book on, and how to publish and sell them on the Amazon KDP platform.

It also covers lessons on how to outsource your work, and about hiring qualified ghostwriters and digital artists to help you create your book. With these, you won’t even need to be an expert writer or a digital artist to create your own book, as you can just outsource those tasks to them.

Royalty Hero also presents a somewhat unique business strategy called “Book Stacking”. This is why the creators of Royalty Hero put plenty of importance into building your own brand over content (though quality content is still quite important, especially in writing your own books). We’ll talk more about the Book Stacking strategy as we go along.

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Who Is Sean Dollwet?

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Sean Dollwet is quite similar to Lucas Lee-Tyson in that, despite being on his early 20s, he claims that he’s already earning millions as an online entrepreneur.

Before he became an entrepreneur, he started his career as a hotel concierge. But as with most business gurus, he became disenchanted with doing 9-5 jobs, so he quit his current work and he decided to become a businessman.

Still, it wasn’t easy for him because he still has yet to find a business model that would work for him. He even tried multi-level marketing at the suggestion of a friend, but it seemed like he only found modest success in it.

He experimented with various business models, until he learned about Amazon KDP publishing. Since then, he claimed that he has found great success in it.

At first, he was just earning $10,000 per month through Amazon KDP, which is already amazing. Yet through his perseverance and commitment, he was able to develop his “Book Stacking” business strategy, which further increased his monthly earnings to a whopping $35,000.

Later on, once his brand has a solid foundation, he sold his brand for $820,000. This was not only part of his business strategy, but also to prove to his critics that his success isn’t just a fluke.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. We’ll never really know.

Sean Dollwet’s Business Strategy

Sean Dollwet 3

Sean Dollwet does a somewhat different business strategy compared to his fellow Amazon KDP self-publishers. One of the business strategies he employs is a technique he calls “Book Stacking”.

The premise behind book stacking is simple: Just self-publish more books. Sounds simple, right? More books to sell, more money. But it goes beyond that.

It’s not just about building more books, it’s about building your own brand that’s recognized by a devoted audience. Every book you create adds up to your portfolio and makes your brand even more noticeable, to the point that your audiences will associate that kind of branding with you.

To accomplish this, the books you’ll write must contribute to the brand you want to build for yourself. Usually, it means that those books must share a common topic or theme behind them (such as business, real estate, computer science, etc.)

Sean notes that is simply looking forward for your own business. Like you can’t just focus on one book and call it a day. Instead, you have to think about the branding that you want for yourself, and base your business strategy on working towards that brand.

Furthermore, Sean Dollwet also suggests that you sell your own branding after a long period of time, when it’s already well-established, in order to reinvest your money on a different brand (or possibly a different business venture). Just like he did.

Personally, that idea didn’t sit well with me. I don’t really see the point on why would you sell your business that you built with hard work. Unless you’re really in dire need of money.

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What’s Inside The Royalty Hero Course?

The curriculum of Royalty Hero contains 30 hours worth of video content, which is then divided into 9 weeks. Their aim guiding you step-by-step on how you can build your  own Amazon KDP publishing business from start to finish.

Here’s a quick description of what are the topics being tackled on for each week.

  • Week 1: Mindset – Getting you into the proper mindset to become an entrepreneur. This module also gives an overview on what the business model is all about.
  • Week 2: Choosing Your Niche – This module will introduce you to Sean’s so-called “3-Step System” to help you find a niche that can give you the most profit and the lowest competition.
  • Week 3: Creating Your Best-Selling Book – This week covers market research, creating an eye-catching cover design, and how to hire the most effective ghostwriters and digital artists to create your book.
  • Week 4: Grow Your Fanbase – This module will teach you on how you can build and generate interest for you book through e-mail lists, especially when you’re still on a tight budget.
  • Week 5: Launch Your Best-Seller – Here, you’ll learn all about Amazon’s algorithm and various strategies to ensure that your book is ranked very high during searches.
  • Week 6: Amazon Masterclass – This will teach you on how to create, optimize, and scale ads. It also claims to teach you a secret ad tip.
  • Week 7: Beyond Amazon – The module will focus on how to diversify your portfolio, by publishing your book on other platforms. It also teaches you on how you can create an audiobook.
  • Week 8: Automated Systems – This will teach you on how you can build an effective system and hire virtual assistants to “fully automate” your publishing business and create a passive income stream.
  • Week 9: Scaling to a 7-Figure Publishing Mogul – Finally, this module will teach you various methods on how you can scale your business, like publishing more books, increasing ad spending to promote existing books, or even leveraging your old books to sell your new titles.

Aside from the training content, you’ll also get some extras that are usually included in an online course like this, such as access to an “Inner Circle” Facebook group, downloadable and freely usable templates, emails, and cheatsheets, and exclusive access to a one-on-one or group mentorship session. It also includes a comprehensive list of 150 profitable niches to write about for your books.

Finally, you’ll also get even more extras, such as the Low Content Accelerator, and the ACX Creation for International Students.

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How Much Does Royalty Hero Cost?

The price for enrolling in Royalty Hero isn’t readily visible on its sales page.

But according to plenty of source, the course is priced at around $2,000.

There’s also a refund policy in place which is valid after 90 days. But to be eligible, you must first prove to them that you did your due diligence and action while you’re enrolled in the course. Basically, you must have watched at least 50% of the course content and have published at least one book.

Which means that before you’re able to get your money back, you already have spent your money on paid ads for your book (obviously, this is not included in the refund policy).

Conclusion: Is Royalty Hero Worth It?

In terms of both the business model and the online course, Royalty Hero certainly isn’t worth spending money on. At least for me.

It’s true that if you’re a book author, once you’ve made a hit with your book, you can earn really good money from it. But contrary to what Sean Dollwet or any other guru says, getting to that point is much harder than it is.

Most published books only become profitable after months, or even years of marketing. And it would take even more years than that before it can be considered a best-seller.

Furthermore, the business model’s reliance on outsourcing ghostwriters, plus using paid ads for your marketing, means you’re going to spend a hefty amount of money just to market your book. you may end up losing even more money that you need to while you struggle to make profit for your book.

But I’m not going to lie. Once you’ve hit that sweet spot, your book will surely become a hit. It’s going to take you lots of time (and money) to get to that point, though.

As for the Royalty Hero course, just like Fiction Profits Academy, most of the training content that is inside this course, are already available for free in the internet. You just have to know where to look.

I’m not even sure if I would buy Sean’s claim that he made millions by being an Amazon KDP publishing expert. I think it’s more likely that he became a millionaire because a lot of people buy his courses, which isn’t really worth it.

So to close this, Amazon KDP publishing is still a good business model, but it certainly needs a lot (and I mean, a lot) of effort to truly succeed. I would only recommend this if you have a passion for writing books.

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