Roopler Review

Having leads in the real estate market is not that easy because it’s already a saturated market as it is. There are a lot of real estate agents out there who are still doing cold calling just to get a client. 

And because of this dilemma, countless companies/businesses are trying to ease your problem even just a little bit by helping you find these leads. They offer various methods of lead generation for you to be able to land your first client in a while.

Let me tell you about how we’re generating leads. And the steps that you can expect when you receive a seller lead from Roopler so that you’ll have an understanding of how the process will work”, says Kevin Markarian.

Roopler has an AI-technology that generates action-ready leads. Let’s know more about them in my review below.

This One’s Much Better

What we are doing is we are reaching out to these individuals that have shown interest. They’re candidates that we would be interested in reaching out to.”

Through well positioned ads, Roopler gathers leads from various search and social media sites. And then when a consumer clicks on the ads, data is collected through forms.

So you don’t need to worry about the process, or having to hire a certain personnel to do all of these for you, that personnel is us. You do what you do best, and we’ll do ours. That’s what the partnership is all about

And then we do quality control. Multiple pairs of eyes and ears, not just one, are involved in the talking with homeowners to assure you that it’s a quality opportunity for you so that we’re both not wasting our time.”

The objective is to set an appointment. They’re like the middleman of the operation. They will be the one setting the appointment for you and the homeowner to have a chance to meet. Some are in person, some are on the phone. 

Once the homeowner is a secured seller, they will be notified that a professional in the field will reach out to them, and you’ll be notified that you have a client to attend to. Again, everything needs confirmation to set up the appointment so that both parties are not wasting each other’s time.”, Kevin explains.

It can already be seen that they’re hands-on on giving you the best experience possible as a real estate agent. So the next thing to gather after this one-on-one talk between agent and client is the information needed by agents for them to easily sell your property.

To ensure optimum lead retention, Roopler continually engages and re-engages with the customer on behalf of brokers, teams, and agents.

Important information such as of course address, the owner of the land title, any mortgage left unpaid, and minor details such as state of the home (vacant, rented or used by the family itself), seller’s desired price and timeline to sell. These are all questions asked just to make sure.

This One’s Much Better

These are all made possible through their integration with Follow Up Boss, a self-funded, owner-operated and 100% customer focused kind of software company. Kevin and Roopler reduce the risk of lead buying by providing the nation’s top agents with a powerful turnkey platform of FUB. It is developed intentionally to close deals more swiftly and more affordably.

Brokers and industry experts who understand that lead generation is about far more than just getting a phone number created Roopler with real estate agents in mind. Roopler as a result not only creates leads but also nurtures them over time.

So, Roopler is for RE agents that want to provide superior customer service, convert their internet leads, make smart marketing decisions based on data collected, reduce time and money spent on data entry, attract top agents, and build their business overtime.

If you’re one or all of the above mentioned, they offer three different plans. First one is Grow, where everything agents and small businesses need to get organized and engaged with leads that costs $69/month. The Pro plan that includes sales, collaboration and coaching tools for growing teams ready to make more market shares costs $499/month.

And the last plan, the Platform that comprises advanced team management and priority support for larger teams which costs $1,000/month. They also have a 14-day trial, so trying it out is completely risk free.

This One’s Much Better