Resultli Reviews

Since you’re here, we assume you’re one of those agents who need leads. We don’t blame you. After all, the leads are the lifeline of your real estate business.

With Resultli, however, they don’t give you leads. Not in the usual way, at least. Instead of generating leads using their website, they’ll run ads on your behalf, so you can do the generation bit on your own.

Interested in learning more about Resultli? If yes, continue reading this review.

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A Quick Glance At Resultli

About The Program

Resultli (known previously as First Local) is an online marketing agency that helps real estate professional with setting up their websites and advertising on social media. Y’know, as their motto suggests, it’s real estate advertising made easy.

They assume that you’ve seen at least one ad that knows exactly what you want, as if they’ve read your mind. The said ads just pops in the right place (platform, rather), and at the right time.

It’s not magic, it’s good marketing. Resultli claims that this is possible for real estate. With them, you’ll get seen by both interested buyers and sellers through ads.

Established in 2015, Resultli is based in Beaverton, Oregon.

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About Their Online Presence

Resultli has a business profile on Facebook, Twitter (er, X now), and LinkedIn. They haven’t posted anything on their LinkedIn, but they have something on the remaining two platforms.

But then, they’re not active anymore. The last update was in August 2022 in both, which is odd for a program that encourages connecting with prospects via social media.

Resultli Interior Design Tips

On Facebook, they usually post articles from other website that talks about real estate. While on X, they also create their own content (albeit short and kinda generic) like their tips on doing interior design. Oh, and the memes, never forget that they have a shitposter phase.

If you’re interested in programs that send leads as-is rather than set up marketing campaigns, see Conversion Monster Reviews, Likely AI Reviews, and HomeLight Reviews.

About Their Founder

No info on who’s the founder besides those that they listed on their BBB profile, namely Omar Yusuf (principal), Alexandria Boyer (administrative coordinator), John Foster (director of client services), and Jeff Law (position undisclosed).

Good luck finding them, though. And no, the Omar Yusuf fella here is most likely not the founder of Hashtag Our Stories and Seen dot TV. That’s Yusuf Omar, y’all!

Resultli Unveiled

Taking Control With Resultli

With Resultli, you don’t have to rely on programs to generate your leads. Instead, you’ll have your own website and marketing campaigns getting those for you, courtesy of Resultli.

Just like the usual, you can target potential buyers and sellers in your service area, all fresh and new. But they’ll apparently know you better because of your presence online. The connection will be there through search (getting your site on top of search results) and social media.

The best part is, it’s all done for you by Resultli. Sit back, relax, and get thousands of impressions online without lifting a finger yourself.

Steps In Creating An Ad

Resultli Ads

Step 1: The designers at Resultli will create a personalized ad for you. For better results, they’ll make sure to include your branding, info about your brokerage, your local area, your phone number, your story, and most importantly, a link to your website.

Step 2: Resultli will run online marketing campaigns using the personalized ads they made for you. Rest assured that the ads looks great on every device and will be seen by your target market.

Step 3: Your ads will get clicks from prospects, and they’ll send their deets through the contact form in your website. Resultli assures that these people will most likely contact you when they’re already interested and qualified to make a transaction.

Service Features

With Resultli, you don’t have to be tied with long term contracts. Their plans are all subscription-based, and one can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel. Just so you know, these are their words, not ours.

They also promise that the ads they design and run will be seen by those in your service area, in a platform they’re already using frequently. The said ads will establish authority as well as capture your essence as a real estate professional.

For guidance, they’ll provide on-demand support. Then, for accountability and transparency, they’ll send you performance reports every month.

The Guarantee

Resultli Guarantee

Resultli guarantees that they’ll meet the ad views/impressions listed in your plan every month. If not, they’ll double it the next month.

In addition, the areas you selected are exclusive to you. This is why its availability is limited (or so they claim).

That’s the performance guarantee. No mention of any money-back guarantee, though.

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Is Resultli Worth It?

Cost Of The Program

Resultli Cost

Resultli offers three plans to choose from. The first one is Basic plan that includes two thousand monthly ad views and one city. It costs $429 a month.

Meanwhile, the Pro plan includes four thousand monthly ad views and the option to pick either one or two cities. It costs $529 a month.

