Remote Wellness Academy Review

There are popular new years’ resolutions that people keep promising themselves every year. “I’ll start to lose weight this year”, “I’m gonna get that promotion that I deserve”, “I’ll start grinding now for my future”, etc. And I know you’ve been there just like me.

Some of us are feeling motivated because others do too during that time of the year. It’s not restricted to resolutions, but as a whole, whenever we feel that there’s something in ourselves that needs to change/transform, we’re only motivated at first and many of us just stop prematurely. (Well, congrats to those who didn’t tho. Cheers to y’all!)

There’s a special program that helps people to stay motivated and focused, and eventually reach their goals in life and it’s called an accountability program.

Remote Wellness Academy by Mohammed Malik offers that kind of program. Let’s look more into it in my review.

This One’s Much Better

An accountability program keeps people in check, helps them stay motivated and focused. For the handlers, of course it helps them earn money from home. Mohammed Malik stumbled upon this kind of program by accident and here’s the story.

Way back 2016, Mohammed just graduated college, buried in student loan debt, and took a job working the front desk at an Equinox gym. With the little amount of money he’s earning, he went online and tried earning with Amazon FBA. Even if he’s actually earning, stress overpowers it. 

Two years later, he’s still with Equinox, still doing the silly front desk thing, smiling and greeting people who come and go until one day, a personal trainer asked him to fill-in for a client. 

He’s reluctant because he looks more like a dad bod than a person who inspires someone to sign up for in-person training. He’s self conscious about it but he just goes through it just to be done with it.

While looking out for the client, it suddenly blurted out the words, “Look, I know what I need to do—drink water, eat better, exercise more—I just need someone to hold me accountable. And I’d rather not have to come to the gym every day.”. And that’s how he got the idea. He answered, “Of course, I can do that for you”, even if the gym doesn’t have that kind of service.

Because he has no knowledge about dieting and such, after he came home, he started to do some google searches on how to cut sugar, manage stress, and anything about wellness. And then he used an app on his phone to schedule two daily reminders to be sent to the client every week, just to give the motivation and accountability that he needed. He then had his first high paying client.

This One’s Much Better

Instead of going after temporary business models (Amazon FBA) or ones that require capital & have high risk (Real Estate & Stocks).”, says Mohammed, “We focus on helping you get your first clients & being a service, there are no cost of goods, you keep 90% margins.”, he continued.

Remote Wellness Academy is a six-month training course created to provide you with the business and technical knowledge you need to start from zero and build your confidence in your ability to assist others. 

It’s designed for people to learn everything they need to become remote wellness practitioners. Their platform will enable you to improve both your personal health and the health and wellness of others. Once you’ve completed it, you’re now one with the RWPs and your job is to guide people through their personal struggles.

They promised you that they will be guiding and helping you in outsourcing and stabilizing your business, removing the need for you to be involved in the day-to-day operations. You can start working on your business instead of in it thus will provide you more freedom.

The cost of the program differs from client to client. It depends on which program you enroll in. They offer different programs with different payment options depending on your needs. What’s risky about this is that they don’t have any refund policy. And since it’s a high-ticket program, it probably costs around $2,000-5,000 or more, which is no joke.

This One’s Much Better