Ron Legrand Review

Ron Legrand Review

Founder of Global Publishing Inc., Ron LeGrand is a seasoned figure in the real estate industry, started on his journey in 1982 with little more than determination. At the time, he found himself penniless and uncertain about his future career path. His initial occupation involved fixing cars, but he soon realized that real estate presented a viable alternative. Despite his lack of credit and cash, LeGrand’s resourcefulness and creativity allowed him to navigate these obstacles successfully.

A distinguishing aspect of Ron LeGrand’s expertise lies in his specialization in wholesale house-flipping. This strategy involves acquiring properties at a lower cost and quickly selling them for a profit. LeGrand’s success in this specific niche has solidified his reputation as a genuine investor, distinguished from those merely capitalizing on the real estate boom.

Ron LeGrand often dabs as the “godfather of real estate,” not to be confused with the “godfather of virtual wholesaling” which was in our different review you can read on here. This title reflects his long presence in the real estate scene.

However, being in the business for a long time doesn’t automatically make someone the best in the field.. or is it?

But before getting into the review…

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The Products

Ron Legrand Review

Global Publishing Inc. is Ron Legrand’s online school that offers a diverse array of products aimed at providing insights and guidance to individuals navigating the real estate business. These products cater to various aspects of real estate investing, and each is designed to address specific needs and challenges. Here’s a brief overview of some of Ron LeGrand’s offered products:

Home Study Courses:

  • Educational materials designed to be studied and completed independently by individuals in the comfort of their own homes. Ron LeGrand’s home study courses serve as learning resources aimed at providing in-depth knowledge and practical insights into various aspects of real estate investing.
  • Examples include the “Fast Track To Wealth,” “Pretty House ‘Terms,'” and “Ron’s Complete Cash Flow System.”

Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club:

  • Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club is an exclusive membership option that provides resources to your training and accelerate your wealth-building goals. Membership offers a plethora of investor resources, including the latest articles on real estate, internet-based money-making techniques, and insightful case studies. By joining the Gold Club, you gain access to interact with fellow members, experienced mentors, and, most importantly, Ron LeGrand himself.

There are three membership options within the Gold Club:

  • Gold Club, Gold Elite VA, and Best Value – Gold Elite VA

Product Pricing and Return Policy

The “home study courses” on their website cost between $99 and $2,011.95. Some courses may have extra charges for shipping if you want printed manuals. Alternatively, you can choose “instant access,” which means you get a digital version sent via email. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for these products.

Ron Legrand Review

As for “Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club“, there are three tier options: Gold Club for $59/month, Gold Elite VA for $99/month plus a startup fee of $500 and the third option for $499/month plus the same amount of set up fee.

Here is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) review that could provide a better insight of what you can expect regarding their approach to upselling.

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Ron Legrand Review

Ron has also authored books that come with a price tag that might raise an eyebrow or two — for a minimum of $600 per book. These have undoubtedly valuable information, but the hefty cost, especially that it is just the material and without the additional mentoring, may seem steep to some.

Ron Legrand Overview

Ron LeGrand has been a prominent figure in the realm of real estate education for decades, serving as the chairman of Global Publishing. Through his extensive knowledge and expertise, LeGrand has been a key influencer, sharing insights and strategies through his books and courses. Over the years, he has introduced various versions of his real estate course, adapting to the evolving landscape of the industry.

One of Ron LeGrand’s current offerings is the “Gold Club” membership, providing individuals with exclusive access to invaluable resources and a supportive community. This membership reflects his commitment to delivering ongoing support and guidance to aspiring real estate investors.

LeGrand’s journey into real estate stems from a desire for financial independence. Transitioning from a mechanic, he sought an alternative to the constraints of low wages and long hours. Realizing the potential in real estate, he embarked on a path that led to substantial success.

In the face of objections, LeGrand adopts a “Scorched Earth” mentality. He dismisses the habit of incessantly asking “why” and redirects focus to “what” and “how.” His rationale is clear: the key to success lies in asking the right questions to sellers rather than fixating on why they engage in particular behaviors. LeGrand’s philosophy is pragmatic — it’s about identifying those willing to make deals, not dwelling on the reasons behind their decisions.

For LeGrand, real estate is a numbers game. Instead of unraveling the intricacies of why people act the way they do, he streamlines the process. By asking specific questions, he enables sellers to make offers, turning the tables on traditional negotiations. This approach, he asserts, transforms the business into a streamlined operation akin to any other successful venture.

LeGrand’s unapologetic and straightforward demeanor is a hallmark of his teachings. He invites aspiring real estate enthusiasts to follow him for free training on YouTube or explore his courses, promising an unfiltered revelation of where the “big money” resides in the real estate realm.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Fast Cash Flow Management: LeGrand’s emphasis on selling fast to maintain cash flow is a practical lesson for real estate investors. By prioritizing liquidity over maximizing individual deal values, investors can ensure a steady stream of income and take on more deals without becoming financially strained.
  2. Fearlessness in High-Value Deals: LeGrand’s encouragement to venture into higher-priced homes challenges common fears among investors. The insight suggests that tackling more expensive properties can lead to higher profits and fewer complications, especially when dealing with luxury real estate.
  3. Real-World Application: LeGrand’s principles are based on real-world experiences and practical applications rather than theoretical concepts. This hands-on approach resonates with those seeking actionable strategies.


  1. Blunt and Direct Communication Style: LeGrand’s direct and no-nonsense communication style might not appeal to everyone. Individuals who prefer a more nuanced or motivational approach may find his teaching style too straightforward.
  2. Market Trends and Analysis: LeGrand’s courses may not delve deeply into market trends, economic shifts, or evolving industry dynamics. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the broader real estate landscape, this could be a limitation.
  3. Conditional Success: The success with Ron LeGrand’s approach appears contingent on factors like hard work and available capital. This implies that individuals with less capital or those less inclined toward rigorous efforts might not find the same level of success.

Ron LeGrand’s teachings have proven successful for some, potential students should carefully consider the mixed reviews, the direct teaching style, and the emphasis on practical application rather than comprehensive market analysis. Success with LeGrand’s approach seems to be achievable for those willing to put in significant effort and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Is Ron Legrand Legit?

Ron LeGrand is a legitimate figure in the real estate education industry. He has been involved in real estate for decades, sharing his knowledge and strategies through books, courses, and seminars. Many individuals have reported success and positive experiences with his teachings, particularly in the realm of wholesale house-flipping.


Opinions about real estate gurus can vary, and the effectiveness of any educational program is contingent on individual efforts, application, and market conditions. Real estate education success stories often depend on the learner’s commitment to implementing the strategies taught or put simply, if it’s any compatible with your individual preferences and goals.

While there may be some great value in Ron Legrand’s courses and some few trainings are actually affordable but ultimately, they are a business incorporation which have the tendency to upsell you towards more expensive offers running into thousands of dollars.

Of course, upselling is a common strategy in various industries and can be effective when done ethically and with the customer’s best interests in mind. However, we all should be cautious and evaluate whether the additional features or benefits justify the increased cost before making a purchase.

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