Finally, there’s the Plus option with eight thousand monthly ad views and the option to select up to four cities as your target market. It costs $829 a month.

There’s no mention whether the subscription fee is inclusive of the monthly ad budget.

Obvious Problems

In general, Resultli doesn’t provide enough info about their service. Most of what’s written on their website is just a few points repeated buncha times. You’ll get your own DFY website if you need to, get ads running, have prospects contact you when they’re ready, and then what? How about the specifics?

First off, they didn’t disclose anything about the ad budget. Is it included in the subscription, or do you need to pay separately? Any marketing agency should be transparent with that, especially when the thang could be costly considering it’ll be run on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, they didn’t specifically mention that they’ll use Facebook ads. We’re supposed to take the hint based on the photo they posted.

No one knows who’s behind the agency, either. Their BBB profile listed some names, but we can’t find them. Stalking their business profile on LinkedIn doesn’t help, since every employee listed there has their account on private.

Lastly, there’s no discussion on how they’ll ensure that who you’ll get are ready to make a transaction. They can’t just make a bold claim without any explanation on how they’ll back it up.

Yeah, there’s some description about the structure of the ad, but how about the more important qualifying questions? Seems like there’s really no vetting process if they ain’t talking about it.

Actually, the many complaints saying they’re not getting a single lead from that many hits (most are promised 19k ad views and more) is a more clear indication that there’s no vetting here. Resultli is lying about it, among other things. See section below.

The Ugly Truth

The majority has spoken, and they called out Resultli for lying big time. Like, every thing they promise, they don’t follow through. Resultli? More like Resultlies, amirite?

Not only are they lying, they’re pushy and spammy too. As in, they be annoyingly evil like those robocall scams asking about your car’s extended warranty. No wonder people labeled them as scammers and frauds, besides calling their service a total waste of time and money.

Let’s enumerate the false advertising claims, shall we?

  • You can easily cancel their subscription: Nope. Most of the time, they’ll make you believe they’ve canceled it, so you won’t notice them still charging your card. You have to talk directly with your bank to dispute these fraudulent charges.
  • No long-term contracts: Many mentioned that there is one, and they’ll trick you into signing up for it. For instance, those who’ll allow extended contracts will get more ad views, a much larger figure compared to the ones listed on their website.
  •  They’ll give you results, aka fresh and ready-to-transact prospects: You’re lucky if you even get one here. There’s a reason they use ad views instead of number of prospects as the metric. With the former, they can come up with whatever BS report and “we’ll double it” guarantee to pretend it’s all fine. Nu-uh.
  •  You’ll connect with prospects through social media: Running ads on social media isn’t much of a connection. Doubt they’re even running ads, considering the lack of discussion regarding the ad budget.
  •  They’ll provide monthly reports: Calling this a report is pretty generous since a review mentioned that they can’t even answer the basics such as what’s the click-through rate (CTC), and the number of unique views.

Now, onto the things they didn’t mention:

  • As said above, there are long-term contracts, and they’ll try their damn hardest to trap you in it.
  • There’s a one-time setup fee on top of the subscription fee.
  • There are times that Resultli’s sales rep will trick you into thinking that it’s ONLY a one-time fee rather than a recurring one.
  • They usually don’t stop charging your card even if you already cancel the subscription.
  • They admitted that results are not guaranteed (prospects… heck, even as simple as website traffic), and they always try to dodge refund requests despite not delivering what they claim to offer.
  • They have pushy sales reps that won’t hesitate to drop some disrespect if they didn’t make a sale from you.

Funny they say you’ll never lift a finger here because they probably don’t as well. At least, on the actual marketing part, they’re doing nothing. You can only see their efforts on doing trickery and pushy sales talk.

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In conclusion, we don’t recommend Resultli for a real estate professional’s online marketing needs. As many unfortunate clients of theirs mentioned, it’s a scam and just a waste of time and money.

PSA to those who wants to avoid fraudulent charges courtesy of Resultli: If you’re not able to use a virtual CC with spending limit and expiry, cancel the card right away. Chargebacks are also a thing, so use it.

Sucks that it’s such a hassle to get your money back, right? Hell yeah. That’s why don’t make the same mistakes as others, and avoid Resultli like a plague. It’s not worth it.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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