Ronnie McKenzie Review

Ronnie McKenzie believes that Print on Demand is the go-to business model that can help make all your dreams come to fruition. But it is only true if you follow certain guidelines in starting a Print on Demand business.

This business model is a popular choice in every corner of the world. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or just anyone looking to turn their creative ideas into tangible products without the hassle of traditional manufacturing and distribution, you can utilize the full potential of creating an income with Print on Demand.

Ronnie claims that you can also achieve the success that he has if you just learn and follow all that is included in his program PODHacks. Is it worth it? Continue reading my Ronnie McKenzie review below to learn more information that you might actually need to help you decide whether to trust this guy or not.

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Who is Ronnie McKenzie?

Bit Of A Backstory

Ronnie McKenzie is from Queensland, Australia. That explains the aussie accent that I hear when I played a YouTube video of him for research purposes to be able to write this review. 

Ronnie McKenzie

Well, he started off with his first company, Ron McKenzie Carpenter. He is a sub-contract carpenter working for various construction and commercial companies. He’s been with Coral Homes, Metricon Homes and Newstart Homes to name a few. Ronnie has done carpentry for more than 2 years before shifting to a new career as Sales Account Manager for Higgins Insulation.

He brought the skills he acquired from being a Sales Account Manager into building his second company, Bambino Brands, which is an Australian Baby and Maternity flash sales website. This is where it all began for him, entering the digital realm. This is the time where he continuously tests strategies that might work, SEO, marketing, traffic etc.

His Discovery of POD Business

Ronnie carried on with this trend until he found the apple of the eye business model that’s perfect for him, and that’s Print on Demand. He tried dealing first with t-shirts with Teespring. And with his expertise after countless trials and errors with Bambino Brands, he has mastered Facebook Advertising which led him over $2 million in profits within 2 years with the company. 

He explored more and also became part of “Need Those Sneakers”, a custom printed sneakers store which he personally created. He found a trustworthy fulfillment facility in just 48 hours and voila, his printed sneakers store grew $680k in AUD in just 150 days.

Carry on to the third, where he partnered with ShineOn Jewelry and made more than $260k profit with a custom 3D jewelry. And then the product that he fancied now, that is mostly posted on his social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok is all about metal art designs.

POD Businesses Ronnie's Been Part Of

 He doesn’t stop finding these lucrative products that he knows will sell well, especially now that we’re in Q4 of the year. Holidays are coming and people are wondering what gifts might be good to get for their friends and loved ones. 

Even though he continues to run this type of business, Ronnie now provides advisory services through Five Ways Social, where he helps other companies use digital advertising to dominate their particular markets. 

He’s also the Founder of PODHacks and StoreHacks, platforms where you can learn about the current trends in the eCommerce industry, and also where you can apply for programs that provide Print on Demand ecommerce strategies so that you can also achieved the success that he has with this type of business.

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What is Print on Demand?

A clever method of converting your original concepts into tangible goods without becoming bogged down in a sea of inventory is Print on Demand (POD). You can create your own awesome designs and partner with a POD service provider who will be like your production team.

This POD team will take a hold of your design and will just print it anywhere (like a mug, t-shirt etc.), but only when someone buys it so that you don’t need to hold a mountain of inventory. They’ll also take care of the packaging and delivering of the products to the customers so that you can just focus on your creative side. Think of other designs that might be profitable for your POD business. 

Both you and your production team will have a profitable business if both of you did the right choices of providing a profitable design, and be good at printing it to different kinds of materials that the customers will love.



Whenever I try to enter in my browser, I am just redirected to a YouTube video that he has on his YouTube channel so let’s just talk about his other platform, StoreHacks.

StoreHacks offers a lot of things. It’s like Ronnie’s personal library/diary. It looks like it’s not yet completed or already has been abandoned and never been updated since so I’ll just put here sections that at least have a meaning when you click it.


What you will find mostly in the Topics tab are blogs about a specific topic. Some of the things included are a sneak peak to what you will learn from the program that he offers (if he’s still offering some because just like what I said earlier, is now unresponsive). 

There’s a tutorial on how you will select a theme and it also includes a list of tips and tricks and useful tools and resources that you might need if you are thinking about starting your own Print-on-Demand business yourself.

Print on Demand Companies 

In this section, some blogs are POD business owner reviews by Ronnie McKenzie himself and some are affiliate links to other POD businesses. He makes reviews whether it is advisable to be part of that POD business or not, or if the product they’re selling gives large profit margins for you to get into. 

Facebook Group

Ronnie Mckenzie's Private FB Group

By clicking this section, you will just be redirected to their private Facebook group that now has 7.4k members. From the stats shown, the private Facebook group is not as active as they advertised it. Maybe 1 post per day just to keep in touch with the members.

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Work With Me

Ronnie McKenzie offers to be your very own Ecommerce Consultant for he has been in your shoes when he started and has overcome the challenges that you think you will be facing in your journey in the ecommerce world. He will be able to give you personalized tips and strategies on how to overcome such hurdles when the time comes. 

Through his own blood, sweat and tears, he has finally discovered a system that works and can help you achieve six to seven figures for your ecommerce business, whatever it is. There is a 15-min call to assess whether they can help you with your endeavor or not, so that both of you will not waste each other’s time.

He also offers to be your speaker in events that you might organize someday. With his expertise in the ecommerce world, he can impart engaging topics with your listeners if ever you’ll hire him as your speaker.

And lastly, the Five Ways Social, Ronnie McKenzie’s agency where you can ask for help for your ecommerce business. You’ll only be able to go to their official website once you have completed answering the form below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of POD Business


Since you don’t need to keep an inventory, you don’t need too much investment upfront, and it also saves you the hassle of renting storage spaces for your products. If you’re on the creative side, you can fully maximize the potential of a POD business plus you can also reach more people in different parts of the globe since POD services handle international shipping.


Your success in a POD business is somewhat tied to the performance and policies of the POD service provider that you will work with hence it sometimes gives low profit margins since you also need to pay for your production team. Low profit margins are also caused by the competitive space of the POD industry. You need to have unique designs and access to effective marketing to be able to stand out.

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If you approach it strategically, stay creative, and adapt to market trends, POD can be a lucrative and fulfilling business. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to turn their creativity into income without the traditional hassles of running a business.

I don’t know about Ronnie McKenzie and his program/s for Print on Demand business owners, but if he has time to reupload his FIRST YouTube video which was posted last 2021 and rename it as “How to Succeed With Print on Demand on Shopify in 2023”, but don’t have time to update the links in the description where he still uses that only redirects you to his other YouTube videos, then I think he doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone wanting to avail any of his services at all. 

First and foremost, a coach must be easily contactable by his prospect clients, and he’s already an X in that regard.