Realiztify Review

Real estate is a lucrative industry that has recently gained attention. After all, the amount of money you can make here is absurd. It’s no surprise that realtors are wealthy.

And it goes without saying that effective realtors use lead generation businesses to locate buyers and sellers. There are dozens of companies focusing on lead generation for real estate agents and it is hard to pick who is the best at doing their craft.

Some of these companies produce top-quality leads from online ads, social media, the MLS, brokerage/listing sites, and more  – ultimately driving home sales and your commission. While others are just after your hard earned money.

Realiztify is relatively new to the real estate industry. Is there anything new about them that can compare to some of the company leaders in lead generation? Is it worth the money in trying out one of their programs? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

You can consider Realiztify as a baby company that has only been born in 2022. There’s nothing mentioned about the founder nor the CEO. They don’t even display a staff list on their website, so are we working with ghosts here? I can’t do anything about it if they don’t want to get exposed, so be it. 

I also don’t know why they have three different colored logos for their company that I’m aware of. There’s a teal one, and then a purple and a red one. Maybe because they’re just new, they’re experimenting on the best color that they want to use for it. Just hope that it’s not the same case for you, an interested subscriber of their services.

So now, let’s just cut to the chase. Real estate referral network Realiztify focuses on using automation and digital marketing to assist real estate agents in obtaining and maintaining high quality leads. Their mission is to provide real estate professionals with cutting-edge solutions that will increase their success in the field.

Over 150 platforms, partner websites, and a variety of lead sources, including SEO and backlinks, are all at their disposal. Their team of professionals works diligently to promote effective lead generation techniques that are built to last.

They have created their own Client Management System that can keep track of client progress. It allows businesses to easily manage their interactions with both current and potential leads, so that the client can focus on doing the job that s/he’s best at.

Realiztify also gives you the freedom to choose the area where you want to serve. You can be certain that the market isn’t saturated with too many realtors competing for the same client in this way. They just offer up to 5 realtors in a given area. What do they get all in all? Only 20% referral fee.

This One’s Much Better

They offer three different plans, SilverAgent, GoldenPro and PlatinumTeam. SilverAgent and GoldenPro only differ on how long you want to be with them. SilverAgent costs $499 and the service is only good for a year, GoldenPro is a lifetime access that only costs $699. PlatinumTeam is for bigger companies/businesses and it costs a one-time payment of $5,999.

One review that gave a bad taste to Realiztify is this, “They do not verify the leads as advertised. The leads are not of good quality. The sales agents will hype you up about how great the leads are and that they reach out to the leads from their end. None of this turned out to be true. When I reached out to cancel and receive a refund the sales agent was disrespectful, rude, and apathetic.

Compared to the positive reviews that you’ll see on their website, this one had a bad experience with Realiztify. Or maybe just a hater at that, because it states in the refund policy that they don’t do any refunds. And that’s it.

It’s just ironic that they run a lead generation business but the founder/CEO doesn’t want to be found. That’s considered a red flag for me. Then another thing is that they have mixed reviews on TrustPilot, so you can say that success rate is fifty-fifty. Since they’re still a new company and trying to be better each day, I’ll give it to them. But you, it’s your choice if you want to contribute to their “testing phase”.

This One’s Much Better