RankOne Ecommerce Reviews

RankOne Ecommerce joined forces with the self-proclaimed YouTube Growth and Viral Expert Chris Zissis for their most recent business opportunity. They call it YTAutomatic.

As the name implies, YTAutomatic utilizes YouTube automation to build a hands-free YouTube channel for their clients. In other words, they help generate income from YouTube’s monetization without the clients producing the content.

RankOne Ecommerce has that offer, while also putting out e-commerce programs on Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping. They even have something for options trading and cryptocurrency mining as well.

Should be concerned about RankOne Ecommerce offering such a multitude of programs? We will try to answer that in our review down below.

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Overview Of RankOne Ecommerce

RankOne Ecommerce Review

RankOne Ecommerce is a firm that helps entrepreneurs generate an income stream by scaling digital assets in e-commerce stores and automated YouTube channel, and investing smartly in stock and crypto market.

According to their website, the firm’s top executives have a collective ten years of e-commerce experience, earning millions in the online space. One of these executives is Zan Shaikh, founder of RankOne Ecommerce.

Keep in mind that the firm is under Bright Vision Distribution, listed alternatively as Bright Vision Digital. Bright Vision Distribution is based in Massachusetts, same as Zan.

Who is Zan Shaikh?

Selling skateboards online at the young age of twelve, Zan Shaikh is a savvy entrepreneur who leveraged his expertise in e-commerce to build himself a seven-figure business. The business, unequivocally RankOne Ecommerce and its parent company, generated income by aiding others expand their brands.

RankOne Ecommerce Zan Shaikh

In particular, he mentioned helping Amazon sellers get their listings on top of search results and teaching them how to use reviews in their advantage. Obviously, the firm has since then expanded, but they started with Amazon.

Zan is trying his best to change the world, one assisted client at a time. He aspires to be recognized as an undisputed authority in e-commerce, mentioned alongside Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos.

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Who is Chris Zissis?

Not to be confused with the head of Real Assets Technology and International, Chris Zissis is a fitness model turned digital marketer that established YouTube Auto. He is from Melbourne, Australia.

With his experience in YouTube Auto, Chris will oversee the management of YouTube channels, all one hundred and fifty of them, for clients of YTAutomatic. Specifically, he is in-charge of the content production team of over two hundred writers, editors, and graphic artists.

Just like Zan, Chris has an innate knack for entrepreneurship. He was flipping sodas since middle school, then sold all sorts of odds and ends, from custom clothing, to jewelry, desserts, fitness programs, and even consulting services.

Life was not kind to him financial-wise until he started creating content on YouTube. His channel on the said platform eventually paved the way for the inception of YouTube Auto.

RankOne Ecommerce Chris Zissus

Our team is genuinely surprised to see his public channel with only 8.12k subscribers considering his claims of having channels with combined five billion views.

Programs Of RankOne Ecommerce

E-commerce Programs

RankOne Accelerator & Rankfinity

This is RankOne Ecommerce’s program on scaling an Amazon store to six, seven figures. They will do this by helping you pick the right product, choose the right suppliers, get stellar photos for your listing, stack reviews, and most importantly, rank to the first page of Amazon.

RankOne Ecommerce Amazon

According to them, ranking well is by far the biggest accelerator on Amazon since eighty percent of the sales goes to products on the first page.

ARC DFY Shopify Store

This is RankOne Ecommerce offer to create their clients a DFY e-commerce store on Shopify. Everything will be handled by them from product choice, to marketing and order fulfillment.

Crypto Mining & Options Trading Program

Mining Automatic

With Mining Automatic, RankOne Ecommerce will lease you mines (i.e., let you buy hash rate) that are using electricity at competitive rates, about four to six times cheaper than retail. As long as Bitcoin remains over $10k, they claim that these mines are profitable.

Steady Stack

Steady Stack is a training program for options traders that gives access to a trading algorithm on what to buy, what to sell, and when. The said algorithm is said to be tested for twenty years with 86% accuracy.

