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Print on Demand (POD) is a cutting-edge, adaptable e-commerce business strategy that transforms the conventional method of product sales. POD enables businesses to produce and fulfill goods as needed, in contrast to traditional techniques that need bulk production and inventory control. 

And when you combine it with the dropshipping model, voila, you don’t need to do anything aside from creating unique designs that you think people will love when imprinted on the product that you’re selling. 

Reginald Jennings Jr. is one of many successful ecommerce business owners around the globe and together with his wife, they’re on a mission to help budding and seasoned business owners start/scale their existing online businesses. More information is available in this review.

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Who is Reginald Jennings Jr.?

IT World

Reginald Jennings Jr. shared that his love of programming and the computer started when he was young. He started making sample websites at the age of 13 and he brought his enthusiasm until college, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Information Systems.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s still employed as a System Administrator at IT Direct since after graduation. Maybe he just forgot to update it, or is really still onboard on a day job, we never know.

Ecommerce World

Reginald is a stranger in the ecommerce space but when it comes to businesses, his parents were into real estate since he was growing up. He learned his work ethics from them that keeps him and his business successful up to this date.

He first learned about ecommerce when his mom bought a $5,000 store on eBay. Reginald took his expertise in the IT industry, may it be software or hardware, made specific tweaks on the online shop while fixing broken computers and reselling it on Craigslist.

Reginald knows that it is not enough to just fix broken computers and resell them because of 2 reasons. First, you’ll have a limited amount of stock and second there are only a small portion of people wanting to buy an ex-broken pc.

Mr. Ecom

How lucky it is for someone to find the perfect partner who will support your decisions every step of the way and stick with it and never give up. Reginald met Tania, and both of them searched far and wide on how to be successful in the ecommerce space until they found out about print-on-demand.

Their success gave birth to Ecom Family Academy where this couple was widely known as Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, a program with the mission of giving budding online business owners a jumpstart to their journey in the exciting ecommerce space. 

What is Ecom Family Academy?

Ecom Family Academy

Ecom Family Academy is a training program that specializes in the combination of print-on-demand and dropshipping business models, teaching you how to set up an online business store in the Shopify platform. 

A quick overview of the program requires you 4 simple steps to master in order for you to build a successful ecommerce business:

Know who your competitors are

Analyzing competitors involves examining their online presence, from websites and social media to customer reviews and engagement. Additionally, monitoring pricing strategies, customer satisfaction levels, and marketing tactics of competitors helps in making informed decisions to stay competitive in the dynamic online landscape.

Setup your ecommerce store

In this case, you’ll be setting up your online store on the Shopify platform. Create product listings with proper descriptions, and always keep in mind the smooth checkout process to prevent customers from staying away from your store. 

Start making Ads, landing pages, SEO

Leverage digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Facebook and TikTok ads to drive traffic to your store. Build landing pages so that you’ll have a higher chance of visitor-to-customer conversion.


ShineOn, Custom Cat are just some of the platforms that offer both print-on-demand and dropshipping services to online business owners and there are others out there so that you don’t need to keep an inventory for yourself. 

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Common Mistakes Most Online Business Owners Make

There are a lot of common mistakes most online business owners make, especially those who are just starting in the ecommerce space but Reginald emphasizes these 5 mistakes for budding and even for seasoned ecommerce business owners to avoid or stop doing.

First, you should stop or avoid copying other people’s ads. Making use of user-generated content (UGC) to your advantage in marketing is similar to asking your target audience to participate in the creation of your brand story. Encouraging users to share their experiences, reviews, and creative expressions not only builds a sense of community but also adds authenticity to your brand.

Second, you should prioritize customer support and avoid getting chargebacks. Though that’s one pitfall of a dropshipping business that you should already know by now since you don’t have any power on the products that have been or will be shipped, you still need to prioritize customer support since one negative feedback will have a huge impact on your store.

Third, you should practice directing ads to your landing page/s to maximize visitor-to-customer conversions. By aligning your ad content with the specific messaging and offerings on your landing page, you create a cohesive narrative that guides potential customers toward conversion.

Plus, directing ads to landing pages allows for better tracking and optimization, enabling you to refine your approach based on user behavior and improve the overall effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Fourth mistake is that you should pick a product that lets you keep 20% of the profit margin to yourself. And it is also connected to the fifth and last mistake, which is that you should stay away from seasonal products.

Pick and sell a product that can be sold year round, not just for a specific season and it must give at least 20% profit margin so you can utilize its full potential. Example of these year round products are:

  • Apparels such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and customized activewear for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Customized mugs with unique design for coffee and tea lovers and water bottles with personalized graphics.
  • Phone cases, pop sockets and phone grips with customizable options
  • Throw pillows and cushions, wall art and posters that can complement different interior styles
  • Customized notebooks, planners and journals, partnered with unique and personalized pens and office supplies
  • Tote bags with diverse designs and backpacks with customizable prints.
  • Pet accessories like pet beds, bandanas, bowls, collars and so much more.

It is still important to do your own product research to get a hold of the most trending products in your demographics, target audience and also your preference where you can contribute most in starting a print-on-demand business.

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Course/s Inside Ecom Family Academy

Ecom Family Academy Overview

With POD, you can create custom designs for a variety of products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more without the need for upfront costs. The dropshipping model further streamlines the process by allowing you to partner with a third-party supplier who handles the printing, packaging, and shipping directly to your customers. This means you can focus on designing and marketing your products while leaving the operational hassles to the experts.

You can either start your own POD online ecommerce store as a part-time job and still be able to earn at least $100 a day or you can do it full-time once you’ve mastered the strategy that they call the “Gift Giving Strategy” that will allow you to scale your sales at lightspeed. 

With their list of mainstream/on-demand POD products to sell, you have your unlimited pick to what product you’re most interested and inclined about in selling for your ecommerce store. And with each product, they have specific  suppliers for you to get in touch with and make a contract with so that your store will just smooth sail selling products to customers in the process.

They also have connections with numerous freight and logistics companies, may it be land or sea, to make shipping faster than ever since you’re involved in dropshipping orders. This way, your customers won’t wait long enough for the products they order, plus they’ll keep coming back for more since your services are faster than most dropshippers around the globe.

Unfortunately, you cannot view any of their available courses unless you have your personal account to their website. So by the end of the free live training, you’ll be able to know the courses that they offer inside Ecom Family Academy. That’s their strategic way to hook you up with their upsells. 

Ecom Family Academy Log in

They’ll give you snippets on what you can learn from them in the free live training and more in-depth discussion/information, modules, training videos and other resources will be available when you join one of their courses.

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Print-on-demand is still a lucrative business nowadays but with a lot of external expenses like ads, fulfillment fees and everything in between, it makes your profit margins smaller. 

Yes, Reginald Jennings/Mr.Ecom and his Ecom Family Academy program can teach you how to be successful in the ecommerce space but it still depends on you what outcome you will produce.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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