Qazzoo Reviews

Achieving success in real estate is more about building relationships. This is a message shared by Qazzoo in an attempt to inspire realtors, and get them pumped up.

Of course, before you can even nurture your bonds with clients, you have to get in touch with them first. Establishing contact to people who might seek your service is a challenge realtors are so familiar with.

As a lead generation company, Qazzoo can help realtors find those people, lots of them. No dead-end leads, only good ones (or so they say).

Now, the question is, will Qazzoo really deliver an avalanche of fresh, high quality leads, or will it be just another heap of disappointment? Read this review to find out.

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What Is Qazzoo?

Program Overview

Qazzoo is a Maryland-based company that claims to generate motivated real estate leads through their extensive network of over sixty-five affiliate sites and mobile apps. It was founded by Michael Urbanski, also the current president and CEO of the company, back in 2012.

The main motivation that spurs the establishment of Qazzoo is for them to be the first in providing a different lead gen approach. Instead of realtors buying zip codes and only getting leads from those areas, Qazzoo now allows them to handpick leads wherever and whenever.

With finer control over which leads to work with, the likelihood for realtors to achieve great results is improved. That’s the thinking of Qazzoo.

On their website, it was mentioned that Qazzoo generates around 30k leads per month. That’s a lot, but still less than zBuyer (see zBuyer Reviews) that apparently generated more than 50k in seller leads alone.

If you want to see similar programs for comparison, check out Offrs Reviews, and Conversion Monster Reviews.

The Qazzoo Difference

With Qazzoo, they guarantee accurate info and the freedom to select leads that match your criteria. No long-term contracts, referral fees, nor “reservation” of zip codes required.

The appeal is also for realtors who want to customize their lead gen service without breaking the bank… at least, not significantly. See the section about the cost for more details.

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Thoughts On Lead Exclusivity

On several blog posts, Qazzoo have been pushing the notion of exclusive leads as impossible. They argue that leads reach out to different real estate professionals until their demand is satisfied, and this results in their info being shared across multiple platforms other than Qazzoo.

Of course, as a lead provider, they can’t always beat competitors in securing a lead first. However, it’s not an excuse for being the last to know consistently, as if they’re just recycling old leads from those who had it first. Get it?

Like, c’mon, agents aren’t dumb to distinguish what’s a fresh lead that’s still valuable despite being shared somewhere else, and what’s an old and outdated one that’s been passed around like a blunt. They know what’s wack, and it’s not just a matter of things being the way it is.

Instead of deflecting responsibility and engaging in whataboutism, Qazzoo should’ve simply disclosed what they can control. For instance, they could’ve sworn that they’re not sharing the leads to multiple agents using their service, and they’re continuously improving their systems to capture leads faster than others… But they didn’t.

The Man Behind Qazzoo

Qazzoo Michael Urbanski

Besides starting Qazzoo, Michael Urbanski is also the CEO and founder of Heavy Hammer, a company that owns multiple platforms for local advertising. He’s proud how the said company has been raking profits since its inception. Never in the red, he claims.

But he wasn’t only thriving as a visionary and serial entrepreneur. In his “about me” profile, he shared that he was once a top salesman, an accomplished air traffic controller, and a successful restaurateur.

Impressive résumé, although we wonder why his restaurateur ass isn’t really cooking with Qazzoo. It’s more like he and Qazzoo are being cooked with all the complaints and bad reviews online. Hmmm…

How Does Qazzoo Works?

Starting With Qazzoo

To start with Qazzoo, you need to create an account first. Just input your email, phone, profession, desired username and password, and most importantly, your card details.

Qazzoo Alternate Form

Yup, creating an account means paying the monthly dues plus the on-boarding fee right away. While there’s an alternate form that doesn’t initially ask about your (payment) digits, it doesn’t appear to be working.

Then, you have to set up your profile, and add a professional photo of yours or company logo to represent your business, a bio, a website if there’s any, and the likes. Simply put, add all the essentials that you want a lead/potential client to see when Qazzoo connects you to them.

You also have to select which areas you wish to get notified for new leads. The obvious choice are areas that you can provide service as a realtor.

Once you have done that, you can sit back, relax, and wait for leads that’ll be sent to you in real time. We say relax, since Qazzoo didn’t mention anything about the need for speed– as in, no need to be quick and first to click to “claim” a lead.