The firm also offers a set of NFTs with the same name.

Other Programs

We Clone You

We Clone You is a program that helps businesses automate and scale their operations by incorporating virtual assistants to manage payroll, time tracking, projects, and more. The goal is to save their clients time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


Finally, YTAutomatic is RankOne Ecommerce YouTube automation program. For more in-depth discussion about the program, read the next section below.

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Closer Look Of RankOne Ecommerce’s YTAutomatic

RankOne Ecommerce YTAutomation

Just like any DFY offers, YTAutomatic asserts that their clients do not have to lift a finger throughout the entire YouTube automation process. Everything is done by them (firm), and done for you (client).

How It Works?

The team at YTAutomatic follows a YouTube automation system named as The YouTube Income Formula. The three steps of the system are as follows:

Step one: The YouTube Amplifier Method

Unless you acquire a pre-built YouTube channel from them, they will create and launch a new YouTube channel with a proven viral niche on your behalf. Then, 100% of the channel operations will be handled by them, including content production.

This step is primarily made for generating consistent traffic needed to get streams of Google AdSense money coming.

Step two: The Income Fragmentor System

Once the channel is optimized for getting Google AdSense revenue, the team will try to secure alternative ways to get the channel monetized. This includes promoting hot affiliate offers and negotiating sponsorship deals.

Step three: The Empire Builder Sequence

If you give them a go-ahead signal, they will reinvest the income from the initial channel into a new one and repeat the same process as above. The promise is to quickly double the passive income you earn each month.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial investment varies, and determines the profit sharing. They are as follows (note that the favorable share is on clients):

  • Price of $60,000 upfront for 70/30 split.
  • Price of $65,000 upfront for 80/20 split.
  • Price of $70,000 upfront for 90/10 split.

After the first year with YTAutomatic, you also need to pay a $2,000 monthly fee for the content production team to continue uploading videos on your channel.

If you buy a pre-built, already monetized YouTube channel from them, it will cost you around $60,000 to $70,000 as well.

What Is Our Assessment?

First, we think that the investment involved to start with RankOne Ecommerce’s YouTube automation is too expensive. It is a long-term game and a client is required to cover the cost to operate it without the assurance of when they will get something back and how much, if there is any at all.

That part in the sales pitch where Chris Zissis argued that the investment carries little to no significant risk is obviously not true. Investing at least $60,000 for a business is simply a major financial risk you cannot dismiss as inconsequential.

To add, there is no policy stopping them from owning multiple YouTube channels. They even confirmed that they own at least a hundred channels, so why would they need to sell it, then still manage it, anyway?

They operate as if they knew that the YouTube channels they create is not sustainable enough, and it is safer for them as a firm to sell it, and get their monies from managing it.

If it is really a “goldmine” you can easily tap in, they would not need their clients’ cash flow to “experiment” with new content. The cash flow from the YouTube channels they still 100% owned should be enough, but nope.

To put it frankly, we felt like they knew exactly how a channel can quickly turn into a “dead” one, including those that are doing well in the previous years. The assured income is only on charging a fee to run them.

That is why they keep producing content for these “dead” channels. They earn as a firm while their clients suffer from not getting monetization money to cover the production cost, let alone profit from it.

Finally, it is not reassuring to hear Chris Zissis dunking on e-commerce and saying they are a waste of time and “endless pit of get rich quick schemes that don’t ever work.”

While this is his argument to stop people from chasing five separate streams of income, it is still not nice to hear when he works with RankOne Ecommerce that is pushing the opposite (e-commerce is good, and so are multiple income streams).

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Typically, it raises concern when a firm delves into a wide range of business programs that are seemingly disconnected. In the case of RankOne Ecommerce, it feels like they are merely capitalizing on trends to sell programs without being true experts.

The conflicting philosophy on e-commerce between the firm and Chris Zissis is something we cannot sweep under the rug either. At the very least, they have to be on the same page as business partners.

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