Razvan Paraschiv Review

The digital age has enabled us to access tons of information conveniently. While some may complain about information overload, we collectively accepted content consumption as an integral part of our daily lives.

Not only do we seek usual forms of entertainment like movies and music, most of us also have to satiate the appetite for news, educational content, lifestyle vlogs, and the likes.

The latter is what we usually get from YouTube. Nowadays, it is typical to watch regularly on the platform, just like how the older generations were watching TV back then.

The cool part is, everyone, including you reading this right now, could upload videos to YouTube. While a career in Hollywood might be out of reach, a career on YouTube is just within grasp.

You can even do it without showing your face nor editing the videos yourself. Just ask YouTube automation guru Razvan Paraschiv how.

But should you? We will help you answer that by showing details about Razvan Paraschiv and his Grow Channels program in our review below.

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Who Is Razvan Paraschiv?

Razvan Paraschiv claims to be the man with a comprehensive experience in e-commerce. According to him, he was making money online since he was sixteen.

He tried them all— from flipping phone cases at school, Shopify dropshipping, starting an SMMA, to affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA. None of which is the best business model to start with, he pointed out.

Unsurprisingly, the best one for him is YouTube automation. In his words, it is the most beginner-friendly business models out there, especially if you are committed and purpose-driven.

Before we talk about why he considered YouTube automation as the best business model, let us take a look at his personal life first.

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Razvan Paraschiv’s Story

Before Razvan Paraschiv got into YouTube, he was just your average dude who had a dream beyond being stuck in a boring office job. Earning roughly $10 an hour as a fifteen-year-old teen in Romania was not too shabby, but he was not happy.

The job did not give him the opportunity to improve himself and learn new things. The only good thing he gained here is the idea of starting his very first YouTube automation channel.

Razvan Paraschiv Business

He left the job, focused on growing his automation channel, and the rest is history. Now, he is reaching out to everyone, spreading the word about this income-generating opportunity.

But did you know that besides car crash compilation, he started with YouTube in the make money online niche? He then eventually narrow the said niche further into make money online with crypto.

From Romania, he migrated to Dubai as well. He went there as he was frustrated with his inner circle in his home country, and stayed because it is lively and bustling, there are lots of people to meet, and most importantly, there is no tax.

He mentioned plans on moving eventually to US, but it is not his top priority at the moment. For now, he can continue living in his dream apartment while proclaiming that he is not bothered by Dubai’s heat.

Thanks to the policy requiring establishments to display the calorie content of their meal, he could also continue working on his fitness and not treating his body like a “trashcan” anymore. He is by no means obsessed with working out, he simply wanted to look good in designer’s clothes.

Razvan Paraschiv YouTube Channel

In a video posted on his public YouTube channel, he admitted that he is still not confident in front of the camera. While his aloofness and YouTube automation seems like a match made in heaven, it did not stop him from recording a YouTube video and eighteen Instagram Reels featuring himself in just a couple of hours.

Razvan Paraschiv’s Stance On YouTube Automation

Now that we are done with man’s (personal) business, here are his reasons for believing YouTube automation is the best business model:

  • It does not require any business degree or prior experience.
  • It is an exploding industry with unprecedented demand.
  • It takes advantage of the new “arbitrage economy” that the market is headed to.

Furthermore, he said that it is fully remote, can generate a recurring income of $5,000 to $30,000 a month, requires very low startup capital, and the margin is pretty high at 70% to 90%.

With YouTube automation, you do not need to deal with the difficulties of a typical content creator, either. No need to spend about twenty, thirty hours per week researching video ideas, writing scripts, and filming your own content when you can let others “automate” it for you.

This has something to do with the so-called arbitrage economy, where the ones earning the most are NOT those who created the final product, but those that connect the said final product to end consumers. Just like how Uber connects drivers to people who need a lift without owning the vehicles.

In the context of YouTube automation, Razvan Paraschiv calls the process freelancer arbitrage. Simply put, it involves finding freelancers who can provide great output for you at a low cost.

For more information about YouTube automation and rental arbitrage, read the next section.

What Is Razvan Paraschiv’s Grow Channels?

Overview Of The Program

Grow Channels is Razvan Paraschiv’s program that provides their client a way to earn from YouTube without ever showing their face nor record and edit the videos themselves. This is by utilizing YouTube automation and freelancer arbitrage.

Razvan Paraschiv YouTube Automation

Unlike other e-commerce business model, you do not have to deal with inventory, make hundreds of sales consistently to make a decent income, not invest thousands to get the business running.

In addition, you do not have to dedicate too much time and effort yourself. All you have to do is manage your team of freelancers who will take care of the fulfillment for you.

How It Works

If you avail the program, they will help you get started on YouTube by following their Four-Step Plug ‘N Play System on doing YouTube automation.

First, they will help you choose the right niche. This means they will steer you away from bad, outdated ones like meditation, rain sound, and compilation videos.

Instead, they will push you on doing relevant, mainstream ones such as sports, celebrities, movies, business, economy, finance, history, among others.

Next, they will help in finding the right freelancers. From sites like Upwork and Fiverr, they will hire you a scriptwriter, a voice artist, a video editor, and a thumbnail designer.

Since they know how to negotiate and take advantage of currency conversion, the average cost to produce a video is only fifty dollars each. In other words, they will hire overseas workers that are typically paid less than their US counterparts while creating the same or better output.

Then, they will provide a system on how to manage the entire operations with just a couple of hours per week. This includes streamlining communication and utilizing project management tools like Trello.

Finally, you upload the videos to reap the profits. While the main source of income here is through ad revenue (Google AdSense), you can also monetize your content through taking brand deals, doing affiliate marketing, and getting channel memberships.

Cost Of The Program

Razvan Paraschiv Cost (Justis Mullins)

Razvan Paraschiv did not mention the price of Grow Channels anywhere on his website. But a review from YouTube (Justis Mullins of Middle Class Climber) and Trustpilot (Mark Grove) mentioned the cost to be around $5,800 to $6,000.

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Is Razvan Paraschiv’s Grow Channels Worth It?

Pros Of Grow Channels

Many have commended Grow Channels core training to be simple, concise, and straight to the point. If you have no patience for fluff and do no mind a fast talker like Razvan Paraschiv, then you will like the course structure of Grow Channels.

Cons Of Grow Channels

An obvious downside is the expensive cost of the program in comparison to other YouTube automation programs such as Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Jordan Mackey’s Bye 9 to 5. The course is supposedly geared towards beginners, yet the pricing is not beginner-friendly at all.

To add, what Razvan Paraschiv mentioned as the average cost of producing a video is way below the realistic estimate. In reality, it is hard to achieve the said cost without getting a freelancer that writes awkwardly and/or puts up output with very shallow research.

The opportunity to earn with YouTube is misrepresented as well. It is not easy as these YouTube automation guru claim even if you “automate” it.

It requires hard work and dedication to consistently put up quality content. Getting “big” overnight is not possible unless you are extremely lucky enough to gain traction early, and have one or two videos of yours get viral.

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Looking for ways to generate an alternate stream of income will never be a bad thing. If you cannot leave your 9 to 5 yet to build a business, the best compromise is doing a side hustle online.

But not every side hustle is created equal. We believe that YouTube automation is not as straightforward and beginner-friendly as their mentor made it out to be.

The fact that you need to outsource and hire freelancers to start says it all. If we are in your position, we would rather choose a business that you can kick-start on your own, requires no employees unless you want to scale your operations, and can be done from anywhere and at any time.

If you still decide to pursue YouTube automation, we hope our review aid you in making an informed decision on determining whether Razvan Paraschiv is the right mentor for you.

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