As said earlier, Qazzoo also allows realtors to filter leads based on their criteria. The latter can be credit history, price range, whether they currently have a home, income, timeline, and location.

Guarantee On Leads

Qazzoo Leads Guarantee

Leads being a hit or “fake/outdated info” miss can be detrimental to a real estate business. It’s NOT time well spent when realtors have to sift through trash leads first before getting an acceptable one.

To reassure their clients, Qazzoo guarantees that all the contact information they’ll provide is accurate. If not, you can flag the problematic lead, so that the company can replace it with another.

For certain packages, they also offer legacy leads. These are older leads that are unable to make transactions before, but might be ready now.

As long as the leads are not claimed (and contacted) for more than four times, it will count as legacy. Who knows, maybe the third time’s a charm… or fourth, fingers crossed that you get the timing right unlike the previous agents.

Cost Of Qazzoo

Qazzoo Cost

With Qazzoo, there are three lead packages to choose from. Every package requires a minimum commitment of three months and one-time on-boarding fee at $500.

All packages include real time lead notifications, lead guarantee, lead credit rollover, and lead manager/account executive. The difference is in the number of lead credits and legacy lead.

See the list below for the difference:

  • For the Starter package that cost $299 a month, you’ll get ten lead credits per month and zero legacy leads.
  • For the Advanced package that cost $399 a month, you’ll get fifteen lead credits per month and one legacy lead per day.
  • For the Top Producer package that cost $499 a month, you’ll get twenty-five lead credits per month and two legacy leads per day.

There’s also an option to adjust billing interval to quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. For packages paid bi-annually or annually, Qazzoo will provide a personalized website with lead capture for free.

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Should You Use Qazzoo?

Pros Of Qazzoo

Here are the pros of Qazzoo:

  • No long-term contracts (only three months minimum commitment)
  • Knowledgeable lead managers (according to positive reviews)
  • Access to welcome packet, a resource hub that includes scripts, templates, and video tutorials

Cons Of Qazzoo

On the other hand, here are the cons of Qazzoo:

  • Pricey on-boarding fee
  • No integration with popular CRMs
  • Concerning number of complaints on BBB (fifty in total for the last three years, which is a lot!)
  • Most leads are trash, even the replacement ones (according to complaints and negative reviews)
  • Lack of refund policy
  • Accused of making fraudulent credit charges

Praises & Complaints In A Nutshell

A comment from a previous client mentioned how Qazzoo encourages leaving reviews even before you can judge the quality of their service. The statement rings true since suspiciously glowing reviews either express gratitude for the lead manager during on-boarding, some optimism that looks forward to their future success (no results yet), or both.

Like, look at their Trustpilot page. Some even explicitly mentioned that they’ve only been a part of the program for a couple of days. That’s no proper review.

While we don’t want to gloss over the praise about how the customer service has been excellent at the beginning, there are many complaints that argued it’ll eventually get worse, like no contact once you’re asking for refunds.

Qazzoo Reviews

The feedback on leads being trash— fake info, burner numbers, leads with no idea why are you even calling in the first place, and the likes— makes sense too. Peep the complaints from people that didn’t consent to sharing their information to anyone, yet Qazzoo uses them for leads.

Regarding the fraudulent charges, it typically involves realtors agreeing to purchase an upsell over a phone, only to be charged a higher amount than what was discussed during the call. They really tryna be slick by avoiding paper trail in said transactions.

That being said, the negative reviews and complaints are pretty much everywhere— BBB, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, BiggerPockets, you name it. Qazzoo attempted some damage control by coming up with a “resolution” that’s either excusing their malpractice, giving hush refund money, or making a threat to file a lawsuit.

Obviously, they failed at censoring ‘em all. That’s tough to do when there’s too many to hide.

Thank goodness for the harsh truth shared by previous clients that remained. Unfortunate as it is, may their experience serve as a cautionary tale for those who are considering trying out Qazzoo. Don’t.

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The many complaints we’ve seen online plus the expensive cost are enough reason for us to not recommend Qazzoo. Their guarantees sound promising, but it’s moot if they couldn’t follow through.

Trying a service from a company that’s proven to be unreliable is not a wise decision. Truth be told, calling them a disappointment would be an understatement.

Before leaving…

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