Quick Income Trader Reviews

Bryan Perry’s tried-and-true method for producing consistent cash payouts each and every month, like clockwork, is called Quick Income Trader.

Stock trading is like a high-stakes game where the players are the investors and the currency is stocks. When you buy a stock, you’re essentially buying a small piece of a company. The goal is for the value of stock to increase over time so you can sell it for a profit. 

There’s no such thing as risk-free investment so it’s crucial for investors to know such risks and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions. Additionally, knowing someone who has a diversified portfolio and a well-thought-out investment strategy can help mitigate some of the risks involved.

Is Bryan Perry that “someone” who can help you leverage the full potential of stocks trading while facing the least number of risks possible? Tune in on my Quick Income Trader review below to learn more on what he has to offer.

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What is Quick Income Trader?

Quick Income Trader

Quick Income Trader is a monthly financial newsletter created by Bryan Perry with the goal of giving you the finest possible expert financial guidance on how to quickly and easily generate money. And with the least amount of risk.

By compounding trades, it promises to turn you into a millionaire in just nine months–eight months even during his second batch of people doing beta test using his system. 

Last 2020, his tried-and-true method of stock trading produced $1.07 million with just an initial investment of $5,000 within 9 months. Then there is his second batch where someone made $1.17 million in just 8 months with the same initial investment.

Quick Income Trader has emerged as one of the most popular services worldwide because of such feat.

Who is Bryan Perry?

Bryan Perry

There’s nothing much about a brief story of Bryan when he was a child or teenager or starting things, all information provided is that he’s been in the financing and trading side of business since he started working.

Bryan Perry worked as a financial advisor for well-known Wall Street firms for more than 20 years. From 1997 to 1999, he co-hosted weekly financial news programs on the Bloomberg affiliate radio network. He also frequently appears as a guest speaker on several investment forums and local financial shows across the country.

With all these experiences, Bryan has brought his expertise on high-yielding investments to his Cash Machine subscribers – his first ever income-investing-only monthly advisory.

Bryan has almost three decades of Wall Street experience, making him a valuable asset to subscribers who want to get a fat check in the mail every month, quarter, or year thus he made the decision to upgrade his Cash Machine into Premium Income Pro, and build more services called Quick Income Trader, Breakout Profits Alert, Micro-cap Stock Trader and Hi-tech Trader.

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What’s Included in the Quick Income Trader Service?

Quick Income Trader Benefit # 1: The 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint

You’ll discover the precise methods in this dossier that could help you earn your first million dollars in trading profits. Together with his team, they have gone to great lengths to cover everything you need to get started trading, written in a style where even non-traders can easily understand.

Quick Income Trader Benefit # 2: Weekly Hotline Alerts With New Recommendations

You’ll receive Bryan’s complete weekly updates as well as any new recommendations outlining which stocks to trade, when to trade them, and how to exit positions. No speculation is required.

Quick Income Trader Benefit # 3: Special Email and/or Text Message Alerts

If you’re ever gone out to get groceries or in an out of town, traveling, you can also opt in for text and email messages so that you won’t be left out during an urgent buy/sell advice or update. 

Quick Income Trader Benefit # 4: 24/7 VIP Access to Quick Income Trader Website

They have a member’s only website and you’ll get access to it where you can read Bryan’s work, including a whole collection of videos, tutorials, and special reports in addition to all of my most recent recommendations, your open trade positions, and other information.

Quick Income Trader Benefit # 5: Investing Masterclass

You’ll discover the seven pillars that can help you manipulate the markets to your advantage, three components to boost your trading performance in unexpected ways, how to better manage your long-term profitability, and more that will be discussed in-depth by their partner, Consistent Profits.

Additionally, you will receive a one-on-one coaching session that will last for 30-45 minutes with one of their professional traders.

The 8-Month Millionaire 

8-Month Millionaire Blueprint

This was once called the 9-Month Millionaire, but after having a breakthrough last year where one of the beta testers of the system made over $1 million profit in just 8 months, hence they changed it to 8-Month Millionaire.

The 8-Month Millionaire trading regimen developed by Bryan Perry is designed to produce significant profits quickly. Imagine, in just 8 months, your $5,000 will become $1million or more. Sounds too good to be true but it really happened.

It says that you don’t need to be an experienced trader to become an 8-month Millionaire. All you need is a brokerage account and available funds to cover your transactions, a device (either phone or computer), a stable connection and the 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint. 

Simple instructions are compiled and written in his dossier–the 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint. It outlines how you may use his 8-Month Millionaire strategy to generate returns of up to 100% in simple, step-by-step fashion. It will just simply serve as your walkthrough to your very first trade.

What you only need to do is:

  1. Put the trades exactly where Bryan says.
  2. Give comments. To allow you to share your beta test experiences, this can take the shape of a brief survey and all suggestions are appreciated.
  3. During this Beta Test, you agree not to reveal or divulge any of your trades or the techniques underlying them to anybody or anything.

He wanted it to be a secret at first so that it could create a huge impact when they decided to finally launch it. An investment of $5,000 that will turn into a million in just 8 months is way more juicier than you could imagine. Leaving feedback will give them the upper hand that can attract more clients in the future.

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Quick Income Trader Cost and Refund Policy

In this “third” Beta Test that he’s offering, Bryan only offers a single membership plan – an annual membership plan that costs $995. He gave a summary hinting how much would be the total cost of his system if ever it is bought at full price. So he thinks that his annual fee is just like him, giving away his system at a much cheaper price. 

Quick Income Trader Cost

It also comes with a lot of bonuses.

  • A lifelong Income Trading Plan
  • Quick Income Trader Video Series
  • Live Conference Calls every 3-4 months with the man himself, Bryan Perry.

Bryan offers a 30-day test-drive. You’ll have access to all the things listed above and if you’re still not convinced on how they can help you make profit in stock trading, you can back out and still be guaranteed with 100% money-back without questions asked.

What Are the Risks Involved in Stock Trading?

  • Put options have a limited time frame. If the stock price doesn’t move in the anticipated direction before the expiration, the option may expire worthless, and you could lose all the investment you’ve put into it.
  • Predicting market movements, especially short-term, is a tad bit challenging. If the stock price doesn’t drop as expected, the put option may not provide the desired protection or profit.
  • With a modest investment, you can own a significant portion of the company. This boosts the likelihood of prospective gains but also the likelihood of potential losses. 
  • Options trading can be complex, especially for beginners. Understanding all the symbols and call-outs that measure different aspects of option risk is important but can be overwhelming.

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Yes, Bryan says that all you need to do is follow his lead, and everything will be okay, but nobody’s perfect. What if by that time that he’s coaching your batch and failed, you can lose all profits including your initial investment. All you can do is reinvest and try with Bryan again or just opt out with regrets and a heavy heart. 

His program is not for everyone. It’s only for people who can play with their own money, taking risks in trading–which is more like a gambling in my perspective. There’s no surefire in the trading industry because it’s the most volatile market that we have now. 

It is said that his system is backed with more than 30 years of experience, so if you have the necessary funds and are brave enough to dwell in the world of trading, then give it a go. You might be one of those lucky people making their investments to a million in less than a year.

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